Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Attacked: Message to a Pakistani Blogger

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A Pakistani blogger commented on a post which I have reproduced below. I felt that this was a pathetic indecent attempt at trying to spread a meme which I feel will be pushed hard in the coming days by Pakistan (which is fantastic at PR btw).

The comment:
"Homegrown terrorism is an alarming and very chilling idea. No country likes to believe that violent and armed insurgency and militancy has taken root in its backyard. Countries tend to put the matters at the back burner for as long as possible. India is ignoring the terrorists of RSS, BJP and Bajrang Dal for too long, and now it’s the time for the them to pay back. The recent attack in Mumbai sprouts from within India and is a reaction of Babri Mosque, Gujarat Massacre and scores of other terrorist attacks on Muslims across India.
The Pakistani Spectator"

I felt compelled to respond with a post:
Many in India are well aware of the threat from RSS and Bajrang Dal.They are doing their bit to make India worse, but the way India is structured does not allow any single ideology or religion or person to have unchecked dominance over the country. The reason why some of these goons cannot come out fully in the open is because the average Indian - Hindu and Muslim and Christian and Sikh and others - will see through it.

Sometimes we do get blinded, but we come around and that a Hindu dominated party has not been able to win a national election on its own is testament to that. While I fear this could change in a few months, I am also hopeful that there are checks and balances in Indian society to ensure that they don't run amok. The last 3 days, there has been nothing but restraint.

Many of us hate what happened in Gujarat, at Babri Masjid, and realise that we are an imperfect nation, and working to change it every day. We have made serious mistakes, but we are not in denial. We know that we have the homegrown variety of terrorism rearing its ugly head in the form of the Indian Mujahideen (an oxymoron), it's the wheel of Karma.

In this incident, Pakistan has been accused of being involved. India has said "Pakistan" too many times to be taken seriously and there has been no proof presented to show Pakistani involvement. So I will give the benefit of doubt, not because I believe it, but because my incompetent Government is not presenting proof if it has any - and probably for good reason.

I don't believe the Pakistani Government will openly indulge in such brazen acts unless they want Pakistan to be bombed into the stone age. And I think several Indians will be happy to accept a city or two as collateral damage for the greater good. But for every Indian who thinks like that, there are a lot more who will stand up and bury him for thinking so destructively. We don't have to worry about unstable generals.

I don't believe in a media myth and the romantic idea that people-to-people Indians and Pakistanis want to live with each other. We have been brought up on anti-Pakistan and anti-India rhetoric, and are biased against each other, but somewhere basic decency takes over and we manage.

If you think that people to people, "we are ok", then you have a big heart. And today I am heartbroken. My city was raped. I feel violated. I am fighting back tears and extreme rage. So shut your lecture up.

Here's what you and your country needs to do:

  • Stop obsessing about India. We have left your country in the dust in every respect because for all our mistakes, we kept inching forward. Go rebuild. You owe it to yourself.
  • If you are so concerned about the fate of Muslims in India, give them an offer to live in Pakistan and adopt them all. And I bet you this, there will be no takers. And guess what? you are not interested either. Stop pretending that you care about the Muslims in India.
  • Pressure your Government to hand over those who are roaming freely in Pakistan after committing atrocious acts on Indian soil. Stop harbouring terrorists who are killing all over the world.
And It's not MOMBAI, it's Bombay or Mumbai. Get an atlas. Preferably one printed in India :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the articulate response and as usual another baseless ill-informed rant by a Pakistani!

Anonymous said...

As usual the Pakistani's are trying to deny it. The captured terrorist confesses that all of them were pakistani :,curpg-1.cms

Tajim said...

Well, what you wrote here is absolutely right. I am Muslim (Not Pakistani or Indians neither from Bangladesh) too and sometime in situation like this i feel shame of Islam. These group of moron who call themselves Muslims hijack whole the religion for their baseless points. What they do and say is wrong 100% wrong. Pakistan is never going to accept any Indian Muslim into their country. They still have not accepted even those who went there after partition in 1947. They still call them Muhajir, go find in Google what it means. But...

