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Welcome to TCP.

If you arrived directly at this page via a download link shared with you, I would appreciate if you share the comic links via the blog home page – – as this download page is available on the home page as well. Landing directly on the home page will encourage visitors to have a look at other posts on the blog. There are over 300 posts now and some interesting webcomics. But if you don’t want to bother about that, it’s fine by me. Enjoy the comics.

The download links to comics posted at The Comic Project were available at another site - I will be discontinuing that site and now all the links will be available on TCP have discontinued that site now and all links are available here on TCP.

I have also included alternate download links on Mediafire. If any of the links do not work, please let me know.

TCP # Download Link (RS) Size Alt. Link
001 Phantom - The Emperor's Dream 4.48 MB Mediafire
002 Phantom - The Missing Trophy 4.24 MB Mediafire
003 Phantom - The Game of Treachery 5.10 MB Mediafire
004 Mandrake - The Surge of Evil 4.58 MB Mediafire
005 Phantom - The Invincible Ghost 4.21 MB Mediafire
006 Phantom - The Infuriated Ghost 4.72 MB Mediafire
007 Mandrake - The Invisible Thief 3.71 MB Mediafire
008 Phantom - The Jungle Patrol 3.65 MB Mediafire
009 Bahadur - The Seeds of Poison 3.89 MB Mediafire
010 Phantom - The Game 4.70 MB Mediafire
011 Phantom - The Gold Prospectors 2.13 MB Mediafire
012 Bahadur - The Massacre at Sitapur 4.86 MB Mediafire
013 Phantom - Stripes 3.98 MB Mediafire
014 Phantom - The Treasure of Bengali Bay 7.08 MB Mediafire
015 Phantom - The Riddle of the Witch 6.85 MB Mediafire
016 Flash Gordon - The Death Chant on Klet 3.01 MB Mediafire
017 Phantom - Worubu's Secret 2.80 MB Mediafire
018 Phantom - The Legendary Heroes 4.43 MB Mediafire
019 Phantom - The Story of Hero 6.36 MB Mediafire
020 Phantom - Tryst with Destiny 4.45 MB Mediafire
021 Phantom - The Legendary Foe 5.25 MB Mediafire
022 Mandrake - The Sinister World of 8 4.51 MB Mediafire
023 Dara - The Sparks of Treason 3.80 MB Mediafire
024 Bahadur - The Dictates of Destiny 4.88 MB Mediafire
025 Mandrake - The Famous Friendship 4.20 MB Mediafire
026 Rip Kirby - The Dangerous Adversary 5.01 MB Mediafire
027 Mandrake - Aleena The Enchantress - Part 1 4.28 MB Mediafire
028 Mandrake - Aleena The Enchantress - Part 2 3.88 MB Mediafire
029 Phantom - The Benevolent Ghost 2.66 MB Mediafire
030 Buzz Sawyer - The Blue Angel 5.97 MB Mediafire
031 Mandrake - The Cobra's Trap 2.97 MB Mediafire
032 Phantom's Wedding 2.94 MB Mediafire
033 Phantom - King Pepe's Bride 2.83 MB Mediafire
034 Phantom - The Unknown Commander 2.54 MB Mediafire
035 Phantom - The Enchanting Island 5.84 MB Mediafire
036 Phantom - The Iron Monster 5.48 MB Mediafire
037 Phantom - The Spy Pilot 5.13 MB Mediafire
038 Phantom - The Sacred Pledge 3.58 MB Mediafire
039 Phantom - The Impostor 3.65 MB Mediafire
040 Phantom - The Deadly Web 6.31 MB Mediafire
041 Phantom - The Ill Fated Voyage - I & II 5.14 MB Mediafire
042 Phantom - The Romantic Witch 3.19 MB Mediafire
043 Phantom - The Mystery of Zokko 5.18 MB Mediafire
044 Phantom - Trial by Fire 5.89 MB Mediafire
045 Phantom - The Little People 4.09 MB Mediafire
046 Buz Sawyer - The Captive Couple 3.56 MB Mediafire
047 Phantom - Vetaal Cup 5.32 MB Mediafire
048 The First Phantom 4.24 MB Mediafire
049 Mandrake - The Treacherous Gang 5.25 MB Mediafire
