Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tips for viewing comic pages

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The new TCP presentation format has led to some questions and comments like “How do I read the comic, the slideshow moves so fast?” or “it is too painful to download from the picasa album” or “the earlier format was better as the links could be put into a download manager”.

Here are some tips that should make it easy for you to view comics:

1. Clicking the slideshow will take you to the Picasa album where you can view the images in a slideshow or download them
2. If you hover the mouse over the images in the slideshow, controls for pause, next and previous will be displayed at the bottom
3. If you were used to getting images directly from imageshack using a download manager, the same can be done here. Click here for instructions
4. The comics are also uploaded in ZIP format. Check the sidebar for the link
5. If you use CDisplay Comic Reader, rename the “.ZIP” file as “.CBZ” and open it in CDisplay

Bloghopping: Ashish Pathak has been blogging about comics at since November 2008. He has posted comics from Raj Comics, Manoj Comics, Diamond Comics, Amar Chitra Katha and covers characters like Fauladi Singh, Rajan Iqbal, Lambu Motu and Chacha Chaudhary among others. Have a look and encourage this two and a half month old comic blogger.


OneShare said...

nice blog & very informative, i'm bookmarking this blog.

please check mine too : FREE Comics Download

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Shalaam Shaab,
Will follow instructions.


Grouchy's Comics said...

Well quite frankly the new presentation format sucks. its irritable to view a comic like this after using gonvisor. I dont think its worth the effort.

Well your blog was a shrine for me when I started out following Ijcs on the net. I had a terrific feeling whenever I visited. Despite all the fights of the past and the bickering it felt good to visit.
For me the magic is lost since your return. I am glad and relieved that Prabhat at his and the ACk blog and a few others have kept the flame burning brightly.

Vintage TCP was grand. The new TCP is .. not quite there.
No offense. Just how I feel.

The Comic Project said...

@oneshare: thanks
@AKNYC: Wrong claim
@Grouchy: Didn't know about Gonvisor but can't you also download the zip file like earlier and view it in Gonvisor?

Moving to this presentation format is temporary, I am hosting the images on Picasa and I am not sure how they will handle scans like these.

And No offence taken :-) Vintage TCP died in 2007 when comment moderation had to be turned on. I tried to get it started again but couldn't.

In the last 18 months, readers moved on to other blogs who served the content they were looking for and TCP has had to move on too. There are more changes to come that I am sure many will not like :-)

Keep coming back when you can and if you can't, we'll run into each other on one of the other blogs :-)

Avalok said...

Hi..."stumbled" upon this blog today. Very nice to find my fav comics like Phnatom etc. available for download. My 2 cents...combine all the pages/images into a pdf format ( Total size doesn't increase) and upload toa site (Slideshare,Scribd etc)and embed here or make it available for download thro' sites like Mediafire. Best of luck!

Here is the Link to a Phantom comic in pdf format after combining the downloaded images:

sssaaajjjiiiddd said...

i just used this and enjoyed reading with out any issue.
its online ,its free.

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