Monday, April 28, 2008

The WWEisation of cricket has started...

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I haven't been following IPL to the extent that I don't know who is in which team. The only things that strike me are:
1. The team names are strange, there's no dum in them, i.e. Mumbai
2. The energy seems to be there but would have loved to see a city-specific energy with more local (Ranji) players playing alongside established national and international players, i.e. there are too many bhadotri (on loan) players. I would have loved to root for the Bombay team but I don't know if they are even from Bombay
3. The cheerleaders...neeeeat but guess what? we will see them in doing cartwheels in chudidars etc. their dupattas flying around. That will be fun. But I wonder who will watch.

These aspects and some others are not very new but why do I say "WWEisation"?? Aha!! If you hadn't guessed it by now, it is for the Sreesanth and Harbhajan controversy.
I can imagine one of the khadoos Bombay Ranji players wanting to do that but man, this is really something else.

Visualize this:
Sreesanth : doing a wild breakdance and taunting Harbhajan, who is not from Bombay
Harbhajan: glaring at Sreesanth in Punjabi which our mallu friend doesn't understand or ignores
Sreesanth: taunts Harbhajan again maybe asking him to go do a Bhajan, sticking his tongue out, shaking his butt at him and any other antic you can think of
Harbhajan: walks up to him and "SLAPPPPPPPPP" ----------- "Is thappad ki goonj sunai degi...."

Seriously, do you believe this drama? It is so made up. The cheerleader controversy, OTS controversy (One tight slap) and god knows what else do we have in store.

IPL will be soon called IPwL or IP-AC-L (Indian Professional Actors and Cricketers League). Mandira on TV?

Update on the comics:

1. comics from 161 are gone!!
2. i have to change links from to and that will take about 3-4 days.

I will also start uploading the rest of the comics, i.e. up to 219.

Thanks for the comments on the previous post. Elections in India are fascinating but the colour has gone out in the last 10-15 years. Not so in the US which remains very very interesting. Anything a candidate says will be used against him or her, except for Obama who can do a W.O.R.M, i.e. What Obama Really Meant!! More about such things later.


comic60 said...

Me first again!!
Yeah u hit bulls eye with this post. I was just thinking that IPL is just bollywood version of cricket.

adibud34 said...

Both Sreeshant and Bhajji are big idiots in my opinion. The former is an immature fool to first start taunting people and then start bawling like a baby (unless he wanted to be specifically consoled by Preity Zinta) ;) and the latter is another idiot. He just escaped a huge controversy after fighting with the Aussies, and now he's fighting with his own countryman?

Seriously, TCP, Cricket is becoming like WWE. Soon, I am expecting bra-and-panty matches, along with steel-cage matches, and of course the ubiquitous inferno matches for Cricket!

Ashwin. said...

Netherlands eh ? I was once in Breda and Rijen...not bad places to be....

Do you have any comics of the phantom that deals with the skyband ? Continuation of Singh Brotherhood

dArA said...

Srre santh is a big time idiot who sledge batsmen after got hitted by fours/sixers(!!!),unlikely Lee/Akhtar who sledge after hit the batsmen wid their deadly bouncers.. ;)

But the punishment is bit harsh for Bhajji,all though it wud b a gud lesson for him!

Now,Sre Santh shud get a new tag of "Cry Baby" ,haha

Soon, I am expecting bra-and-panty matches, along with steel-cage matches,

Adi,don be soo pessimistic! ;)
Beleve me,if tht happen ever,will be fun to watch! :P

Atma said...

Me 2nd.....

Looks like people do not know the tradition of this blog to claim your position....

Keeping in first 5 for three posts.

FOR IPL, I believe there should be more and more such matches. more such matches more such slapping and fighting and finally no indian team. No Indian cricket team and people get to do some real stuff in their life rather then wasting time watching cricket.

Anonymous said...

Thank god you are back again .. :)
Loking forward to missing RS links.
One suggestion: It maybe worthwhile to bunch maybe around 50 individual .zips in a tarball for rapidshare. Easy to upload and download...

achtungneo said...

"We don't need no Iee-Pee- eL.....we don't need no match control....the game has gone to the dog catchers....people stick to comics alone"(sing to the tune of Floyd "Another brick in the wall"...seriously bad stuff my song but what the hell who cares a rat's a@#* for this kind of rash cricket anyway!! now most importantly TCP should be posting new issues rested!!

ruchi said...


hi ! are we not going to get any more ACK'S :( plz upload some ACK'S too.

adibud34 said...


Ha ha, Sagnik, do you really want to see Sreeshant and Bhajji and Symmonds etc fight it out in a B&P style WWE match? ;) I would guess not!! Of course, it would be different if Mandira Bedi or Priety Zinta got involved, eh! ;) Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming back. You got me started into all those sites with the Phantom, and other comics as well. I started with your site, and kept looking regularly.

Thanks again


masayo said...

hi ! i am sending this message to all the blog owner.
i need your help with a bit of spreading the word.
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so blog owners if can kindly know the world that ACK blog is up and running it will be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Why not mediafire instead of rapidshare despite problems being faced by you?

Anonymous said...

Hello TCP,
ANY chance of re-return?? ;)
u again vanished in d thin air!!!! :P

comicrazee said...

Looks like Mandrake made TCP disappear and forgot to bring him back!!!!

Anonymous said...

TCP where are you?????

StK said...

Abbe sale,kiddhar gaya re???

Bhajji ko ban kiya BCCI,tujko kyun ban kiya??? ;)


Atma said...

hey TCP,

Hope this is not one of your vanishing acts.
Come on man get back. we are waiting for comic from you.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with "atma"...


The Comic Project said...

@comic60: hehe yeah with all the stars, only a matter of time before we plant trees on the ground
@adibud34: bra and panty that could be interesting .. or GROSS depending on..
@ashwin: Breda is pretty isnt it? dont have a lot of comics now friend
@dara: good point about sreesanth/lee/shoaib
@atma: i have been away so dont expect people to really know much about some of the traditions. rest assured, it'll pick up
@anon: all links posted
@achtungneo: lots of work to do to get the system up and running ..working on it
@ruchi: it's a pity the site is what can we do about that
@anon-GPG: you are welcome
@masayo: TCP will do its bit
@anon: returned i am returned
@comicrazee: no no .. i am
@anon: just a second
@stk: abbe..gaali mat de...i am here only
@atma: No vanishing
@Mozz: I am still here

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