Saturday, October 28, 2006

Comic #168: Supremo - The Hijack

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After many many Indrajal comics, this one should be a change - a Supremo comic. Brought to us by chandoba (are you around? - haven't seen you in a while)

Enjoy the comic. Last one being posted before I leave for Bombay.

I was wondering if we could do a TCP meet but the schedule is tight.
And Obi Wan suggested meeting up - so I figured, let me try to find the time. I think 30-Oct or 31-Oct evening should work for me - Near Phoenix Mills? Let me know your preferred dates, coordination will be a pain but we can try to fix something up.



Indianmalang said...


Indianmalang said...

Well..well..well...Aab aya hay camel pahar kay nichay!!!!!
Aray oo Sambha!!!!! Kaun hay jo humsay takkar lena chahayga!!!!!!
RS/REVEALED --????????????????

Thanks TCP! Hope you have more fun in your Indian trip then you were going to!!! Haamari Well wishes tons my tumaray saath!!!
Dil Khush Kita Papay!!!

Kausum said...

And I take the Second Spot !!! Thats huge ... After so many months! I am SECOND .. YIPEEEE

Cloudy said...

Third! Yaaaayyyyyy!!!

Supremo should be entertaining... off to read comic now :)))))

Sketchy Self said...

me 4th!

motku said...

hmmmmm....5th....not good, not good

RS said...

..Revealed/ cloudy.. et tu? PGW fans? me too big fan of plum. 5th

Nikhil said...

me 6th ...

TCP Enjoy your stay here in Mumbai

Obi Wan said...

Me 7th!

RS: Disqualified!(Motku was 5th, sorry)! Btw, me too is a great fan of PGW :-)

TCP: Of course we have to do a TCP meet this time. Jagah aur waqt tum muqararr karo!(You decide the venue and time)

joe said...

Looks laak me is 8th boy! An' yeah, me is also a beeg fan of Mr. PG. And that too with a big stiff upper lip, if you know what I mean! ;-)


Soumyadip said...

I don't know if this is clairvoyance. Just the other day I was thinking of Supremo and wondering where I could find a comic. As always there is TCP.

Tin Tin said...

hmm.. sad meets in bbay.. Mes a fan of PGW and a BIG fan of Douglas Adams! He was also a BIG BIG fan of PGW

Revealed said...

Me 9th. Within the top 10 :D

Revealed said...

@Tin Tin: Omggg. I adoreeeeeeeee Douglas Adams. Restaurant at the end of the universe is my favorit of the hitchikers series.
@Cloudy: Congrats
@Obi, RS, Tin tin, Joe: PGW rocks. We should start a club :D. TCPFOPGW (TCP Fans Of PGW). He he.
@IM: Sholay dialogues dont move us from our stand [-(

Revealed said...

I love the chaste desi version of the super hero outfit :).

Sunshine said...

10th. Phew!

abhijit said...

11th - I had read this comic a long time back.

The Comic Project said...

@indianmalang: :-))))))))))))) you too apun ka dil happy kiya man
@cloudy: it was in the pipeline far too long. hope you liked sonali and shaheen :)
@sketchy: always tu sirf itna hi kyon bolta hai?
@motku: exercise karrrr
@rs: I havent read even one book :(
@nikhil: yep...will do that...wonder how coz its gonna be so hectic or as someone i know said... the schedule is HILARIOUS
@obi: rules - Obi ka superhit formula
@joe: I dont know what you mean :(
@soumyadip: thanks for that :-) sorry havent visited cutting the chai for a long time
@tin tin: no sad re...only me and obi meeting so far hehe
@revealed: TCPFOPGW??? WYSIWYG tak theek hai..this is too much!!! And I got the album with all sholay dialogues last week..yayyyyyyyyy. And yes...our superhero is wearing a sarong ;-) to cover his chaddi worn over the trousers hehe
@sunshine: huff and puff ;:)
@abhijit: :)

chandoba said...

thanks for posting my comic....

and welcome back to home

Horizon said...

me 12th

Horizon said...

It has been a long absence once again. I relocated from bangalore to noida, so everything was hayway for the past one month. Joined a new co. so they took their own sweet time to issue me a latop. No broadband at home yet, so have to solely rely on the office network. Welcome home TCP.
Lots of new comics.
Supremo is a welcome change. Hope to see many more of these.

Obi Wan said...

Oye Bombay waalas- the plan is on. We are having a meeting of the Bombay chapter of TCP tomorrow, Oct 31, some time in the evening. Still haven't recd any confirmations except that of tcp and yours truly! In fact, just realized that I have no idea who all are based in Bombay. Chandoba was in Bombay, I know for sure, so bhai saab you pls contact me to fix up, you have my number. Rest, pls to follow the suits! Egjaktly!

Sketchy Self said...