050 Mandrake - Encounter with Space Creatures 4.66 MB Mediafire
051 Phantom - Vetaal Parampara 6.30 MB Mediafire
052 Flash Gordon - The Testing Challenge 5.25 MB Mediafire
053 Phantom - Safedposh Lootere 5.51 MB Mediafire
054 Phantom - The Curse of Lago 4.54 MB Mediafire
055 andrake - Terror from Outer Space 3.73 MB Mediafire
056 Mandrake - The Eccentric Genius 4.17 MB Mediafire
057 Phantom - Goldbeard's Strike Force 4.22 MB Mediafire
058 Phantom - Merchants of Death 6.00 MB Mediafire
059 Phantom - The Grand Prize 5.36 MB Mediafire
060 Phantom - Oogooru The Deity of Murder 5.44 MB Mediafire
061 Phantom - The Trembling Jungle 4.90 MB Mediafire
062 Phantom - The Satchel 5.36 MB Mediafire
063 Phantom - The River Pirates 4.36 MB Mediafire
064 Phantom - The Valley of No Return 7.02 MB Mediafire
065 Phantom - The Return of the Beast 6.39 MB Mediafire
066 Phantom - The Corba Diamonds - by Johnny Hotwire 5.95 MB Mediafire
067 Phantom - Hoogan The Witchman 4.84 MB Mediafire
068 Phantom - The Secret of Vacul Castle - I 5.97 MB Mediafire
069 Phantom - The Secret of Vacul Castle - II 5.85 MB Mediafire
070 Buz Sawyer - The Eagle's Lair 5.95 MB Mediafire
071 Phantom - The Super Apes 5.47 MB Mediafire
072 Phantom - The Dare-Devils 5.40 MB Mediafire
073 The Secret of Magic Mountain 3.61 MB Mediafire
074 Phantom - The Roughneck Mob 4.76 MB Mediafire
075 Phantom - The Delta Pirates and Lothar The Mighty 5.96 MB Mediafire
076 Phantom - The Belt 5.04 MB Mediafire
077 Phantom - The Blue Gang 4.89 MB Mediafire
078 Phantom - The Masked Marvel 5.77 MB Mediafire
079 Phantom - The Mysterious Ruins 2.49 MB Mediafire
080 Official Mandrake 5.79 MB Mediafire
081 Bahadur - Teen Khooni Darinde 5.70 MB Mediafire
082 Phantom - The Gray Gang 4.86 MB Mediafire
083 Mandrake - and The Black Wizard 5.48 MB Mediafire
084 Mandrake - The Giant Tootache 5.78 MB Mediafire
085 Phantom - Maut Ki Rahe Vol-1 5.82 MB Mediafire
086 Phantom - Maut Ki Rahe Vol-2 5.76 MB Mediafire
087 Phantom - Maut Ki Rahe Vol-3 6.51 MB Mediafire
088 Mandrake - The Disturber 4.91 MB Mediafire
089 Phantom - The Cold Fire Worshippers 4.33 MB Mediafire
090 Phantom - The Mysterious Toy 5.34 MB Mediafire
091 Phantom - Prapat ka Rahasya 4.87 MB Mediafire
092 Phantom - The White Goddess 2.50 MB Mediafire
092 Flash Gordon - The Death Trap of Mongo 1.32 MB Mediafire
093 Mandrake - Doomsday 4.46 MB Mediafire
094 Flash Gordon - Caligula ka Shadyantra 4.95 MB Mediafire
095 Phantom - The Masked Avenger - 1 4.74 MB Mediafire
096 Phantom - The Masked Avenger - 2 4.62 MB Mediafire
097 Phantom - The Masked Avenger - 3 4.34 MB Mediafire
098 Mandrake - Incredible Space Menace 5.52 MB Mediafire
099 Mandrake - Gunaho Ki Lapte 4.49 MB Mediafire
100 Phantom - The Cursed City 3.47 MB Mediafire
101 Phantom - The Missing Bridegroom 5.01 MB Mediafire
102 The Girl Phantom 4.91 MB Mediafire
103 Mandrake - Spell of The Enchantress 5.37 MB Mediafire
104 Garth-Pagal Pisaach 4.73 MB Mediafire
105 Phantom - Secret of Nacabre s Castle 4.02 MB Mediafire
106 Mandrake - Satan s Man 4.88 MB Mediafire
107 Blind Phantom 5.18 MB Mediafire
108 Buz Sawyer-Maut Ki Haar 4.64 MB Mediafire
109 Flash Gordon - Mongo s Rebel Warlords 4.78 MB Mediafire
110 Phantom - Chalta Phirta Pret 4.39 MB Mediafire
111 Phantom - The Drummer of Timpenni 5.15 MB Mediafire
112 Mandrake - The Ratmen of Rodencia 4.74 MB Mediafire
113 Phantom - The Challenge of Cannibals 3.37 MB Mediafire
114 Kerry Drake - The Weird Wills 4.25 MB Mediafire
115 Phantom - Fiftieth Wife 6.32 MB Mediafire
