Friday, January 16, 2009

Twomic! Terrorism & Living in Denial

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This Twomic was created by 4 people who collaborated over twitter – A Twitter Comic. We are hoping to come up with more. TCP Readers: Let us know what you think about this and any ideas for the future.

FlyYouFools – Blog: Twitter: Vijayendra Mohanty - Blog: Twitter:
Twilight Fairy - Blog: Twitter:

I am posting TCP’s contribution but there are 2 more at




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Fly You Fools - Indian Comics about Life.


Another Kiran In NYC said...

*does happy dance*

greatbong said...

nice !

The Phantom Head said...


The Comic Project said...

@AKNYC: Indeed :-) this time yes
@greatbong: thanks
@TPH: thanks

Solilo... said...


The Skull Cave Treasures said...

TCP, you should be a consultant to all the politcs in the world! I think, you are going to start a political comic strip on "stripping the politicians" :-)
I think you should have added benazeer's pop above the two, since he was the first one to "go"
ha hah!

dustedoff said...

Heheheheh....delightful. I love that last bit, especially: superb. In over a decade of IT-related work, I've come across God knows how many of the `XYZ for Dummies' books, but this one's a scream!

You rock. :-)

Rafiq Raja said...

Never knew this talent hiding in you TCP. May be was this the inspiration to start the Mr. India Movie Comics... hehehe :)

By the way, thanks for re-adding my website back on to the Comic Blogs section. One of my greatest supporters, in you :)

Rafiq Raja

memsaab said...

Hee :-)

The Comic Project said...

@Solilo: Glad you liked it. As vimoh at said: "Some part of me is sad about the state of affairs. Another part is happy that we are still capable of laughing at it all."
@Sameer: No baba. Not for me but yeah, you have pointed out one thing perfectly a political comic strip for stripping the politicians. That is too good and I'm gonna recycle it. Next time Z.A Bhutto too but most people have forgotten him, he was even before my time.
@dustedoff: I hope you liked the ones at flyyoufools too. And thanks..glad it made you crack up :)
@RafiqRaja: The comics haven't been done by me, the artwork, it was done by flyyoufools. I just provided the concept, dialogues and my interpretation of what visuals should go in it. FlyYouFools implemented it brilliantly, never seen a requirement translate into a finished product so perfectly :-)
Mr.India was an experiment towards something like this, yes :-)
And about the link, I had removed it as the blog was being redone. No other reason :-)
@memsaab: hee :-)

Sunil Krishnan said...

Deep Stuff man..real creative!

Could you add my WoMic to the blog-roll on your site?

mentalsyrup said...

as they say...good shit!

Cloudy said...

Great stuff :-) So I can see this going from Indrajal scans to Original TCPToons/Twomics :))) Yay.

Me second!

The Comic Project said...

@sunil: I take that as a big compliment considering the work you do :-) The artwork was by Thanks
@mentalsyrup: Hope to do more of this. Lots of opportunities too. Thanks
@Cloudy: I have too few Indrajals left :-) Trying to find a space for this blog, to stay alive I guess. Thanks

abhishek said...

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