Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Merry Christmas Post

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And here's a picture I took during a walk around town. For comic, check out the previous post (Xmas release) - Spear of Destiny


The city seemed abandoned and I think it is going to be the same on the 25th too, except for tourists maybe. Got to try take some more pictures, but a few more below.


This place is never so empty.Xmas tree not lit up yet



Happy waffle lady

So quiet



The Phantom Head said...

Merry Christmas! Nice snaps.

Anonymous said...


Another Kiran In NYC said...

Merry Merry Happy Happy!

Amsterdam looks quite nice without frenetic activity!

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

And I thougt u were in India!

Well, mery Xmas friend, thanks for visiting again!!
after all, celebrations in India are the best and that is why everybody call it the land of festivals! just inagine a diwali eve, we start enjoying a week before...por guys in the west, do not know how to enjoy life!!

But i am impressed with the pictures since i am a photographer and i think, the last one is a real award winner..

Enjoy your Xmas and again, a lot of thanks buddy!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, merry christmas and happe new year. I think your blog is great. Comics...I love them. My fave Indrajaal hero was Mandrake, otherwise there's Tintin, Asterix, calvin & hobbes and The Peanuts gang...the list goes on.

The Comic Project said...

@TPH: Thanks
@Anon: You are welcome
@Another Kiran in NYC: Amsterdam is a lovely city, all city comforts, feel of a town. Good of you to drop by - it led me to your blog and some other interesting blogs from there on. Please keep visiting and koi farmaaish ho to bataa dena.
@The Skull Cave Treasures: Thank you Sir..that was a very nice comment on the photograph. Accha laga. Btw, Christmas is celebrated in a HUGE way, only difference is that from 24th - 26th people spend time with family and everyone goes on holiday, which explains the empty streets. That said, Amsterdam has a population of 800,000+, so it's not a big city anyway.
@Sucharita SArkar: Aha, another comic lover discovered. I am glad you found some goodies here and if you keep looking you will find more. Frankly, the number of comics will reduce now as you have seen from the last 15 months on the blog, but TCP is about "original" stuff, i.e. even copied stuff is presented in a original way, so I am sure there will be things that will interest you.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Oh I am so thrilled you visited my blog. So thank you and do come by often.

Farmaish... ahhhh if I told you I would be dating myself. I am old enough, that they probably dont print those comics anymore.

I fell in love with Commando comics as a child and my fascination continues.

I would devour them by the armfull and learnt to draw all the battle scenes and could identify all the different WW 1 and 2 aircraft and tanks and warships in the stories. Yes, and I learnt pidgin German for them too. Achtung Achtung Englander. Gott in Himmel etc etc. Reenacting the stories with all the grubby little boys in the neighbourhood was my passtime of choice. Yes, very strange for a little girl in India.

Do they print them anymore? I chanced upon a couple that purported to be commando, but they were not like anything I remember.

Have you read them?

Do they turn up from time to time at the Raddiwala? Or dont they have Raddiwalas in India anymore... sigh?

The Comic Project said...

@AKNYC: LOVE war comics, the WWII types. Don't know about the "brand" Still have a few, they traveled with me to A'dam.

I loved following fighter plane books and weapon magazines, I might still have some locked up in India. Later graduated to computer games and fell in love with strategy games - Shogun especially.

The German was fun, it was always fascinating to see a few standard words thrown in.

I think the quality of the stories varied from comic to comic and I saw some at a bookstore my place in A'dam, 12 comics in one..woohoo..but didn't buy them yet.

There are quite a few raddiwalas but I haven't visited them in years, utna josh nahi hai I guess.

About 4 yrs ago, when TCP started, there were these 3 sisters who dropped in - all crazy about comics. Add a few more with names like tintin, sunshine, cloudy, etc. It destroyed the myth that "Girls only read ACK, Tinkle,Chandamama and Champak" :-) I had suspended blogging for a while and some of them disappeared, but I still get sunshine and cloudy sometimes :-)

It is great to see you here, lots of interesting stuff to come. NYC..was my second fav city in the world, until A'dam took over that spot. Spent a few several weekends in NYC/NJ in late 90s

theBollywoodFan said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures! Particularly love the last one, which I think you should consider submitting to National Geographic's Daily Dozen.

Really looking forward to reading that Mr. India comic book! Cheers.

The Comic Project said...

@tBF: Now that is a very nice thing to say. Thank you.

And Mr.India is already posted.

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