116 Phantom - String of Black Pearls 2.90 MB Mediafire
116 Bahadur - The Murderous trio 5.41 MB Mediafire
117 Bahadur - The Murderous Trio 5.09 MB Mediafire
118 Phantom - Gangster's Dive 6.26 MB Mediafire
119 Kerry Drake - In The Devil s Grip 4.66 MB Mediafire
120 Flash Gordon - Death Trap 5.00 MB Mediafire
121 Phantom - The Hunters 4.36 MB Mediafire
122 Phantom - Diana s Deadly Tour 8.20 MB Mediafire
123 Phantom - MoonStone Phantom 3.94 MB Mediafire
124 Phantom - The Midnight Heist 5.20 MB Mediafire
125 Mandrake - College of Magic 6.16 MB Mediafire
126 The 22nd Phantom - Part 1 5.52 MB Mediafire
127 The 22nd Phantom - Part 2 5.09 MB Mediafire
128 Kerry Drake - The Fist of Fate 4.51 MB Mediafire
129 Phantom - The Devil Cult 4.95 MB Mediafire
130 Moonstone Phantom Part 2 4.24 MB Mediafire
131 Bahadur - The Red Bricks House 4.86 MB Mediafire
132 Phantom - The Tyrant of Tarakimo 4.28 MB Mediafire
133 FlashGordon - Shani Chakra 5.47 MB Mediafire
134 Phantom - Live Cargo 5.39 MB Mediafire
135 Corrigan - The Criminal Genius 5.31 MB Mediafire
136 Phantom - The Dilemma 2.26 MB Mediafire
137 Phantom - The Goggle Eye Pirates 6.31 MB Mediafire
138 Mandrake - Samudri Rakshas 6.60 MB Mediafire
139 Phantom - The Swamp Dragon 5.80 MB Mediafire
140 Phantom - The Killer Gang 4.00 MB Mediafire
141 Phantom - The Promise 4.37 MB Mediafire
142 Rip Kirby - Maut Ki Gufa 6.62 MB Mediafire
143 Phantom - Death in Central Park 5.96 MB Mediafire
144 Phantom - And the Samaris 4.17 MB Mediafire
145 Flash Gordon - Mrityu ki Jwala 5.15 MB Mediafire
146 Phantom - Devil's Story 5.65 MB Mediafire
147 Mandrake - Towering Colossus 4.43 MB Mediafire
148 Phantom - Many Adventures 4.05 MB Mediafire
149 Dara - The Lurking Conspirator 4.24 MB Mediafire
150 Phantom - The Singh Brotherhood - 1 9.07 MB Mediafire
150 Phantom - The Singh Brotherhood - 2 9.20 MB Mediafire
150 Phantom - The Singh Brotherhood - 3 9.42 MB Mediafire
151 Buz Sawyer - The Hidden Vipers 4.63 MB Mediafire
152 Bahadur - Spectre of Crime 3.43 MB Mediafire
153 Phantom - Registaan me Narsanghaar 4.40 MB Mediafire
154 Phantom - Sunahere Phool Ka Rahasya 4.69 MB Mediafire
155 Buz Sawyer in Antartica 4.20 MB Mediafire
156 Phantom - More Adventures 5.74 MB Mediafire
157 Mandrake - The Secret Plot 3.58 MB Mediafire
158 Phantom - Night in Denkali 5.28 MB Mediafire
159 Phantom - Thugs in Denkali 3.16 MB Mediafire
160 Flash Gordon - Ming Ka Shikaar - 1 2.70 MB Mediafire
161 Flash Gordon - Ming Ka Shikaar - 2 2.20 MB Mediafire
162 Flash Gordon - Ming Ka Shikaar - 3 2.60 MB Mediafire
163 Phantom - Moogoo's Doll 4.10 MB Mediafire
164 Mandrake - Mysterious Eight 5.20 MB Mediafire
165 Phantom - Bad Ones 5.70 MB Mediafire
166 Phantom - Mysterious Guide 5.70 MB Mediafire
167 Phantom - Khooni Giddh 4.70 MB Mediafire
168 Supremo - The Hijack 4.90 MB Mediafire
169 Bahadur - The Highway Gang 4.30 MB Mediafire
170 Phantom - The Mysterious Pharaoh 4.80 MB Mediafire
171 Phantom - Manav Bhakshi Jalpari 7.20 MB Mediafire
172 Buz Sawyer - The Lost Island 4.20 MB Mediafire
173 Phantom - The Return of Bababu 8.80 MB Mediafire
174 Phantom - The Romantic Witch 3.80 MB Mediafire
175 Phantom - The Paradise 5.30 MB Mediafire
176 Mandrake - The Trickster 5.09 MB Mediafire
177 Phantom - The Human Beast 5.10 MB Mediafire
178 Flash Gordon - Sheng The Savage 4.50 MB Mediafire
179 Phantom - The Hairy Monsters 4.70 MB Mediafire
180 Mandrake - The Dreaded Island 4.90 MB Mediafire
181 Phantom-Mandrake - The Villains Challenge 5.80 MB Mediafire
