Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Comic #236: Mandrake – The Claws of Treachery

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The comic posted today is the last Indrajal from my collection, it’s almost 4 years since I scanned the first one. Thank God for that power cut and the Canon LiDE 30 scanner. Can’t believe this is almost over.

The first 2 pages (Cover + Captain Vincible) and last few pages (page 28 onwards) were sent by Prabhat to complete the comic as I only had the story. Have fun reading. The next comic and the last published Indrajal will be posted on Friday (contributed by VenKIT).


Indrajal Comics Club said...

so, shall we start it again?

i claim my first positiion =-))

Amith Nag said...

Thanks a lot, TCP and all the very best for the 4th year anniversary. I have been following your blog for over 2 years now, and it has been a great place not just for the comics but also all the comics-related discussions. Keep up the great work!!

Comicology said...

Ooh la... seeing you more often with turbo posts these days TCP. What a perfect way to end your collection with Mandrake classic. One of the forgotten heroes from the golden period of American Genre... I am planning to do a special post on him soon at Comicology, to pay the tribute to Lee Falk, after I complete the current Phantom Series of Posts, which is in production :)

Thanks for all those scans all the years, and you have Venkit and other contributors to move along for the IJC Completion....

Even if they aren't you always have those unique TCP Classic Cartoons... so Keep them coming :)


Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Many Congrats on your 4th Anniversary of blogging. If it not for you I would have never come across Indrajals and was always looking everywhere. Your blog was the inspiration that made me launch a Mandrake comic strip dedicated blog that has brought together the fan community. Nice post to culminate Indrajals. Many best wishes for your future projects. You may remember me as ICR. BTW, since no one has claimed, I will say I claim the first position...remember that was so much fun back then.
Best Regards,

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

oops, ICC beat me to that so I will claim the second position.
Also, where is Sunshine, Cloudy, Shobi, obiwan, temple tiger...

Atma said...

me third me third me third.....


congratulation for completing 4 years of blogging and creating a wave.

I have been little irregular and almost silent but I am following your milestone and I am happy for things going around.

I know I owe some explanation to few friend for my silence. but please forgive I am besides you silently.

Congrates again and best of luck for future years.

Best Regards,


Sunshine said...

I'm 4th? That's too bad..

Rafiq: I thought you were going to claim the first spot and keep it reserved for me? ;(

The Comic Project said...

@ICC: hehe. all positions for the taking now :p
@AMith: Glad you enjoyed the blog. Can't make any promises but will keep things running as long as possible
@Comicology: Looking forward to the special. I don't post all the toons here, some of them go only on the FB page
@ICR: I remember ICR of course. There was a time when I could figure out if a commentor was new by just looking at the name :-) The best of journeys start with a single step, I will always be happy to have taken that little step and the support has been fantastic.
@Atma: third third . :-) You are stalking me buddy :p no paparazzin stuff please. good to see you around.
@Sunshine: you were sleeping .. now let's see what @comicology has to say about your expectations.

AJAY said...

Dear TCP congrats on 4th Anniversay of your blog .
Can we at least know your real name , please . We know all other bloggers name .


Anonymous said...

I am the one from Thessaloniki,Greece. I am not a technocrat and I find it difficult to read as the image is very small (on my laptop. Could you guide me how I could read the comics online (without downloading any softwares).Thanks....RVG

ЯR [comicology] said...

RVG: I hope I can answer on behalf of TCP.

You just have to click anywhere in the middle of the slideshow window, and that will take you

There you could then navigate through each page, and then download the required image, using the Download button found on top of the images.... and you don't need any special software for doing it.

Happy Reading !!


JhargramDevil said...

Thank you very much for this excellent comics. Hope the war is over and it will time to rebuild the city! Thanks once more..

Jyothish said...

I don't see any download links. I am visiting your site after a while. There used to be download links earlier. I don't see any now.

Anonymous said...

lol! enjoyed this one TCP! its been so long! Hope all is well.. sad to see the comics are over :|..I love the way these people "check the computer"! I also loved the comp.. id buy myself that instead of a mac anyday :p


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