There are some things India cannot escape from and that has been its fault or say mistake;

First is : Your Politicians, they lack the ability to do anything solid on Grounds.

Second: Laws made 20 years ago wont work now.

Third: Kashmir and the rise of strong anti-indian sentiment in remaining SARRAC Countries. Either you leave SARRAC or don't act like big brother of countries around you. Those six countries around India are fucking sovereign countries with their own nationality. Don't act like they are some State of India. Try to understand their feelings as well.

When you can overcome this all then only you can feel secure within your own country.

Till, then such incidents like Mumbai might happen more.


Rajiv Verma said...

An almost perfect response...

Abe said...

Tajim is refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Tajim is crap pure crap
First: India also has really good statesman well learned, rational, moderates may be there are some handicaps but its not like all polticians are bad.

Second: 20 years is not a big time in a countries age, no country makes fresh laws every year.

If Islam want to change something it must their brutal and violent texts which they call as religious text. They have to replace all their hate verses with some pacific ones or scrap them. If they change their tribal laws and conditioning the world will be a better place.

Terror is a terrific tool said...

I liked this one.

"Laws made 20 years ago wont work now."

So, they need to be replaced by laws made some 1400 years ago. Hmmm, good idea.

The Ghost Who Browses said...

A more detailed perspective here.

The Ghost Who Browses said...

Bombay's 'finest' doing their bit to protect and serve.

Vinayak said...

A Pak Tv Channel on the terror attack.
In some other situation this would have been LOL LMAO kind of stuff...but in this case it's pure madness.

The Comic Project said...

@anon: thx
@anon: yeah, he's singing like a bird
@Tajim: We have fucked up big time. No denying.
First: Our politicians are ours. We will handle them.
Second: As someone else pointed out, laws made a few thousand years ago also don't work. It's another thing that India actually has an opportunity to change its laws.
Third: SAARC might have been relevant once upon a time but not so now when there is nothing but distrust. Also sometimes a country needs to throw its weight around just to make sure that another country does not. It's wrong but that's what nations do and virtue is often displayed only because of lack of opportunity. Maybe everyone in the area want to be a colony of China, yes? We are stupid but we are not expansionist and that's part of our stupidity, but not sign of our weakness.
And Kashmir is Indian
@Rajiv Verma: Thx
@Abe: Yes, but read the next comment :-)
@Anonymous: We don't have statesmen. Not in the last 30 years. The last possibility ABV was a wannabe.
@Terror: Nice rejoinder :)
@Vinayak: Yep Pak has no choice but to turn it into something fake

chitrakut said...

I am Indian. I am a BJP supporter. After sitting here I could not sit quiet. You cannot insult the RSS and say you oppose terrorism. RSS is not against other faiths in India. You are misleading people here.

Pakistan is certainly a problem. But a bigger problem are people like you who keep voting minority appeasing congress governments everywhere and preventing genuinely nationalistic forces from taking root in India.

I am an RSS volunteer and hope RSS gets stronger in the days ahead.

The Comic Project said...

@chitrakut: RSS is not against other faiths in India? Didn't you get the memo? :-) I admit that RSS has become smarter in how it sends its message out. Good for them. As for the BJP, the lesser said the better. It is Congress in saffron clothing.

If the RSS becomes stronger (which I think it will), it will add its flavour to how India shapes up - good or bad - and it is important. An organization as powerful (and relevant) as the RSS has to join the national dialogue in a responsible way, not like a remote control. They want to be on the outside so that they can avoid being held accountable.

As for being a supporter of a political party or ideology, I reserve the right to question and decide. No blind faith.

chitrakut said...

BJP has its hands tied because they were never able to get full majority in the Lok Sabha. Get BJP full majority, and majority of India's problems could then get a hope of being resolved.

Jameson San said...

RSS is a terrorist institution. Its because of BJP that they are still surviving. Modi is reforming BJP, it can be seen in gujarat where he is destroying illegal construction including hindu temples. RSS should be banned, if not, maybe in another 20 years they will start committing nuisances. Pakis are to blame. The country is crumbling. Lets hope they change for their own sake, and not keep everything in hands of Allah.

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