182 Mandrake - The Time Traveller 6.60 MB Mediafire
183 Phantom - Johnny Hotwire 8.30 MB Mediafire
184 Mandrake - The Magician's Challenge 5.10 MB Mediafire
185 Phantom - The Phantom's Treasure 3.20 MB Mediafire
186 Phantom - The Mystery of the Veiled Lady 5.60 MB Mediafire
187 Zorro 4.70 MB Mediafire
188 Phantom - The Phantom is Chained 2.90 MB Mediafire
189 Mandrake - The Crystal Creatures 4.80 MB Mediafire
190 Phantom - The Kaluga Giant 4.60 MB Mediafire
191 Mandrake - The Master Criminal 4.30 MB Mediafire
192 Phantom - Jumba The Giant Elephant 5.40 MB Mediafire
193 Mandrake - The Killer Cobra 4.30 MB Mediafire
194 Phantom - Sky High Piracy 3.75 MB Mediafire
195 Mandrake - Maze of Hurdles 4.25 MB Mediafire
196 Phantom - The Mysterious Passenger 4.00 MB Mediafire
197 Mandrake - Sea of Horror 3.75 MB Mediafire
198 Phantom - The Mysterious Bank Robbery 2.65 MB Mediafire
199 Phantom - The Death House of Hydra 4.22 MB Mediafire
200 Mandrake - Test of a Magician 4.12 MB Mediafire
201 Mandrake - Year 50000 AD 5.47 MB Mediafire
202 Phantom - Masked Emissary 1.65 MB Mediafire
203 Mandrake - Legend of the Giants 3.82 MB Mediafire
204 Phantom and the Vultures 3.95 MB Mediafire
205 Mandrake - In the Future 1.47 MB Mediafire
206 Mandrake - The Maze of Horror 3.45 MB Mediafire
207 Phantom - Deadly Trio 3.52 MB Mediafire
208 Rip Kirby - The Foiled Coup 5.10 MB Mediafire
209 Mandrake - The Framed Innocent 3.29 MB Mediafire
210 Phantom - The Ghost Tribe 5.44 MB Mediafire
211 Mandrake - The Giant Man 4.69 MB Mediafire
212 Mandrake - The Secret Invention 3.70 MB Mediafire
213 Mandrake - Princess Narda 8.98 MB Mediafire
214 Mandrake Phantom - Shadows on Devil Road 4.01 MB Mediafire
215 Mandrake - The House of Horrors 6.04 MB Mediafire
216 Phantom - The Swamp of Death 5.93 MB Mediafire
217 Phantom - Duel with Death 5.75 MB Mediafire
218 Phantom - The Strange Hunt 3.35 MB Mediafire
219 Phantom - Noble Lineage 4.16 MB Mediafire
220 Flash Gordon - The Sly Sea Wolves 5.50 MB Mediafire
221 Bahadur - Operation Cancer 5.90 MB Mediafire
222 Mandrake - Scary Wonderland 6.10 MB Mediafire
223 Bahadur - The Savage Outlaws 6.30 MB Mediafire
224 Phantom - Spear of Destiny 6.10 MB Mediafire
225 Phantom - Halloween Gang 6.10 MB Mediafire
226 Flash Gordon - Plutonium Raiders (LOW RES) 6.90 MB Mediafire
226 Flash Gordon - Plutonium Raiders (HIGH RES) 34.10 MB -----------
227 Flash Gordon - Destination Venus (LOW RES) 7.83 MB Mediafire
227 Flash Gordon - Plutonium Raiders (HIGH RES) 34.10 MB -----------
228 On The Sands Of Time (LOW RES) 7.52 MB Mediafire
228 On The Sands Of Time (HIGH RES) 31.50 MB -----------
229 Phantom – The Little Princess (LOW RES) 8.06 MB Mediafire
229 Phantom – The Little Princess (HIGH RES) 36.50 MB -----------
230 Flash Gordon – Many Centuries Ahead 7.79 MB Mediafire
231 Commando - One Man’s Courage 13.61 MB Mediafire
232 Bahadur – The Savage Family (LOW RES) 7.64 MB Mediafire
232 Bahadur – The Savage Family (HIGH RES) 28.4 MB -----------
233 Garth – The Mystery At Kanchenjunga 5.97 MB Mediafire
234 Phantom – The Gold Fetters – Part I (LOW RES) 6.58 MB Mediafire
234 Phantom – The Gold Fetters – Part I (HIGH RES) 40.2 MB Mediafire
235 Phantom – The Gold Fetters – Part II (LOW RES) 7.58 MB Mediafire
235 Phantom – The Gold Fetters – Part II (HIGH RES) 81.7 MB Mediafire
236 Mandrake – The Claws of Treachery 6.75 MB Mediafire
237 Dara – The Jaws of Treachery 34.0 MB -----------
237 The last Indrajal comic published (LOW RES) 8.65 MB Mediafire


