Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reaching a milestone (500,000 page views)

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For those who land up at TCP in the next few hours, I just thought of letting you know that sometime in the next 5-6 hours, this blog will reach 500,000 page views (260K visits). Half a million page views. Now, this mark was probably crossed a few weeks ago had the tracking code had not gone missing for a couple of months or if the blog had not been inactive for 9 months and in a slow moving mode for another 8 months after that. That doesn’t matter. What matters now… is getting there.

It has taken about 4 years to hit this number and I know that blogs/sites get as many views/visits in a month or even a day. But hey, I will gloat while I can :-) considering TCP was never promoted much and certainly not aggressively – partly because I didn’t and also because I couldn’t (anonymity has its pitfalls). 500K page views would be reached because of readers spreading the word, the new readers who stumble onto the blog looking for comics and contributors. The comments section which was so lively is now not as interesting and many have indeed moved on. But the blog will be here for a while I think. So here’s hoping that you keep coming back for more.

For the support, the comments, the visits – Thank you.

Have a great Sunday

P.S: I have recently noticed some followers to TCP – Thanks. Also to all those sources and sites that link to TCP. And to my followers on Twitter. (psst..Happy 3rd Birthday Twitter)

P.P.S: I have also updated contact details at the bottom, included a twitter feed and there’s a Facebook page for the blog too. Do check it out.

P.P.P.S: Readers from 170 countries have visited TCP in the last 4 years, barring Greenland, some countries in Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia, Angola, Congo, etc. who have more important things to worry about) and Turkmenistan.


Rafiq Raja said...

Me the first to congratulate on this monumental achievement.

Indeed a laudable effort TCP. Way to Go.... and wish you and your pioneer blog many more years and hits to come.


Rafiq Raja said...
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Diptakirti Chaudhuri said...


All this while, TCP has been putting us back in touch with our childhood and happy memories. Thank you for that.

HP said...

Congrats Sir!

There are many more to come :-0


The Comic Project said...

@comicology: thanks buddy
@diptakirti: thanks. has been as much fun doing this as you'd have reading.
@hp: Thanks. I think so..working on concepts but unable to execute, due to lack of time, waiting for the tipping point i guess.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

My sincere congratulation to the pioneer blogger of IJC.
I think many tech supports, faster life, crisis etc are some more factors influencing at comment part.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

I kept putting off scanning my collection of comics, for nearly about 4 years, though I had brought over 600 IJCs and 200 AMCs from India.

Sometime in 2007, I stumbled upon your blog and the took the easy way out - leech some comics already posted by you. You were the first one and have always held a special place in my heart.
There were some others also later like Chandoba, Balaji, Zaheer, Dara, Prabhat, Sameer & TPH, from who I leeched comics.

I thought of starting a blog but gave it up. I decided on the next step. Anyway I wanted to scan my comicss and store them digitally.

When I decided to share my scans (a la Ajay, Ajnabi et al), you blog was the first one that came to my mind.

Thanks TCP for bringing back my childhood. I am happy that I am today able to be a part of the group bringing back childhood to a large group of people.

The Phantom Head (TPH) said...


I am just amazed at the way you have decorated the new template. Breathtakingly beautiful.

I love the originality of your ideas, be it comics posting or else.

Long live TCP!

The Comic Project said...

@prabhat: Thanks. I wasn't complaining about the comments hehe but you are right, things have changed so much in the last few years, and that takes over without us knowing it
@VenKIT: Thanks buddy. You are one of the few people who know how it is to transport hundreds of comics to a foreign country :-) but 600 + 200? Seriously? Wow!! You should thank your stars that you land up here 3 yrs ago and mentioned it, some readers would've put up a contract on you ;-) just for the comics you know. Thanks for sharing your collection as it's gestures like these that have taken this blog from 0 to 500K in 4 yrs. .
@TPH: Thanks..glad you liked the template :-) and for liking the original ideas, some were suggested by readers or I may even have picked it up elsewhere without knowing, but using a blog for this - that was definitely original ;-)

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Dear TCP, I also don’t take it as complain, just add some thoughts at this topic. :)))


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