Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can I call this 3 years of TCP?

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Many questions. Not many answers. Many comments. No replies.

Eight months and 18 days.

Sorry I went away. Too much anger. Some of the language got to me, the bickering got to me.

Other blogs, I think, have continued giving you much joy by posting comics regularly. I said "I think" because I just didn't log back in.

I think now, TCP is back. I say now "I think" because I have thought of coming back here but couldn't find the motivation, the energy. Today of all days, at 1 AM India time, I told IP - I want to start again.

This is like April 17, 2005 when no one knew about TCP and now I don't expect many to be visiting.
I am not sure if there is still a need, but in the next few weeks I will post a comic.

First there are some reasons/excuses to be given to set the record straight. Then there are those several hundred unanswered comments. And then, next month there will be comics - not as frequent but it will be here.

I hope you will have me back.

Missed you all,

P.S: Comment moderation is off. I want to keep it off. Fight with each other like kids, pull each other's hair, bawl like a baby, but try not to abuse.


comic60 said...

WOOT! Been waiting for a loong time. To be truthful, i saw ur blog only after u stopped posting it :(

Anyways think im first :)

dArA said...

wow ho!
It was completely unexpected.....thnx forreturn...n this time stay here for longer run! :-)

And CONGRATS on your 3rd Anniversary!!


P.S.- Plse post some Indrajal today!

templetiger said...

Hey TCP :) You are back.. woohoo!!!

Welcome back, i tried many other things in the time you were away, but nothing is quite like TCP..

Few months ago i was in Bangalore and i went to Sapna book store and saw the Digest of Phantom and saw these kids reading them in store, i remembered the good ol times..

It was a long wait,i did come back periodically but there was no update. It is great to see you are back!!

Hello from Seattle :)

Amith Nag said...

Welcome back TCP :D
Yours was the first ever blog I visited for online IJCs and was really disappointed when you stopped posting in July. I have been visiting your blog everyday hoping to see another posting after "Noble Lineage" - and there it was today. Hoping to see a lot more IJCs from you - keep rocking!!!

Atma said...

Hey TCP WWWWWWwelcoooooome back....

I knew you will come back.
I have been visting your blog daily. I knew you can not just quite.

Welcome back We have missed you a lot.
I know few bad things had happened in past that has changed many things but See the positive side. We have many more blogs and many more visitors.

I will be eagarly waiting for you to start again.
Seeing you back is like seeing back lost friend.

Now keep posting like old days and I will keep commenting and fighting for first position like always. (Which I have not done for any other blogs so frequently since you went away)

Start posting. We are waiting..

Sunshine said...

Hmm, finally! and its about time too :) Welcome back. It's great to see you in action gain :)

I hope people let you keep that mederation thing off.

And congratulations on the 3rd Anniversary :)

Sunshine said...

action again** (Me and my typos!)

Atma said...

And TCP,

In exitement of seeing you back. I forgot to congratulate you.

Congratulations for completing three years.
I have been watching you for more than 2 and 1/2 years now. Expecting to see back the same enthusiasm.

Prabhat said...

Welcome back home!

Comic World said...

Welcome back dear.Yours was the most deserved break which was necessary in order to regain the motivation and joy in posting.
I can very well understand your position of 'that' time as i think i am going to enter into that phase soon.
Since you left many a things have been changed...a lot of IJC sources have been IJCs are readily available(in e-form).
Now a new IJC is not awaited like which it was used to be before similar as Indo-Pak matches which don't raise that level of curiosity which they used to raise before.

Ajit Narra said...

welcome back TCP..
was sorely missing the comics feed...
please keep them coming ..

achtungneo said...

heyyyy great to have you back somebody wrote in the comment "kept coming back to ur blog every day to see if u r back"...thanx a ton for coming back....and yes there are a dozen other blogs up now...but nothing comes close to wht TCP started...GREAT MAN TO HAVE YA BACK!!! have a lot of questions to the brim but maybe we all need to know why dd u stop abruptly?? anyway hope this second innings is the longest from ur side and u can start by posting a comic ASAP...wht say???

Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy,

Who said no one is visiting. I do visit this post since past two years?. This movement need to continue.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Fantastic News!!!
Great to see you back. Never quit visiting your blog and have a link to your blog from mine...
Happy 3rd Anniversary....
We kept hoping you will be back...

comicrazee said...

TCP, Welcome back!

For whatever reason you went away, let's bury the past and celebrate your return. Though your absence was a big loss, others did a great job by keeping the heart-beat on without flickering. But you are the 'HEART' of the revival of our childhood memories.

Whatever made you come back, it is indeed a noble, gracious thought. Comic-blogs are never complete without TCP.

Anonymous said...

welcome back from me too.
i have just bookmarked your paged and daily check it.
let me know if you need any help

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

Welcome back, "SIR". this is said to great people who set records! pl. visit my humble blog, started through inspirations from you!

CHANDAN said...

First of all,a very big thank u for returning.
I have always wanted to say this but iam dreadfuly very sorry for not having commented a single time on your prvileged blog...pls note that i had downloaded atleast 160 comics from ur site.IAM SORRY.
In fact i have just discovred ur return and iam taking time off here to post comment on your blog and mail a few good friends of mine
too right here from Singapore.Hope u understand what u mean to me.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Great News. Like MTM said I kept coming back to see if there was a remote possibility that you were back. Its like a drema come true. Please do post once in while. I dont care there are no comics. Just get online.

Wondering Wanderer said...

welcome back !!
hoping to see a lot more comics :-)

Krishna said...

Great to see you back! Yours was the first blog I hit by searching google and was thrilled by the comics I got. Tks and looking forward to more posts

Phuktya said...

Surprised, my RSS was ticking again. Should see you back soon.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

do u remember me?

welcome back

Indrajal Comics Club said...

when did u go to singapore???

now ur true idol has returned, now please dont ask any comics from him:: let him take fresh breath )))

Deb said...

Welcome Back, TCP!!! Missed you a lot!! Wow, great to have you back.

Sketchy Self said...

TCP bhai, der se aaye magar duroost aaye (translation: Late you came but healthily came)! I really don't blame you for going "underground"...but welcome back!

The Comic Project said...

Still some way away from posting comics and already have a huge backlog of responding to comments but i don't want to wait too here goes
@comic60: Thanks...and i am happy to see you CLAIMED first position :-)
@dara: It wasn't expected for me either but here I am. Comics will take some time though.
@tt: You got a zune for yrself? "Hello for seattle". I intend to start posting soon but have to think of the format..about the time i have
@amith nag: Noble Lineage was already a long time ago..the next one will take some time but will be here
@atma: :)))))) TTTTTTTTTTTtthanks - visiting daily?? that's what has been keeping the page count up :-) Long lost friend? I had forgotten the password for TCP!!! Now go figure that hehe. Some more time please and I will try to continue in the same vein
@sunshine: Thanks - missed your typos :-)
@atma: let me see how enthusiastic i can get this time :-) frequency will be less but hope to have the same fun
@prabhat: thanks
@comic world: you sure kept the comics coming..didn't you? I stopped by yesterday and was happy to see that nothing changed. I never lost interest in TCP but the energy suddenly died, but let's touch base and see how you don't enter "that" phase :-) it is painful - believe me - i have been there. I don't think it is about comics anymore, comics were/are a medium. Let's get the old crowd back in and excitement will be back - hopefully. Thanks for keeping things going at CW.
@ajit narra: Also be prepared to hear my bakbak in the feeds - it ain't gonna be just comics
@achtungneo: hey!! will try to post one but I am just not geared up sufficiently right now. I can visualize you SHOUTING "GREAT TO HAVE YA BACK!!!" .. It is great to be back and be welcomed again.
@anon: will go on buddy..will
@phantom and mandrake fan: thanks for waiting...i hope i can make it worth it
@comicrazee: bury the past i will, will set the record straight or there is a risk of going back into the same situation. no blames..just thoughts. soon.. soon
@anon-SL: thanks for being patient. really.
@the skull cave treasures: thanks ...quite a few comics there..nothing humble about it :-)
@chandan: hey - i am glad you can start commenting now. I am ok if someone doesn't comment. We have a right to comment..and to remain silent. I am happy that you enjoyed yourself at TCP and I will do my best to make your visits worth it.
@grouchy's comics: you are right about "remote possibility" - will try to get back into shape and be regular..about comics or otherwise
@ww: will try buddy :-)
@krishna: and more you shall get...but since there are so many others posting comics, there will be fewer comics are likely..
@phuktya: hehe like ur name :-) thanks
@indrajal comics club: no i dont remember youuuuuuuuuuuu :-))))))))) good to be back. and thanks..i do need to take it easy...the whole comic thing got too intense :-)
@deb: happy to be back too...and hope to do more comics

