Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Look TCP

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Introducing ... A brand new look!!!

Last month, a couple of readers (realtrix and flyyoufools) pointed out that this blog needed a makeover. I figured that after nearly 4 years, the old clothes really didn't fit too well or look that good and went on a template hunt.
I was looking for a template + design that would continue presenting comics and opinions, but also provide enough room to grow and engage readers better. This also meant that older posts needed to be cleaned up for consistent presentation (all 317 of them, still in progress)

Initially, I wanted a look based on red/black/gray/white colour scheme OR maybe something based on the tricolour. I looked at several templates - Revolution wordpress based themes and Polaroid amongst others, and almost finalized on Arthemia when I ran into the Article template at Pocket Templates

It was among the more interesting templates I had come across, it was new (released in December 2008), looked clean and was easy to customize. The (old) newspaper represented this blog quite well - Comics, Opinions, A strong dose of nostalgia. And I decided to go with this design.

Here it is. A new look TCP. Hope you like it.

Oh! The tag line is more of a tag para :-) I want to change it and would really love suggestions from you all. So please post your suggestions for the tag line in the comments or email it.

1. There will be more customization/tweaking in the coming days, maybe an announcement and definitely a comic :-)
2. Blogroll will be added in a day or two, + relevant/new gadgets
3. A Web 2.0 look was out - you know, recession and everything..:-)

Stay tuned for more from TCP.


gaizabonts said...

I like, I like.

For a site dedicated to comics, some visuals here and there would be nice. I'll look forward to the tweaks!

Toonfactory said...

Hey this new look is really great TCP! I was just gonna change the look of my Yayawar Ki Diary Blog and realized it will take away all the vignettes and other details and refrained from that idea...will be starting a Hindi Blog may be I'll try to do that...

Rafiq Raja said...

Real Cool Stuff you have got with your template TCP. It's eye-candy to say the least..... I had zeroed in on a black dossier for my blog layout... which actually gives a better represntation of the images. But your blog made me stand corrected :). Eager to see all your new gadgets and then the lookout stuff :)

Rafiq Raja

The Comic Project said...

@gaizabonts: Thankyou. I wanted it to show visuals plus allow me to air opinions. The newspaper article style seemed like a good template :)
@toonfactory: I had planned to redesign in 2007 :) but shit happens. Late better than never. Looking forward to changes at yours
@Rafiq Raja: I wanted a dark look too, but there are too many dark ones around. And even on a lighter background, proper framing will show up images pretty ok. Among other reasons, I like comicology for it's dark look...:) and the colours pop out

The Phantom Head said...

New Ideas, fresh looks and prompt replies to comments. It looks like TCP is in mood. Great news.

HP said...

The new look's good..


The Comic Project said...

@TPH: You could say that. It took time to get the momentum and motivation back, but now that it's there, I hope to keep it that way. Thanks
@HP: Thanks man..long time

Sunshine said...

Good luck with keeping the momentum and motivation TCP :). Great new look!

The Comic Project said...

@sunshine: Thanks :) Tagline suggestions??? And any other suggestions?

comicrazee said...

The blog looks great. btw I've sent a mail. Pls check.

ghoshbaba said...

LOve the new looks, love the flash version of the comics - beats rapidshare and clicking individual images netime, and above all love the effort u have put into this blog.

The Comic Project said...

@comicrazee: Thanks. Checked your email.Replied to it even before you commented here hehe.I am sometimes quick.
@ghoshbaba: Wow.good to have you back.Thanks and glad you liked it.

日月神教-任我行 said...


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