Saturday, July 29, 2006

Comic #149: Dara - The Lurking Conspirator

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Comic #149 :-) This one is by another new contributor - Chandoba. And this is a Dara title - not everyone's favourite I know but it is nice.

Thanks Chandoba.


Some strange things happen when you least expect it to. The last 2-3 weeks have been like that. Some difficult situations sorted itself out. I met a very close friend (who lives near my house in India) in London of all the places - the first friendly face in 5 months - and the experience was surreal - especially when looking back at life 8-10 years ago, there was no chance of this happening.

About 1 week ago, I was completely utterly butterly broke with exactly 1 pound in my pocket in a foreign country and 270 euros in a bank of another country that I could not access :-) I wouldn't borrow (though I eventually did about 150 pounds - for my ticket upgrade - and it made me look like an absolute idiot because I borrowed from someone pretty high up) but I was strangely relaxed and going about work as if nothing was wrong. How I got myself into this mess is stupid in itself - I just lost track of how much money I had. I hadn't been paid for 2 months because of some formalities that needed to be completed. I didn't ask for an advance because I "thought" I had enough. I made sure that I had enough to pay my rent as if eating and drinking doesn't matter. Idiot.

When I told The Rock, she must have felt concerned for a moment but she quickly turned into a joke (and in a way calling me an idiot). She said "Do you think you are Raj Kapoor to do an Around the world in 8 dollars?" That's why she is called The Rock. And for that, here's a lotttttttttttt of hugs. I didn't tell IP about this because she will kill me!!! Wives are not as funny as Mothers. They just don't see the joke sometimes hehe.

But then to top it all off, I got back in touch with two old friends who I hadn't been in touch for about 13 years. Friends who were my lifeline, friends who kept me alive at a time I didn't know I was dying. Friends whom I drank with, smoked with, laughed and cried with. Friends who tolerated my weird angry moody rebellious lonely ways. Friends who meant everything to me, one of them taught me some important lessons about life in general (that today translates into what not to do hehe but I love him anyway) and the other taught me that "endif" for an "if" has to be placed logically and not randomly just to make the program compile.

But priorities and egos and childishness got in the way. Things will never be what they were because we all grow up into bigger idiots eventually, but the joy of rekindling old friendships - without worrying about whether it will last or not - is amazing. So on a Sunday afternoon, here I am after writing a long email to one of them and happy - happy because life is really beautiful with all its challenges and all its lovely ways of making it up to us.


ThePhantom said...

Me First

ThePhantom said...


Sherlock holmes said...

Iam second

bigfoot said...

but to ensure there is no ambiguity
I am 3rd
i am 3ed
i am 3rd

i claim 3rd position
i claim 3rd position
i claim 3rd position

bigfoot said...

did a regualar dethrone me ??
i stand by my earlier statement - the regulars are getting old :) :)

neo said...

me 4th!!

motku said...

me 5th...

Nikhil said...

me 6th

shobi said...

me 7th

Cloudy said...

Bigfoot bahut panga le raha/rahi hai... hmmmm dekhlenge....

8th for now, but watch out!

RS said...

hmm top10 main hoon main.. par kahan?

RS said...

9th ok for now. eat dust IM

Sketchy Self said...

nice comic! me 10th...

chackochen said...

14th hmm not bad.

chackochen said...

well my bad. I am really bad at math. I am 11th.

dwaipayan said...

I've never seen a dara title.. i didnt even know that there exists such a character..thanks for the gyaan..i'll definitely read it.

i wait for new posts in ur blog as i used to wait for our newspaper vendour to deliver the latest indrajaal...
keep it up..

Tin Tin said...

he he - grow up into bigger idiots! So true! Thanks for the sower cap idea.. U must be seriously jobless to be doing that yourself!

Sunshine said...

I'm 12th.

Hey, bigfoot :D - do you have to say it 6 times?!

bigfoot said...

sunshine - i wanted no ambiguity this time.. :)

Templetiger said...

i'm claiming 0th..zeroth in the listing.. always loved whole numbers..

chandoba said...

thanx TCP for posting my comic....

one day u will tell ur grand children that when i came to London, mere pass khali 1 pound tha aur aaj dekho :))))))

dwaipayan said...

i just realized that ur writing is as good as the comicses...