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Thanks TCP!
1. For mediafire links. Really today mediafire is more comfortable.
2. For HQ Links. Now, the changes of generation of computer & resolution of monitor are not a danger for these gems.

Anonymous said...

Really wonderful collection. Thank you so much!


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Both #228 links are same size (7.52 MB), pls check.

y.n.madhiya said...

I really enjoyed and downloaded most of the phantom comics here.
Thanks a lot. Really appreciate the effort.

I have a request:
I seem to recall one indrajaal comic where phantom works as labourer as kit walker to get the feel of city life.

do you have that comic?

if so, please upload it or get me a link to other uploads.

thanks in advance.


The Comic Project said...

@prabhat: fixed that issue. Thanks for pointing out. I have seen that with a decent printer, even low res prints fine if it is around 150dpi
@Anon-Naresh: you are welcome. keep coming back
@y.n.madhiya: You are welcome. HAve had a lot of help from good people. Will look for the comic you mentioned, don't think I have it. But there will be people reading these comments and I am sure someone will mention it if they have the comic

Pradeep Bansal said...

Very Good Work.
Thanks for keeping the old memories alive.

JhargramDevil said...

Hi I am also in the mission of making indrajal comics available on the net. However i will be uploading in Bengali only. So, you can check in my blog if you like to add bengali version indrajal comics in this mission.

The Comic Project said...

@Pradeep Bansal: Thanks. Lot of fun in doing this :-)
@JhargamDevil: Let me link you up soon. Keep posting and good luck

Debopam said...

wonderful collection!!! brings back the good ol' days!!

thanks for sharing!

Ani said...

An awesome collection! Thanks a tonne...

Vishwas said...

Why not convert it to cbr format. You just have to rename the zip file to cbr

The Comic Project said...

@debopam: thanks, have a lot of fun
@ani: you are and spread the word around please :-)
@vishwas: it can be easily converted to CBR or CBZ after downloading. I am trying to keep it easy to use. There are still people who don't quite get the comic formats and would struggle

Anonymous said...

Vishwas said...

Why not convert it to cbr format. You just have to rename the zip file to cbr

No such beast exists (cbr) _AND_ cbr is in reality rar, zip is a different file format.

Conclusion: use rar or zip, never use other extension for these archive files, you will open Pandora’s Box!

Anonymous said...

This is an exhaustive collection. Thank You very much. The amount of time and energy spent here will not go waste.

Sreedhar said...

Thank you for sharing these comics with us. Growing up in the late 70s (before Doordarshan!) these comics were a source of great delight. I have fond memories of my Father reading them for me. I used to collect and bind them to enjoy them over and over again. Somehow, as it often happens, I had to let go of them (reluctantly handing them over to younger relatives!) when I moved on to new things. Thanks again for your wonderful work. Much appreciated.

OneShare said...

nice blog & very informative, i'm bookmarking this blog & visiting again for updates.

please check mine too : FREE Comics and Manga Download

Iman said...

Thanks for all the contributions.

Anonymous said...

Awesome collections! The download sizes were perfect. Brilliant site. Great effort from you and all the contributors. Thank you all very much for these superb comics. I've just been dreaming of getting them downloaded. Thanks again!

The Comic Project said...

@vishwas: You are right. that's why all the files are in zip, although the HI-res versions could be in CBR as it links directly to the contributors comic link. For comic lovers, .CBR is a common format and one of the links in the sidebar explains a bit about CBR I think.
@Anonymous: thanks..built with a lot of support and contributions :)
@sreedhar: we all moved on, didn't we? it was almost convenient but it's good that a part of us has been looking for these lost times and we are not alone. Thanks for visiting.
@Oneshare: Thanks. Not a big manga fan but i know some people who are :)
@Anonymous: Glad you enjoyed this. Please do keep coming back

Anonymous said...


Flash Gordon - The Death Trap of Mongo link to a different archive:

and that entry is linked to “Phantom - The White Goddess”.

This is just a links invertion.



The Comic Project said...

@Emile: Thanks for pointing out and for the troubleshooting too :-) It's fixed now

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Pls provide high resolution link of last IJC. Thanks!

Sudhanshu Yadav said...

Thanks a lot TCP, I follow u like crazy... Would love to see more supremo comics- they are collectors editions....

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent collection. Brings back old memories. Thank you.

There used to be a phantom issue where he builds a treehouse in the air (With rope people). If you have it can you pls post it.

Thanks again.

sanju said...

Hi mate,
Thanks a ton for uploading these comics. I'm a ardent fan of Lee Falks artworks especially phantom and the mandrake series. i still have a few published under the diamond publications( all of which i can see on your list of downloads.)

