Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to say F**k You to terrorists in "Indian"?

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Get the Oberoi/Trident and the Taj back in business within a month of the attacks. Love ya Bombay.
Now, how do we tackle the rascal politicians we have bred?
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Edit: Bloghop - Check out this GREAT blog on Bombay. How did I miss it all this time?

PS: Technically, it isn't the Taj Palace but still :-) F**K You.
PS: It’s the Rock’s 61st birthday today. Happy Birthday.


Toonfactory said...

Hahaha nice post my Bro- A TV Reporter actually went to the Trident Yestday.... :) and he told they are back with a bang!!! F**k U Terrorists...

PS. Yup I ACTUALLY met Mr.Surti

Cloudy said...

Um yeah, that's how you say it

The Comic Project said...

@toonfactory: WOW man.Hope next time I am in Bombay, I can meet a person like him
@cloudy: Something had to be told na :)

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