Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Few more days for comics while I get the "logistics" in place

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Writing this as I have some free time on the train. I am still working on the logistics, you see this was an operation that I had pretty much dismantled. So I ask for your patience. Another request I have is that if you are in contact with some of the old-timers, I would appreciate if you could give them a shout/lead them here?

And how many of you are following the US Democratic party primaries this year? Does it interest you?

It has been quite interesting to watch the proceedings and the phenomenal ascent of Barack Obama. Hope, inspiration, change is what he apparently signifies. He comes across as different, very different - a break from the past, a fantastic orator, can whip up crowds into a frenzy like only the Beatles could (okay - that was exaggerated), Clean and unconnected to dirty politics. If you go through blogs via memeorandum and others, he can do no wrong. He has the support of the media, young voters, the average white collar worker, men and also women. He seems to have the ability to attract and inspire really smart people.

On the other hand, the "inevitable" candidate, Hillary Clinton is seen as a sign of the old dirty politics. She lives and breathes politics, has had her share of scandals and a fair share of Bill Clinton, shed a few tears and her honesty is definitely in question considering the Bosnia flap. She is seen as unprincipled, "will do and say whatever to win", the media unloads on her like she is the devil herself, it is surprising Hugo Chavez isn't having second thoughts.She has also pursued a bad strategy that didn't anticipate this fight and motivated people to go against her because they don't want to be associated with the Clinton years (>). But she also comes across as very smart, "wonky" which is not a bad thing, seems to know her stuff - be it politics, domestic issues like economy, has the support and attracts smart people too.

Barack Obama's value proposition is for another post (?) but Hillary Clinton situation is curious.
I think men are scared of women who come across as commanding, in control and focus more on her flaws, what she looks like/wears as against what she has done or can do. Which drives men to lean towards Barack Obama.

But what about women? This was supposed to be their chance of putting the "most qualified" woman in the world's most powerful office - and they seem to be increasingly rooting for Barack Obama, especially the younger ones.
One would have expected to see women turn out for her in the same way African American voters do so for Barack Obama. They seem to be motivated by looks, charisma, inspiration, soaring oratory and his message of hope and change, and maybe also by some "sixth sense" about Hillary Clinton (?)

A woman once said to me "A woman biggest enemy is a woman", i.e. women will fight for rights, equality and all those things but will be the first to pull another woman down.

en can't deal with a strong woman - no surprises there. Now I also know that neither can a lot of women.

Q: Who is the strongest male PM of India?
A: Indira Gandhi


comic60 said...

Im First!!!

Well im not following the US elections, and dont intend to either. Take ur time on the comics. We have waited for so long, a few more days will not matter :)

Sketchy Self said...

Me 2nd!
My 2 cents on the discussion -- Nice synopsis of the democratic side of the elections (no mention of old war-hound McCain here)..and good point raised about women's support for Hillary. Truth is women are divided..there is still a lot of support for Hillary esp in the strongly feminist circles who want to take this opportunity to elect a woman no matter what her qualifications. But there are also the "2nd wave" (or is it 3rd wave?) feminists who want to think independently of gender and like Obama for his (so far) clean background, charisma and promise of change. Otherwise apparently both Clinton and Obama stand nearly in the same place as far as issues are concerned.
You're right too in saying that the media is doing a lot to portray Hillary in a bad way using the way she looks/wears..but she has also shown a slimy side by picking up on the issue of the moment (the latest example being her coming out in favor of guns with the story about how she shot ducks when she was a kid --?!) whereas Obama seems to confront attacks squarely and explain his positions instead of diverting attention with negative attacks.
All in all, living in a democrat/progressive town in the middle of Ohio, I'm getting weary of this long-drawn exercise...looks like the democrats are going to suffer from this overexposure and set themselves up for another close contest/defeat.

comicrazee said...

Nice to see TCP bouncing back with enthusiasm as normal bubbly self, with a spectra of interesting topics.

Now that TCP is back, wondering what is happening to others' blogs!!! Suddenly everybody has gone on hybernation all at one!!!

btw, i'm CLAIM third.

adibud34 said...

Oh yeah, the democrats are going to be in trouble soon! It looks to me like McCain is going to win the election, another victory for the Republicans.

Yeah, a woman's greatest enemy is another woman!

Atma said...

I am 4th Again.....

This position was not claimed.

Deb said...

I have a feeling adibud34 may be right.

The Democrats have fielded the most unlikely candidates - a woman & an African American.

If either of them win, it'll be a first & a turning point in US history.

Having said that, the way the two are bickering at each other, I have my doubts.

Ashwin. said...

what train are you in ? Where are you ? Do you have all the comics already in your pc somewhere ? Is it possible for you to mail me some of those whose links are missing ?

Anonymous said...

d/l link of ALL indrajals from #160 gone...plse rectify! :)

O.I.C. said...

welcome back!
just noticed that TCP is again active! ( was really busy last few days so couldn't comment earlier)

Colonel Worobu said...

Hey TCP! Welcome back my friend!

deratt1 said...

Welcome back! Very perceptive comments on the Dem. race - always interesting to get a different point of view. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad u r back within a week of me discovering this site. Please do something about the links from #160 onwards.

Ruchi said...


I just noticed revival of your blog through another IJC blog comments.

Welcome back. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

On the US presidential side, so far it's democrat vs democrat. The fact that it is ultimately going to be democrat vs republican, seems to be lost on media. Coming back to Obama vs Hillary, I think there is a lot of media cuddling that has taken place for Obama which Hillary doesn't seem to get much of (see recent WSJ article Obama's Media Army). One thing Hillary has going for her, is her tenacity, nothing – not Bill Clinton's gaffes, not the Bosnian sniper-fire fantasy, not even being outspent 3 to 1 – has been able to stop her.

- Ruchi.

Anonymous said...

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The Comic Project said...

@comic60: yes you are...but try to watch these elections and observe the hypocrisy it's throwing up..fascinating
@sketchy: Hillary has acted like a typical politician in some of the negativism she has injected, but if you had watched the earlier debates, Obama was pretty negative too especially while ganging up with Edwards to bash her up. She lies, but they seem to pale in comparison to the attitude Obama seems to bring - he says he is open, transparent and stuff but not accessible except when he gives speeches and totally controls the message. This is great for him, but I have not seen one clear direct answer from him. hehe we have entirely different positions no/
@comicrazee: yeah all disappeared, all are much older now
@adibud34: aha...another believer in the "woman's greatest enemy" theory. me also thinks it's going to be McCain but the woman factor interests me a lot.
@atma: position claiming will pick up speed hopefully soon..will make this a fun place to be in again
@deb: Remember the story of two monkeys fighting and the third taking the cake?
@ashwin: I am in the Netherlands and travelling. Even now, this post is from a bus :-) COmics coming up soon.
@anon: working on it buddy
@o.i.c: Thanks...i think i have been to your blog..let me check it out ina couple of days
@col Worobu: welcome back to you too :-) how do i contact you directly on email?
@deratt1: Different point of view..hmmm..thanks :)
@anonymous: working on all the links
@ruchi: In Obama's case it has simply been one long honeymoon...and yes...Hillary Clinton is tenacious...good point...nothing has been able to stop her. She will eventually lose but she's going about it either to get the VPs slot or maybe edge OBama and offer him a VP slot. She is doing this to make sure she doesn't fade away like John Kerry and the ones before him
@anon: will look but not sure if anyone has it...

ruchi said...



hi ! are we not going to get any more ACK'S :( plz upload some ACK'S too.

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