Anonymous said...

OMG ! I just landed here today and am averwhelmed both by the amount of uploads and by your dedication !! THANKS THANKS THANKS!!

julinhoroberto said...

Incredible site! I'm a brazilian 38 year-old architect, and a fan of Mandrake and The Phantom since my early childhood. Although I have more than 100 titles of both, many of the titles of your collection I would never know, I think they were not published here. I wish I had time enough to contribute to this wonderful project, scanning my comics, but I don't even know how to do it and post it. Besides, they are written in portuguese, which is the language of my country, so I guess it would be no useful for the most part of your visitors. So I shall say thank you for your project and for bringing me so many joy!


Lestor said...

WOW !!!!!!!

Thank you so much so very sincerely from the very bottom of my heart.

What your collection has done is brought back nostalgic memories of a childhood that was spent reading Indrajal comics.
I salute the time ,effort and selflessness that you possess in providing everyone with such a rich and wonderful collection.
Hats off to you.Thanks a lot...

SweetCousin said...

This is amazing!!!!! , You really made my day :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are really amazing... Great stuff...

Please continue with phantom comics... especially the digests...

Thanks a lot... :)

Anonymous said...

This is Vijay here...I am a big fan of Phantom, Flash and Mandrake. Thanks a ton for the collection mate. I really appreciate your efforts.

Thanks a million once again.

Moneybags said...

I was very lucky to find this blog and would like to really thank you for this since I managed to get a lot of the comics that I was searching for.

Kumar said...

An integral part of our childhood. These comics. God Bless TCP. Awesome job

Jonathan Lalremtluanga said...

thanks for the links
what happened to mediafire links... rapidshare links takes too much time

Manoj Sivagnanam said...

Hi dude,

Awesome collection you've got here! Hats off for the work you're doing.. I have plenty of Phantom Comics in .cbr format, so if you need them give me a mail.

Fez said...

Unbelievable collection and even more stupendous effort.

You are blessed to bring us all these nostalgic memories back.

Thank you very much.

Lemme ask a question.

Is this the entire collection of phantom/mandrake ever published? Or is it entire collection of INDRAJAL phantom/mandrake? Or are there other issues out there which some of us here may have?

Thank you again. God bless.

Utpal Das said...

I haven't gone through your blog on entirity, but I do believe you would be in your 30s. I am in my 30s and me and my friends are very passionate about Indrajal comics. I still have some collection including Rip Sawyer, Garth, Bahadur and of course Phantom and Mandrake. I remember buying these comics at a then price of Rs1.50 (probably in ealy 80s or maybe late 70s) and I always used to wonder if I could see them in e print.
You guys are way way way ahead in terms of passion than anyone I have met or known. To scan so many ( and thats a aweful hell lot of scanning) and put them together, to upload them in a blog and arrange everything nededs more than just passion.

I bow in front of you and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for refreshing old memories.
I would of course download eacj and every link.

Utpal Das

Anonymous said...

thanks for the links

Chandu said...

I am extremely grateful to you for making these links available.

Chandu said...

I too am in my 30's. I dont think the new generation has or ever will like these comics.

Like Mr. Das , I remember saving up Rs. 1.50 every 2 weeks or so to buy them off the newspaper waala or simply looking for the comics on the pavements. Across India. In Kolkota , Chennai and Delhi.


Anonymous said...

Great collection. Still downloading them. All I can say is THANKS.

A greedy pig that I am, I remember a couple of phantom comics where phantom is after a girl who is a migician and can kill with black balls of gas or something. is it part of the ccollection. if so, which is it?

Dont remember the name thoug

ssrini56 said...

i was a avid reader of phantom comics. i am 50 + now. i used to buy the phantom comics since childhood. your site with all these beautiful comics (with better pictures than by "Govind") are simply a treasure. thanks for the same. can you post Tarzan (by Russ Manning artist) comics. they are also great.

Sumit said...

Excellent effort by all the contributors.

File no. 110 gives an error in mediafire. It says file has been deleted. Please look into the matter. Except this small glitch, everything else is just perfect.


ilovecomix said...

I love this, Now I will be able to fill in some missing holes on these strips for my on-line archive. Check us out at

Dheeraj said...

hey guys great job!...loved phantom a lot [ was my dad's collection]...he couldnt complete it now i have most of it for him.......but i think d stories on HYDra Gang are missing

Anonymous said...

Excellent Collection!!! I consider myself really lucky to have stumbled upon this site. I would like to thank everyone related with this initiative for sharing these wonderful comics with other readers spread across the globe...

fckingblog said...

You may have come across this blog but I couldn't find any references in the comments so here goes:

Great job!

Sathish said...