Old Man Mozz said...

running out of money in a foreign country can be a really disastrous experience but it is good that the situation was easily corrected. Having survived it is a good story to tell.

Sunshine said...

@TCP: May be we can start an adventure comics series, starring TCP :D

Obi Wan said...

Me 13th, me 13th!!! And around the world in 8 dollars used to be a pretty exciting movie when I was a child, with so many foreign locales that I could get to see for free!!!

manthiram said...

hi tcp,

have mailed you 4 may want to check them and post back on the blog...will send you the fifth link after you upload 2 more comics :-)

Cloudy said...

Hey TCP, thought they didn't make em like you anymore! And hats off to the Rock :)

Sketchy Self said...

@dwaipayan - "comicses"? gollum ishtyle?

The Comic Project said...

@thephantom or duplikit: congrats and that extra smiley was a nice way to CEMENT your position huh?
@sherlock: yes you are mate :-) Elementary, ain't it..
@bigfoot: that's like doing a wardance out here. We are nonviolent people. So much for wiping out ambiguity. The Bigfoot wardance.
@neo: neo? just neo? :-)
@motku: now that's one name with a deeeeeeeeeep and wideeeeeeeeeee meaning
@nikhil: now who are you or am I losing sight of visitors
@shobi: is that a name or a nickname?
@cloudy: Man hai. Fikar not. Easy to squash.
@rs: hehe this is nice...Mai kahaan hoon??!!! Ever those who get Amnesia in movies never forget how to speak - language etc?
@sketchy: nice rounding off ;-) 1 to go now for 150
@chackochen: justtttttttt in time you corrected it :-)
@dwaipayan: that is flattering - the comment about newspaper vendor. You really put me in the place of the guy I hated and loved the most - the newspaperwallah who delivered weekly doses of Indrajal. And thanks for the MP3.
@tin tin: Ah no name change. What sower cap idea? who is jobless? WHAT AM I MISSING GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr
@sunshine: yeah..6 times..he's like I am third..STOMP STOMP STOMP
@templetiger: Only 1 number is reserved - that is 19th. Zero not allowed. no no.
@dwaipayan: I just "try" to write. It's actually what many people would call pretty cheesy writing. Use a combination of 120 words from your vocab and keep churning it until they become totally useless. But thanks. Feels nice to hear that :-)
@omm: I am a certified idiot. I certify myself.
@sunshine: No adventure this one. It was quite a situation to be in. But I have a history of getting myself into all kinds of mess, and like omm implied, survive to tell some stories
@obi wan: Where are you? Total busy. Yeah. Evening in Paris. Love in Tokyo. Who cared about Joy Mukherjee. It was the most effective way of getting audiences into the talkies in those days - foreign locales
@manthiram: received it thanks
@cloudy: didn't make idiots like me anymore? What are you saying cloudy? You dont have to rub it in!!! :-) But yeah The Rock is quite a thing. There was this family who stayed in front of us and they were very very very fair looking. So if she ever wanted to talk about them, she just called them "tinopal". Another time, when I was 18, I shaved my head for fun. She saw me in the evening and didnt say anything. When we went out later that day, she said "the only reason someone might think that everything is ok in the family is because they are seeing me with you - or people would have started offering condolences already". Still can't forget the day when after she had dislocated her shoulder and couldn't tie her hair anymore, she asked her sister to cut her hair a little short. A little became too much. She came to visit me in my office that evening for something and she turned her head around and shook her head to make the choti swing like a bell. I was SO SO SO ANGRY. I didn't talk for a day :-( But then I laughed just thinking about how she did that headshake, despite being upset with the bad haircut herself. That's the Rock. These are among the small "incidents". But then that's how many of our elders are, aren't they, we just never seem to acknowledge them or recognize what they do when it matters. Not everyone is sunshine.

The Comic Project said...

@sketchy: thanks for pointing that comicses out :-) i missed it

Indianmalang said...

