Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here’s my rant

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Showing a United Face

Sad smile


Anonymous said...

fakra hai?

Anonymous said...

Centre Fresh can use this no? 'Jubaan Pe Lagaam'- @tenalirama

Push Vs Pull said...

One more Pitcher please!
Honestly out of all 4th picture is THE BEST.

Very touching!
He Stole My Art,
And Now My Heart Will Go On..mmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Look at the fellow sardars like Sidhu and Bhajji and learn something mr. prime minister.

Carpe Diem! said...

This is sad indeed. We could rant about the government's inefficiency and we could rant about the people who voted the Government in. And who knows how much difference it would ever make?
I used to think young, dynamic politicians who understand the country's new demands could be the answer. And then, Rahul Gandhi goes and makes the 99% comment. :/

Anonymous said...

Lets fuck this bluddy politics

Congress Fuck OFF

Mayank said...

Very sad. This country and its people deserve better.

G Thomas said...

Good mourning

SarangN said...

I think most of us are too tired to even rant about the inefficiency of the Govt anymore. Ergo, anger inside, Manmohan outside even for the general public. God bless our country.

rahul aggarwal said...

the dumbest PM india has ever had!!!

sad, i belong to the same state where this dumb comes from !!!

india_review said...

Jiski Ga**d main Sonia ki constant ungli ho vo aur kya face banayega bandhu bhaiyon, taras khao, haske ya roke bhi kya kar lage..bulaand bharat ki bulaand tasweer...hamara sardar!

dontcribb said...

Too Sexy! Protest in true art and copy! (Andy Warhol should be proud)

The statement "Business as usual" is killer :)

The Comic Project said...

@all: thanks for commenting, sharing
@tenalirama: haven't seen the ad :-) but zubaan bandh is right. Must do a motivational poster for the man.
@Push vs Pull: Glad you could make out the subtle difference between pictures ;-)
@carpe diem: there was no 99% comment. But despite that, it doesn't make sense in reposing faith in "young leaders" like Rahul Gandhi who are unwilling to take responsibility by accepting public office, instead running things from the background.
@dontcribb: Thanks for the kind words :-) I recycled this comic from last year - Manmotionomics. Warhol's Monroe collage was not in my mind though. I recalled reading a book in the early (?) 80s that showed the same Bjorn Borg photo and described his emotions. That gave birth to Manmotionomics. When the Warhol reference was made, I realised how some things imprint themselves in our minds and stay there without us knowing, noticing.

Avatar's World said...

he face all those thing with that unchange face...he is mentaly sick idiot

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