Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Great Indian Comic Project… is Live!!

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Months after announcing it here, I am happy to announce that the first page of the first comic of The Great Indian Comic Project was published at The 1983 Prudential World Cup, India – Zimbabwe match where India came back from 17 for 5 and 78 for 7 to win the match and keep it’s world cup dreams alive, was never telecast. That match is now available in form of a comic called “The Great Fightback”.

Have a look and let me know of your feedback – either on the about page (where you can read a little more about TGICP) or on the comic.

The RSS feed is available at

There are more plans for the future, but this is the start of hopefully something that will last a while. Hope you like it. *fingers crossed*



Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Amazing project. Nice start!

The Comic Project said...

thanks prabhat! :-)

Old Man Mozz said...

I mean where do you come up with this completely amazing ideas - I mean Mr. India was a brilliant one and ofcourse this blog for comic starved idiots like me, launched the whole phantom/ Indrajal revolution in blogs.,,,

Great work buddy - I am so looking forward to it...especially when Kapil hits those sixers

The Comic Project said...

@old man mozz: Too many kind words in those couple of lines..thanks :-) Kapil will be on as early as Friday ;-) and next week..BOOM!!

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