Saturday, February 17, 2007

Comic #185: Phantom - The Phantom's Treasure

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Another comic for you all. I am hoping to find the time to do atleast 2 comics a week :-) but no promises.



Sunshine said...

Me first! Me first!! :D

Comic World said...

Nice one this one also.well TCP i was unaware of the fact tht issue no.411 has been already posted on TCP,if i cud recall tht then i wud have posted the hindi version rather..never mind will take in future...

atma said...

Me third still maintaining in top five

templetiger said...

4th for me!

Shail said...

a good oldie!

manthiram said...

i know i am 5, but considering no one claimed 2, me TWO !!!

2 comics a week...yay :-D

Anirban said...

Ok...I'm fifth since Manthiram's claiming second. This was a good one. Hadn't read it before.
Thanks dude.
Personally, I think once a week suits this page just fine :) Keep up the good work!

yab said...

Hi from France ;)
last but not least : me.
I lost the count ;)
But thanks for all these comics.
Bring back memories.

Revealed said...

6th. I'm moving up in the world :d

(congrats manthiram, well spotted)

Obi Wan said...

Me 3rd, since everybody else stands disqualified because of wrong claiming, so me follows Manthiram! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

sketchy_self said...

In the light of Obi Wan's ranking coup, I claim 4th! Yay!
My friends and I started a way of signing our word verification at the end of our here's mine:


Indianmalang said...

Me 5th!!! S*$#@*$%#!!
Congrats Sunshine!!
You are marked too!!! :-((

The Comic Project said...

@sunshine: congrats congrats congrats ;-)
@comic world: I don't understand "issue #s" yet :-) but yeah, let's avoid duplication when we can
@atma: good going but you should have called yourself 2nd ;-)
@templetiger: :-)
@shail: yep nice one it is
@manthiram: you got the number right mate
@anirban: oops not fifth. I know 1 a week is fine but I want to do 2 if possible. I don't want everyone to endure the same wait we endured when we were kids...waiting for the paperwallah once a week for our dose of indrajal
@yab: hello france. You are welcome. You seem to be first time coming here
@revealed: but you got the number wrong na
@obiwan: here's the rule wala obi...hehe
@sketchy: so now it's obi wan's ranking
@indianmalang: is that your word verification? S*$#@*$%#!!

Indianmalang said...

@TCP: No my dear, that is not my word verification! I was pissed and did not wanted to use fould language which was flowing from my mouth on being beaten again for #1 spot!!!!
Since I know there are some nice pretty people of opposite sex who visit your site, I decided to use the symbolic lang to express my frustration!!! :-))
How is it going w/ you by the way? Which country are you visiting these days?
Haven't seen RS,Cloudy etc for some time! Looks like they are or in the process of giving up the fight!!!

The Comic Project said...

@indianmalang: that's better!!! Noo noo bad language..or phantom come and clean your mouth with soap and water hehe

Pushkar said...

whoever did this..
i am sorry i dint even read the owner's name. great job done. brings back all the good old memories.

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