Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mumbai/Bombay: Please vote this time

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Mumbai Spirit


Old Man Mozz said...

no belief that their vote will change anything.....honestly speaking what are the policies that any of the parties have that will change the life of an ordinary mumbaikar?

Does anyone promise the following :

a) right to travel on local trains with dignity?
b) rehabilitation of slums, arrest the slum lords?
c) better infrastructure, better transport solutions?
d) being No. 1 in industrial investment ?
e) better sanitation
f) affordable housing and bring down the real estate prices - it is absolutely criminal to have such high prices in Mumbai.
g) safety to citizens who say Bombay instead of Mumbai

Old Man Mozz said...

first to post on the blog....

sorry about the cynicism in my earlier post.


by the way TCP - any comments on Obama getting the Peace prize ---

The Comic Project said...

@oldManMozz: I agree..we don't have a single decent choice. Am going to tweet that comment from you.
Btw..Obama Nobel..didn't blog about it but have a toon on twitter and facebook - check it out :-)

Old Man Mozz said...


Just saw the Obama cartoon - award by popular demand.

on the other hand, they refused Mahatma Gandhi's nomination 5 times on various grounds - one of which was for being a patriot and being confined to India.

Obama gets it for being the president of the country which has been in all the wars of the last 3 centuries. Peace through war is an amazing concept that only the Americans could have pulled off. Obama's nobel award announcement came on the same day that the America spoke about the new super bomb. Somebody quipped that he probably got the award for making peace with Hillary....

But all said and done, Obama has been a good thing to happen - first coloured person to be the leader of a superpower. Maybe the nobel prize eggs him on to really great things...cheers to that thought.

neeraj said...

I agree, completely

Rafiq Raja said...

Well said Mozz Bro. I support and agree with every one of your points.

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