Friday, February 06, 2009

TCP in & around Bombay

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Filter Coffee – Check
Goodday & Bourbon Biscuits – Check
Ganesh Temple - Check
Mom-made Khana – Check
Rickshaw ride – Check
Tap water – Check
Nariyal paani – Check
Puran poli – Check
Chivda - Check

Today: Vada pav, Pani puri, Sugarcane juice, Local train travel, and I will be Indian again.
Tomorrow: Friends, Jack Daniels, Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky (they drink, I watch)

Adapted to the heat, well, it’s not so hot but had a 30 degree temperature increase to deal with. Got a prepaid Tata Indicom wireless USB card and it’s just ok. Works on Windows XP, does not work on Windows 7 – driver issues. Vodafone GPRS does not work on my phone, only opens Vodafone site, nothing else. Have to deal with this – solve it or turn the mental clock back to 2003.

Hopefully some ideas will come out of this trip. And energy to turn ideas into reality. Lots more to do and too little time.

8.30 AM
Filter Coffee – Check



Toonfactory said...

Welcome to Mumbai TCP. I just came back from there. Do let me know if you are planning to come down to Pune. Would like to catch up

Iyer Education said...

which part of mumbai? check filter cofee 15 times in a day ;)

Rafiq Raja said...

Welcome Back to India, and to Mumbai Brother TCP. With your daily account, you seems you are already relishing your trip. Hopefully the iNdian connection will make you blog something in line with our locale.

By the way, How long is the trip planned ?


Another Kiran In NYC said...

Go see a masala hindi movie in a stand alone movie theatre and buy tickets at the current window... yes I said stand alone movie theatre, not a multiplex, and yes I also said buy tickets at the current window not send a driver to book them in advance. Have a samosa in the interval, then have another for me.

Ah memories!

Techno Maami

The Comic Project said...

@Toonfactory: Pune seems unlikely but will keep you posted. Am planning to update the blog as regularly as possible, so whereabouts will not be a secret :-) unless it is done inpromptu
@IyerE: Msg sent
@Rafiq: Planning to head out with camera and hope to not stand out as a "tourist" which will inevitably happen :-) Will blog about it I think. Getting out on 22nd Feb.
@AKNYC: Yes :-) Standalone theater. There are a few left. Samosa in interval is must. Will have 2. And let you know. And no driver here :-) Current or Advance (just for making things optimal), ok?

Toonfactory said...

Hahaaha check out Chandan Cinema in Juhu....they are still running and Samosas there are awesome too...I might come down to Mumbai this week sometime...lets see

Cloudy said...

Enjoy! Did you visit old school/college? That was one of the first things I did when i got back :-)

The Comic Project said...

@toonfactory: Thanks for that tip .. I think Samosas in many theaters are supplied from the same place..they taste ditto
@Cloudy: That's on the agenda, xcept no teachers..they're all retired. Meeting a school friend after 20+ yrs

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