The Comic Project said...

@sketchy: thankssss!! healthily indeed...good to see you back here.

Anonymous said...

Thank God, You are back.
I kept on visiting when you left since last year and i was hoping that you will come back some time.Now You are back,just post once in a while as per your time allows but please dont go back again.

adibud34 said...

Oh wow!!! This is really awesome. Good to see your return, TCP. I only stumbled across all the Indrajal blogs sometime in October last year, and by then I think your blog was in hiatus. But, your blog was/is amazing - and it's really good to have you back. This is so awesomely dramatic!!! :)

WildMagic said...

Welcome baaaaack TCP!! It was sorely disappointing for many when you stopped. Please don't do a repeat act :)

Whenever I visited your blog, it was not only the comics that I looked forward to, but also the text of the blog itself ;-) You write well, you express yourself even better.

Let the past bury its dead. Welcome back again *blows a trumped call*


The Comic Project said...

@shobiiiiiiii: Don't want to go back again either buddy :-) thx
@adibud34: hmm I thought I knew everyone or recognized every handle that commented on TCP but you are new or maybe someone old with a new name :-) Awesomely dramatic - now THAT comment was dramatic :-) Thanks buddy.
@wildmagic: name...will try to hang in there. If time was an issue in 2005 thru 2007, it is even a bigger problem now..but will do what i can. Thanks

Obi Wan said...

Me 2nddddd!!!!!!!!!! Bhelcome back tcp, as they say back home in Kolkata :-)

The Comic Project said...

welcome bhack obi--- :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi.. Man,

Yes, we missed you a lot... truly.. a lot...
Don't pay attention to those who try to piss you off, and do ignore them as they are not worth of you wrath...

Keep this wonderful blog going..
Good luck...


Achala said...

Welcome back! Your blog was the first I found when searching for IC online. And that set off an old passion.. It's good to see you're active again. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow... i have been visiting TCP regularly just in case you changed your mind..... and you did finally... thanks and its good to know...
as many people and as many conflicting remarks... if one tries to live by those remarks.. then his life is should just avoid and go on ... as elephant walks while the dog barks.. no offence to anyone.

welcome back..and hope this will continue as long as possible....

best regards


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!! We missed you.

ravi gokhale said...

Sorry 2be last to welcome u back. Yours was the first ever blog which started my journey down the memory lane to Denkali. Now as u know there are loads of blogs and almost all IJCs have been un earthed.I only wish all bloggers work as a team and not try and get at each other and settle old scores etc.You guys work hard and deserve all the credit for taking us back to our beloved childhood. Nothing compares re-living that past when u go back to your kiddy days when we used to fight each other to get hold of freshly deliverd Indrajals and dream about it all the time.
Welcome back again after a hard earned break.
Dr Ravindra Gokhale
Wirral, Merseyside. UK

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