The collection is simply superb! Thanks for the tremendous effort and goodwill to share these valuable gems. Somehow I could manage to keep only a handful of IJC issues with me and I was always longing to have much larger collection; today my dream has come true. Reading these comics brings back my childhood memories of late 70's, when my father used to read the comics for me. I now feel younger on reading again after decades. Thanks a lot again.

Vijay said...


What a treasure trove of phantoms this turned out to be.

I am a huge fan and recall almost each and every one of the Phantom stories.

This superb site gave me the chance to re-live childhood memories. Reading these with Dad who was also a fan of Phantom.

I may have a few Phantom stories that I can scan and upload (when time permits)

Is there an email / ftp address where I can upload?



日月神教-任我行 said...


selfmade said...

HI All,

I am a big big fan of Indrajal. I have created an Online campaign to garner interest about getting the comics reprinted.

selfmade said...

Mandrake, Phantom, Flash, Bahadhur... i would love to see all those reprinted again. This site is just my way of finding out if there is enough interest for these to be reprinted. Once we have enough signs maybe we can request "Times of India" group to do one last reprint. Honestly i don't know if this will work, but its worth the effort :)


Anonymous said...

if you can post other phantom comics to, like from Diamond comics, and the recently released costly diamond comics

Anonymous said...

Good job with the collection. I have created pdf files for comics listed here. I wonder if these can be uploaded here?


Anonymous said...

Is there one single link to download these all at once? like 1 zip file???

Tapas Dasgupta said...

Excellent work. Thanks a lot for bringing back wonderful memories of my childhood. I remember the newspaper guy used to deliver these comics from 1972 to 1976. After 1976, other interests took over and I stopped buying them but used to borrow from friends. My own substantial collection disappeared one by one (culprit mainly being mostly my chums)and today I don't own a single one. Good if someone can convince the TOI group to come out with a printed collection for one last time.

Anonymous said...

Great Job. I grew up reading these as a kid. Used to subscribe to weekly delivery, unfortunately TOI publications must have seen a decline in interest, and stopped publishing it. It is a genuine request to have TOI publish a collectors edition including at least 1 or 2 comics of each comic hero, with some history. Thanks.

Shine pillai said...

Hey man this is one awesome site! Thanks ....Can anyone make a torrent for this files

The Devil said...

HAPPY HOLI mate and keep up the good work

anumohan said...


Try this - it works and i downloaded last week fully.

Richa said...

Thanks a ton for this! Am a huge indrajal fan and this is a treasure trove!

abhishek maurya said...

nice collection of comics...
i have a small blog for raj comics , hope you will visited it or will visit soon. It has many download links....

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your kind efforts and big heart for sharing so much wonderful comics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton my friend! Amazing collection! brings back my childhood memories of reading Indrajal! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you !!!!!!!!

Rahul C said...

I stumbled on this by chance - I thank you so much for your efforts. Brings back memories of when I was 6-12 years old!

Anonymous said...

wow gr8 anybody got Aditya??

Kevin said...

AWESOME. Thanks. (FYI - 234 LOW RES is not available)

Once again, thank you for uploading.

Anonymous said...


All i can say, This is a great service towards all the phantom/mandrake/bahadur comic lovers.

Anonymous said...

Very nice collection.. Thanks a lot.. Please take a moment and visit my site as well

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the effort! great work..

Anonymous said...

no link is working!!!! all files are gone!!!!!!

anjay said...

you are one awesome person dude.. :) ..
p.s : searching for captain vyom dvd since last decade.

Padmnabh Mishra said...

I have few fantom comics which are not here. These summer vacation I go home and up load the same.

dr suresh sharma said...

excellent collection ! appreciation for such a hard word !

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for such a great feast ! I do not have words to thank you ! Please answer my one problem, I read all the comics on pdf format on my laptop till now, how can I convert your zip files to pdf ? Since it does not open in pdf I found it difficult to read. Kindly solve this issue.
Once again many many thanks.

Anonymous said...


Am in my early thirties & you've given a part of my childhood back...the kid in me is veryyyyy excited & happy beyond words...


- KA

shashi said...

U have weaken the picture quality...must have given the alternate links for the original size.

spacedust55 said...

anyone able to direct me to tv21 uk comics files

Anonymous said...

Thanks to TCP, atlast i got the Supermo Comics ( Hijack ), i would like to have the rest issues also like, 'The Lost City','The Lost Idol', 'The Imposter','The Kidnap' etc.

Thanks again!!!

sumit singh said...

u r my herooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Ramanujam said...

