Thursday, December 11, 2008

Comic #223: Bahadur - The Savage Outlaws

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It is great to see that what was started at TCP is being carried out by other bloggers in a much more organized and regular fashion than at TCP. TCP readers have already jumped on to these blogs but those who still do not know about it, check the blogroll as it has a few links. I want to continue posting comics but I don't have a lot of my own left and I also have a lot less time than I used to have. I will try to post comics once in a while and if it is a repeat, please indulge me :-)
Here's one that I scanned a few minutes ago.


A note on non-comic posts:
I state my views here openly and don't expect others to agree with it or have any interest in it. If you do not want to read these views, you can ignore it and go on to the other wonderful sites for Indrajals, etc. If you want to have a conversation in the comments, that's great but if it gets personal or abusive, please don't expect me to engage you in any manner.

A note on comment responses:
This blog had turned into a online community with between 200-300 visitors every day, a community not just interested in comics but also in sharing their views about events around us. Responding to comments was the best part for me personally, and I must have responded to at least a few thousand comments. It was fun to "know" all those people and their views and I could even make out who is new and who is not. But due to some events and my reaction to it, that community was effectively dismantled. It is no longer fun to respond to comments and although I try, I do not always find the motivation for it. So comment responses will be very limited.


comic60 said...

I am first! :)
And thanks for the comic. There are still guys following ur blog

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Thanks for a missing IJC.
Popularity of your blog tells whole story. I come to know (sadly) about your blog in Oct 2007 only. I was really impressed with not only frequency, but quality of posts. What you have done, is really very difficult to achieve a contemporary IJC blogger, it’s not only visitors opinion many other bloggers accept it.

N.B. Pls provide a download link. There is some problem with page links.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

no comments (atleast mine) were personal.. that was my pov.. i still say that people like you who do not respect the loacal traditions, shud be thrown out of the mumbai.. any city infact...
i am a maharashtrian,, by chance i go to kolkata in the future to settle down, i must understand and follow the culture and traditions of that city, i cant go on saying " i wont speak bengali, i will speak only hindi and english...
is it wrong?

Indrajal Comics Club said...

no dear,, you do not state your views openly...
you have been running this blog since april 05, nobody knows you.. we know each other very well..
i am sudhanshu
cw is zaheer hassan
mandrake comics is balaji
dara is sagnik
rest you know, they are open. like anurag, anupam, ajay, sameer, prabhat
but nobody knows who u are.. and that gives u a permission to say all bullshits against anybody,,
why dont you come out openly and state your points,, we will respect that and it will be a healthy debate,

Anonymous said...

Hey man you are just great to started all this, i you were not there then might be all this would not have been started.Thanks for all the comics and this blog.Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new comic. Page 9 seems to be missing.

I took the liberty of uploading to mediafire. Here is the link:

nitesh said...

Fascinating stuff…I grew up reading the collection of huge Indraajaal comics my uncle had collected over the years. And as a kid, who grew up in 90s, it was enlightening to see the difference and growth of comics from Indrajaal, to Diamond, Tulsi and RAJ.

Sunshine said...

Hey TCP,

I'm kinda sorry how the comment thing has turned out :(

Personally, I'm the kind of person that thinks 'What's in a name?' Any change has to be constructive - call it Chennai or Madras or something else, if its still as dirty, I see no point in the change. But then, I know I'm in the minority. Its sad that there's so much of intolerance and narrow-mindedness.. anyway, just thought I'd let you know that there are some liberal people around too :)

(I'm sure people are going to say I'm from Chennai too and that's why I "support" you, but who gives a damn?)

Its your blog and you can write whatever you feel like - not that I agree with everything you say - but I'm big enough to know people have different opinions and that its ok to have them. I wish there were more grown ups..

Sketchy Self said...

TCP, I'm sorry too about the way the comments turned out. But I hope that doesn't discourage you from freely posting your thoughts on your blog.
Your blog has stood testimony to the fact that people from diverse backgrounds can come together around a common love, like vagrants around a campfire or animals at a watering hole.
But when ideas of perverted nationalism come in, where one thinks a country is one's "baap ki jagir" because of his language, it's hard to maintain the same sense of warmth. It's ironic that people who "met" over something as uniquely Indian as Indrajal are trying to squabble over what India should look like.