TCP: tu sirf itna hi kyon boltaa hai?
Life's busy right now...but I couldn't believe my thrice good luck in:
1)seeing a Supremo Comic
2)on Friday night (when i'm usually at home net-less)
3)only 4 comments on the board!
So I had to get my word in before I said anything else (see how rs lost the spot to motku?) Maaf karna TCP bhai, will try to say more next time!

Cloudy said...

Wow, TCP Bombay Chapter sounds nice!

Loved the Sarong too ;-)

And, confess to be a Douglas Adams fan :) How about TCPFOPGW&DA?

Obi Wan said...

cloudy: I want to join up for that :-)

khush said...

one of the guy in this comics looks like amitabh bacchan.

Revealed said...

@Khush: LOL
@Cloudy: I'm in :)
@Obi n TCP: Hope you guys have fun

Sunshine said...

@Obi: So you guys have met? Send some pictures please :D

Tin Tin said...

@Cloudy: Kewl! I'm in.. Why dont we call it WAAFOT (Wodehouse and Adams fans of TCP)for short? It would be cooler if we could have a name like GROSS ;)

RS said...

ohmegod cloudy!!!! I like douglas adams too, havent read too many but i really liked last chance to see. and umm (casually) where is your stash of PGW kept?

and TCP- hasIP read PGW? I know she likes ACKs..{and I know her stash is somewhere in deetctives are working on exactly where}

Cloudy said...

@TinTin: Cool name :)

@RS: (even more casually) You know, the last time an impostor sneaked into the Cloudy Mansions with the intent of getting their hands on the said collection, their remains were found scattered all over the estate with distinct impressions of a hobnailed boot having danced all over them.

All this talk of PGW makes me wonder - where is NetAsterix who originally started us talking about the Master?

Revealed said...

And who is NetAstrix??!!
@Cloudy: Just one hob nailed boot? Hmmm I'd be willing to risk one hob nailed boot. Now, if it were TWO, then food for thought :).
@WAAFOT members: WAAFOT??? Really????? And not the Awesomely Cool TCPFOPGWADA???? ;)

Obi Wan said...

sunshine: pictures??? Mein Gott!!! And with a 2 member meet, who did you expect to be clicking pics, pray may I ask??? :-)

revealed: Yup, we had fun, though it wasa rush-rush meeting, me having bunked a shoot temporarily to come and meet up with tcp. Had to rush back, so we met only for half an hour!

cloudy: I too was wondering about Net Asterix the other day!

Revealed: Net Asterix is one of the earliest readers of TCP. He started a blog dedicated to Plum, posted 3-4 entries, and then disappeared :-)

Sunshine said...

@Obi: You can ask anyone to take a snap.. hmph. So, you didn't take any pictures :-( Well.. but I thought more than 2 might be there. Anyway, I'm glad you both had a good time.

Yeah, NetAsterix's been missing in action for a very very long time..

RS said...

cloudy: (slowly backing away) heh heh heh you was just a casual query. why dont we join forces and instead get at TCP/IM etcs stash ? sound better?

Anonymous said...

@Revealed: I now see the beauty of TCPFOPGWADA.. Watfor at waafot >:p.

@rs: pssst.. meet me in the back ;)

Whats on our charter for TCPFOPGWADA? Agenda ooncha rahe hamaara.

-tin tin

Tin Tin said...

@Revealed: My fav DA was dirk gently's holistic detective agency.. sequel was not so good tho!

Revealed said...

@Tin tin: Oooh Dirk Gently :X. But yeah the sequel left something to be desired. BUT it was a hard act to follow in the first place. So allowance must be made for that, no?
N good question, what is the agenda? For TCPFOPGW&DA? (Psst I knew the name would grow on you ;)

The Comic Project said...

@chandoba: thanks chandoba for welcoming me home in October 2006 :)
@horizon: congrats. More will come although lately..there have been none
@obiwan: so much for our plans but it was good meeting you. Do you want to write the foreword to "How to buy a suit in 15 minutes?"
@sketchy: I can imagine what happens when life gets busy..for instance..i just stopped posting comics!!!!!!
@cloudy: TCP Bombay Chapter nice :)...and this TCPFOPGW&DA thing is getting weird now :)
@khush: yes...resembles Amitabh no?
@revealed: thanku
@sunshine: we met but no pictures were taken for keeping a secret secret
@tin tin: WAAFOT????????
@rs: IP hasn't read PGW. She isn't much of a reader though the ACKs were a surprise to me as well :) That stash is well hidden...under lock & key at an undisclosed unknown location and I am planning to somehow get it travel 4000 that's your only transit
@cloudy: he disappeared...weird
@revealed: TCPFOFPGW&DA ggrrrrrrrrrrr

Qaseem Abbasi said...

How to download it???

Qaseem Abbasi said...

Please help me, how can I download SUPREMO?

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