I’m an ardent fan of Phantom & Mandrake comics, I was surfing the internet to check if I can get hold of the complete series of Phantom & Mandrake comics. My childhood days have been filled with reading these comics and my growing up years too have been attributed. I had collected a huge number of Phantom & Mandrake comics, but unfortunately people who took it mentioning that they will read it and return it never returned it back..i lost a major chunk of comics like this..but now am left with only a few ones which I’m preserving them with utmost care.…can you please help me where I can get hold of these complete set…thanks for your efforts in posting some of them..but still a large amount of them is missing...I do have some shall try to scan it and post it for the viewers

nobotic said...

I'm from kerala and i still remember my first Phantom comic which i bought from Tinsukia (assam)Railway station ..the title was " mann chale shikari" (the dauntless protector)the year was probably 1982-83 .. from there onwards i was a regular indrajaal comic reader ... but as time went by i lost all my collection.. & never thought i will be able to see those comics again i'm very happy you brought back many of my childhood memories .. thanks a lot my friend .. Noble George

Anonymous said...

MAN...You are simply amazing. Thanks a lot.
Thanks you, and if ever you need some help (with anything literally), please write to me..I Owe you :)

Rajeev said...

Great work .Accept my Gratitude.

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome collection. You guys really took me down the memory lanes!! I recollect those stubborn moments of my life when I used to literally force my friends/their parents to lend me these comic books or did not leave the place till I finished reading the complete book. Honestly, my parents could not afford to buy me these books, but I really had some good friends/their parents who did not think negatively about my reading habit. I repayed them by helping them in studies.

Poireinganba Thangjam said...

Hats off for all the hard work in presenting this nostalgic collection of comics. Anyone who grew up in the 80s dreaming of getting the Phantom's Good Mark and trying out Mandrake's hypnotism will without a doubt say you're the best! You are the Best! I've started my collection with downloads from your site. Many regards to you, old friend of the Eastern Dark!

renisha fernandes said...

woooooooooooooooooo............... i m just loving it......
hats off to u for such a collection thank you....
feeling like these collections give me my childhood back.... thanks a lot and lot.........

renisha fernandes said...

one suggession plz see that disblog option comes as the first option in google it will be very helpfull

renisha fernandes said...

y the links will not allow me to download?

Anonymous said...

Wow- thanks for this unbelievable collection! Brings back so many memories!!!

Anonymous said...

cannot download

Anonymous said...

Really happy to find your collection and read it, it brings back age old memories...

BeteKaBaap said...

Hello, I downloaded upto #44 and now it says uploader has denied permission. :(
Why is that? I was sooooooooo happy to find all these comic books after so many years.
Can you please let me know how can I get the rest of them?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your hard work to upload this awesome collection. I loved these comics when I was growing up and want to introduce my kids to them as well. They are next to impossible to find in printed form, so these digital copies are perfect. Thank you once again!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for these comics.It really something to rediscover a part of your childhood :)

Anonymous said...

Man, you deserve a Bharat Ratna for this. Indrajal comics sell for almost 2000 a piece now and you have done a great service by going through all this trouble!!
Thanks a lot, just one small piece of advice. Please stay away from political comments, etc. Politics is the shit that is flushed down the toilet and I appeal to you to stick to comics as you will get lots of gratitude for that :) :)

sssaaajjjiiiddd said...

Man i cud have kissed u if u were in front of me now.I am 37 now and for years i had treasured the Phantom collection,alas gone now. those were the days. i used to go to raliway station to buy these.

just a Q ,is this the whole collection of phantom ????

Hem Kr Acharya said...


I am from Bhutan, and TCP brought back very fond memories back to life! Thank you so much for the collection.

I have a few printed copies, but I see all those in the list here.

Thanks again, and do keep up the good work!

Arctic9Iceman said...

Thank you so much for sharing these gems.

Deepakufo said...

Hey TCP hats off to u mann!!! :)

Anonymous said...

#9 and #26 do not work

Anonymous said...

Excellent collection. Thank you very much.
Some Mediafire links are missing. 9, 26, 151, 234
Pity I can't understand the language in some of the other books. They sound interesting. Hope I find these in English some day. Thanks again for the wonderful books.

Vasu Kadambi said...

Superb and totally selfless effort. Thanks a lot for giving fresh life to these gems !

Col PK Vasudevan

Anonymous said...

please upload indrajal comics v27n04 mandrake the grip of treachery

Anonymous said...

It says file not found. Could you please fix that?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your link am from Shillong... Would like to know if you would be updating any more Phantom comics....

Anonymous said...

You have done an amazing job. Thanks a ton. I grew up in Bombay and spent summer hols with my cousins who had a HUGE comic book and marble collection. I have fond memories of those times, playing marbles and reading comics. Typical kids stuff. After my family and I moved to Sydney, I lost that connection with comic books. Thirty years later I have reignited that passion for comic books ( including Archie comics). Now, I spend my summer holidays surfing and reading comics on my tablet. How times change:-) Thanks again for the brilliant effort. Cheers.

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