Cloudy said...

TCP, Sunshine, Sketchy and the rest of the gang - I missed you guys! And couldn't agree with you more. Well said, people.

Do let's meet up here more often :-)

Cloudy said...

And hey, I liked Scribd...

Rafiq Raja said...

Hi TCP, It's your blog, and you have every right to express your views. Don't worry much about the comments. Let's take the best to heart and leave the worst to rot.

Let's all be a happy blogging community shared by our mutual passion towards Comics in general.

Rafiq Raja
ÇómícólógÝ & ராணி காமிக்ஸ்

Anonymous said...

regarding the identities of bloggers, i found the skull cave treasures the only one (sameer) bold enough to post his picture..

The Comic Project said...

@comic60: You definitely are first
@Prabhat: Thanks buddy.For some time, this was a genuine "movement", so many people coming together without knowing each other to get the comics online. And TCP ain't going anywhere. It won't be exclusively comics though - for that, you guys are doing a great job.
@ICC: "People like me"? :-) It's rather easy to judge and I really don't care much. But if the name of a city represents "local tradition" then it barely covers any ground, no? Bombay is above that, in my opinion. It's the greatest city in the world and its people make it that - locals and immigrants. Our antics in the last few years have only made it worse, not better.
@ICC: if you think my views are bullshit, that's an acceptable point. And I don't care about being known. Try running a blog for 3 years without being able to speak about it to anyone you know in real life :-) Especially when some friends come up to you and point you to this blog they found with comics in it :-)
If my anonymity prevents you from having a healthy debate, hell, there's not much I am going to do about it. Certain situations may warrant full disclosure, but I am not there yet.
Btw, it is also prudent.

@Anonymous-Rohit: Thanks. That's one thing I shouldn't be afraid to take credit for no? :-) But chalta hai...I enjoy it this way. Not a lot of comics to post but will keep going. You keep visiting ok?
@anonymous: It shows up for me..hmm
@nitesh: you are sOOOOOOOOOOO unlucky to grow up in the 90s...:-) Just kidding. But you got the 70s and 80s flavour so you are the LUCKIEST hehe.
@sunshine: yeah sucks. I still call it Madras because that's what pops up, sometimes I call it chennai..coz it's not as close to me as say a bombay is.
Who gives a damn though! To each his own and sometimes no one is wrong even if they aren't right. And different opinions is what makes things fun, or it will feel like a gulag.
@sketchy: vagrants around a campfire..hehe..abbe tu ne to filmy dialogue maar diya :-) I feel its natural to squabble over something we love, we all want to paint it in our own way. Nationalism has become a joke. Jhanda lehrao, jai hind bolo, period. And yes, its nobody's "baap ka maal" :-) which is the bombay version of "baap ki jagir" . GOOD TO SEE YOU BUDDY.
@Cloudy: Welcome back. Missed you.
@Cloudy: Scribd is a bit heavy and since there are not a whole lot of comics to post now, a change in design doesn't seem to be essential.
@Rafiq Raja: Thanks. Hey you are the comicology guy. Cool blog. I like the comments, good or bad. Each one represents an opinion that I may or may not like but helps me understand different perspectives. More power to comments :) And HAPPINESS is overrated :) hehe
@anonymous: well, that is his call. the definition of bold..uff

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

Dear TCP, hanks for the support!

I actually wanted to thank you a long time ago. around two years back, i just came across a indrajal comic and all my childhood memories flashed before my eyes! I just thought abou the internet and keyed in the search words, Indrajal Comics, and lo! i was shown your blog! I was so overjoyed, I spent 6 hourds that day, downloading and downloading all those gems! I specifically remember the #13, Samaris, which i still have a clean memory that i had read it sitting in a garden near my old house at around the age of 10, i.e. 26 years ago!!

Thanks to you, ICC, CW and all others because of whom i was provoked to start a blog!

You all are the first Phantoms, I am your decendant!!

THanks to you again!!

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

BTW, i will feel jonoured if u add my blog in your "other comics site"

The Comic Project said...

@The Skull Cave Treasures: Aww..that's sweet of you to say :) And your blog has been added sir.

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