Saturday, April 19, 2008

Motku gets married on 21st

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So that was indeed 3 years of TCP. I don't know what the rules guys say, "technically" or otherwise.

Thanks everyone for reminding me what I had missed for about 9 months.

A little announcement for a not so little guy - though I haven't seen him in 2 years?



About the comics - I really won't be able to look for what has already been posted at other sites, so expect some repetition. Before the comics, there is unfinished business and I will be trying to get that out of the way in the next few days.

In other news, this Tibet issue is really picking up speed all around the world. I don't know much of the history and the Tibetans probably have a right to feel alienated. China claims it as part of its territory and Tibet/monks are seen as non-violent. Is the newer generation going to be as patient considering the last 50 years haven't delivered freedom? Are we going to see the birth of a new type of extremism/terrorism, i.e. the Buddhist/Tibetan, so that the world pays attention to their position?

And every other celebrity seems to be pained by the Tibetan story - are these protests just an attempt to appear on the right side of a "cause"...i.e. is it fashionable to protest? Or do you think the protests mean anything?

I have no set opinion on Tibet..yet..and my knowledge is limited to the movie "7 years in Tibet" which had Brad Pitt and Danny Denzongpa in it (with baby Dalai Lama) but events in the next few weeks and months will be interesting to watch and it will be difficult not to take sides, however irrelevant our opinion might be. Thoughts anybody?


comicrazee said...

First let's restart the famous 'Me First' competition! Am I first?

comic60 said...

me 2nd.

Yeah, the tibet is interesting. I read that China have actually passed a rule saying any monks should fill some form and get approval if they have to re-incarnate. Wonder what they have in mind.

adibud34 said...

Actually, yeah I am very confident that the Tibetians will soon relinquish their "Non-Violence" acts. Ahimsa only works when people believe in it - The Chinese Communists have shown time and time again that they do not believe in Ahimsa. That's a very interesting point that you've raised, TCP! BTW - I have no sympathies whatsoever for the Chinese position - they practically claim everything they see as their own. They still look at some map constructed during the Han Dynasty and shout "This is ours!" They still claim our North-Eastern states as theirs, and unfortunately their spies are ruling the centre currently. So, who knows what'll happen in 5 years? Ha ha!

BTW, I am new to your blog. I had seen it only around October or so, and then when I glanced at the comments, it seemed like the blog was non-operational. I guess I became really involved in this IJC community initially via ICC's and CW's blogs. But I meant it - your blog is really well established, and I look forward to seeing it continue onwards! :)

This is almost like the part in LOTR, when Gandalf returns from the dead!!! Seriously - it's that dramatic!!!

Indrajal Comics Club said...

well, if ur knowledge is limited to a film, mine is limited to "tintin in tibet" and tibetian momos.. thats all...

aur sale, u dont remember me???? but i remember u very well. ur either kutty or ramaswami or rammurhty or krishnamurthy or nayar or rajanikanth or venkatesh or arvind swami etc etc...

regarding comics, please visit phantom head and download "indrajal on blogs" which hasnt been updated since march, but u will get a rough idea of what has been posted since august
anyway, who cares about comics now,there are many blogs for comics including mine..but there is only one tcp.. we all are ( atleast i am) happy thaT u came back

ps since comiccreazy did not claim the first position (he just asked), i claim the first position

The Comic Project said...

@comiccrazee: claimmmmmmmm is a statement not a question
@comic60: dont know what the rulewallahs will say about the claim hehe
@adibud34: now that is serrrrrrious flattery ok? its one of my favourite scenes in movies.....gandalf the white.very few 'entry' scenes exist which makes you want to shout and whistle
@chandoba: of course i remember you and while i may be none of the mentioned, you are the same.good to see u buddy.will download and look up the list

Atma said...

well since ICC has claimed first.
I am am second.

I am not asking but claiming...

Fight for third position...

The Comic Project said...

@atma: good to have these battles again

adibud34 said...

Heyyy, no not at all - no flattery intended here at all! I mean I remember reading about you and your blog in practically all the other blog comments. People would keep saying "I wish TCP were back" and other such comments. So, no flattery intended at all on my part! But yeah, that scene is amazing in LOTR!

Chatur Cheeta said...

Welcome back TCP.!!!!!

Ashwin. said...

your comics link is still broken can you please fix ? After #163 all are broken-

The Comic Project said...

@adibud: ok you win hehe :-)
@chatur cheeta: Thanks so much
@ashwin: Lot of things are broken, will take me a few weeks to fix it, working on it. Some time please

motku said...

Thanks TCP .. and welcome everyone ... let the games begin!!!

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