Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comic #231: Commando – One Man’s Courage

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Hope you all had a great Holi.

I had been thinking of posting a different comic for a few weeks, but after a bit of prodding by AKNYC (who blogs at Chammak Challo) I went ahead and scanned one. This is one of those amazing World War II comics that I enjoyed reading, featuring Brits (Heroes), and the Germans, Japanese who were the bad guys. Stereotypical but great stories of fighter planes, dog fights, anti-aircraft guns going ACK-ACK-ACK, tanks, soldiers fighting on beaches, in cities and in jungles, stories of espionage, courage, betrayal, defeats and victories against all odds.

So here’s the comic. Hope it rings a bell :-)

Just as I am about to post this, there’s a news flash on CNN-IBN that a “Third Front” has been formally announced to provide an alternative to the Congress and BJP. The Third Front will be formed of parties that would otherwise have supported the BJP or Congress, parties have enjoyed power without much responsibility. What do you think? Will they be able to provide good governance, handle the economic situation we are facing? Will they be able to provide stable and strong leadership?


Checkout Sketchpad by Shivani Ramaiah for some nice sketches.


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Wonderful! You are innovative. I remember this Commando Comics.

As about ACK :)))

I've an idea which could suit even the publisher. Waiting suggestions & responses from other members of the team. :)

Another Kiran In NYC said...

OH MY GOD... have I died and gone to heaven.

Happy holi, happy diwali, happy eid, christmas, easter, navroz, gurupurnima, happy everything! It is a happy day....


I need to bake and eat a whole cake by myself today. Commando comics ke darshan huye!

Another Kiran In NYC said...

we need to have a drawing contest.. best picture of a battle scene!

I am going to ask my mom to see if my old drawings of battlescenes are stuck in an attic somewhere.

Rafiq Raja said...

Good to see another Commando Comic Fan. In fact, the taste of Commando Comics is not dead in India.

A couple of years back Euro Books have published around 24 Commando Titles, here in India. I acquired them recently for a discount, and will be blogging about it shortly at Comicology.

Good to know that there are people who still share the same feeling, and I would be interested to get your comments on my upcoming post.

Will update over here, when I make that post online.

Happy Reading !!!


Cloudy said...

YAY for Commando!!!!! I loved these - did you ever read the "billy/mandy" type comics - they looked like the commando comics but were definitely for girls :)

The Comic Project said...

@prabhat: Thanks buddy. What idea about ACK do you have? Do share it.
@AKNYC: You are welcome :-) Let's have a picture contest, battle scene picture thoda complicated ho jaayega. And in case you find those battlescene drawings, send them over. Will be happy to post them on TCP ;-)
@Comicology: Loved all the war comics. was fun and a good filler between Indrajal comics.
@cloudy: no, billy/mandy..will have to look for .. Maybe Rafiq has some idea?

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Soon all will come to know. It’s under modification by the team.
However, I can write you through e-mail, if you would reply. All good suggestions are always welcome.

Slinky said...

TYVM! This is actually Commando 1090 from 1976, though it may reprint Commando 231, as stories were recycled a lot.

Anonymous said...

many thanks

theres only ever been 10 scans of commando comics out of the 4000+ published

Anonymous said...

17 actually!

Ash said...

Wow glad to see some CC lovers out here. I have 80 of them myself including the Victory in Europe series.

Still searching for Three Angry Men and The Fighting Bucket to round out the Victory in Japan series.

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