Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Singh is King!! Indeed.

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That's the buzz isn't it? And free publicity for Akshay Kumar's soon to be released film.

But all is not well due to the bribery allegation. Something definitely happened, though it was clearly an entrapment - on tape. Everything is fair in love and war, so no complaints on that front. What I liked is how well managed it was, how well timed. The MPs staged the drama, the house was adjourned, Mr.Advani was ready to speak to the press so was Mrs.Anti-Freedom Swaraj (I mean Anti-FTV). Amar Singh and Ahmed Patel were named - perfect.

Great strategy - it tainted what could have been a good win for the "weakest" prime minister of India.
It also prevented the PM from giving what could have been a fantastic speech and definitely had the potential of changing tomorrow's headlines. But the vote went on. Advani, who was so noisy in front of the cameras, did not make it an issue. What happened?

Couple of things.
First, the bribery allegation seems to be sidelined, at least for the moment. CNN-IBN who has the tapes, decided not to telecast it. The top news is still about the UPA win and not the bribery. Whatever is on the tape is either inconclusive or someone's waiting for the right time. Or CNN-IBN just refused to telecast it after showing it to the speaker. Rajdeep Sardesai is anti-BJP but news is business and not some effort to enlighten the public. So why?

Second, the drama in parliament, which is likely to be telecast all over the world, was unnecessary and insulting to 1 billion people, no matter how someone spins it. A country of corrupt ministers, MPs, public servants - and 600 million stupid voters. That is what it showed. Truth it may be, but stupid. The 3 members of parliament behaved like they had no other choice. They are MPs not roadside tea stall owners unable to save their illegal shops during a BMC demolition drive? It was a disgusting display of desperation by the BJP. I hope there is something really explosive in those tapes to provide the public some "relief".

The deal goes forward now instead of 3 years later. On an interesting day,
Manmohan Singh: Big winner though a bit tainted by bribery allegations. NOW GET TO FIXING THE INFLATION.
Prakash Karat: Ouch. that must hurt. Where next Comrade? China? Bloody communist thug.
L.K Advani: How desperate can one 80+ old man get? Really. How desperate? Looked like a 80 year old man posing for a Viagra ad.
Rahul Gandhi: Blew his best chance by giving a ridiculous speech. He could have announced his arrival. Made nuclear energy his calling card like his father did with computerization and telecom. No quality to be PM.
Mayawati: God still loves India. Phew!!
BJP: Desperate. Lost. Missing Pramod Mahajan. They could have been on the right side and still won the next election.
Left parties: Biggest loser in all this. I hope this is the beginning of their irrelevance, if not their end.
Samajwadi party: No longer being projected as the saviour.
Omar Abdullah: Passionate little speech.
Edit: Somnath Chatterjee: Unbiased. Came out looking good.

Btw..did you see 1962 - The Love Story?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So what will be the headline tomorrow - SINGH IS KING or BEIJING IS KING

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