@RS: Dear Dear....If you win a battle..that doesn't mean you have won a war! But like anyone else, people have right to be happy when they get choti-choti khushi! So enjoy RS, enjoy others WHILE YOU CAN!!! Me Here! Not Going Anywhere.....Just wait!!!! :-)))
(And in Rajkummar Style - Hum Wo Hay Jaani jo Dhool (dust) khatay nahi..Khilatay hai!!!!

By the way -- Good Job the Phantom on being 1st!

Sunshine said...

Hey, what was that? Not everyone is Sunshine? Sunshine's darker side is never advertised :-). Not everyone is TCP :-)

Revealed said...

@ Sunshine n TCP: Mutual Admiration Society? Nauseating, you guys:p
I seem to be slacking :(. Not even in top 10.
@ Bigfoot: Congrats (on improving your spot claiming skills;) )
@ TCP: I have 10 Pounds sewed into the bottom of my favrit jeans (c MY Rock knows that I wouldnt go anywhere without those pants and she's extremely clever:) n quite cunning ;) ). Just thought it might be a handy tip:p

Sunshine said...

@Revealed: Lol Nauseating, eh? :D

Cloudy said...

Hey TCP, meant that in a totally nice way! As in - no one I know would say 'no' to an advance, just to get something from their company, know what I mean?

Nice to read those little incidents about the Rock... you are so right, not everyone is Sunshine :-)

Anonymous said...

when you upload to the imageshack ,please follow a link convention eg:

etc etc with increasing page numbers.

I have a javascript link that makes it easier to scroll forward or backward. ( for firefox or IE you can just create link and add this as links ):

Backward : javascript:var%20re=/([\-])(\d{2})([\.a-zA-Z])/;var%20str1=location.href;var%20abl=re.test(str1);var%20pg=parseInt(RegExp.$2,10)-1;var%20astr=pg+'';if(pg<10)astr='0'+astr;if(abl==true){location.href=(RegExp.leftContext+RegExp.$1+astr+RegExp.$3+RegExp.rightContext);}


Nikhil said...

TCP : I generally like to be invisible visitor. Sometimes can’t resist myself to make my presence felt. :-) .
Still awaiting your torrent to be online from the time I requested it some time back. I currently have 132 zip/rar/cbz/cbr files downloaded and compiled from site taking up 600MB+ space.

The problem is some are missing from my collection like jump from 07 to direct 22 no when download links were active.

Hope you are able to put the TheComicProject Torrent v1.0 very soon.

DesiGuru said...

Comics # 150 coming! r u releasing any grand comics? looking forward to it...

Sunshine said...

You too, Cloudy?! :)

Templetiger said...

i'm waiting to be "1" in "5" and not "0"

Revealed said...

@ Sunshine: Me 3 :)

Sunshine said...

@Revealed: Huh? You guys are teaming up?! ;-(

Sketchy Self said...

are we going for 50 comments on number 149? bravo, fellow commenting conspirators!

chackochen said...

I have a question to TCP. Is our download links(Rapidshare) gonna be available. or is it completely lost. I missed a lot of the comics so it will be great if you can provide us with the links.

Sunshine said...

@Sketchy: Fellow commenting conspirators! :D

The Comic Project said...

@sunshine: Not everyone is able to talk so well about their heroes is what i meant :-)
@revealed: tu jalta kyon hai be? Why are you firing or burning? ;) My Rock knows that another 10 pounds stitched to me would mean extra weight :-( But then knowing me, I first dip into my emergency hehe
@sunshine: ignore him. he jealous.
@cloudy: advance = loan. Loan = I hate. Aha..revealed - now see..another person agrees
@anonymous/jscripter: i try to do that but sometimes imageshack strips off the "-". I am trying to get a pattern here but there is some unpredictabilty at the hosting end.
@nikhil: Ah it's you :-)
@desiguru: Your wish is my command mate.
@templetiger: matlab?
@revealed: YOU ARE JEALOUS
@sketchy: conspiracy foiled hehe
@chackochen: Check the right-hand side
@sunshine: FCC Fellow Commenting Conspirators - So there's TCP and TCP's FCC (?!?!?)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great job. I cannot describe the feeling the day i saw and read some of the comics on this site.
Great work mate!!!
However I am not able to download the comics from rapid share. Do you have any other source from where I can download these wonderfull treasures.

I would appreciate if you could email me on

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