Friday, June 02, 2006

Comic #138: Mandrake - Samudri Rakshas

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The Rahul Mahajan/Bibek Maitra case seems to be taking one interesting turn after another. First, all the talk was about suspected poisoning, and some "white powder" found on location. There was evidence that champagne was consumed. Then the 4 missing guys angle. Luckily, 3 of them contacted the police themselves and tried to come clean. The 4th did the same today. Cocaine started getting discussed as casually as we talk about til gul during Sankraant.

Now news comes out that there was NO cocaine in Rahul Mahajan's blood (Cocaine can be detected for upto 5 hours). Autopsy reports suggest that Bibek Maitra was poisoned and Gopinath Munde makes a statement that they were poisoned.

In all this drama, some comments that were made by the 3 "strangers" that coke was being snorted on that fateful day, are being conveniently given a lower profile. There was explicit mention of a 500 Rupee note being used to snort the coke (could be untrue of course). Initial reports suggested that the coke was brought in the middle of the night. Champagne was being consumed, mind you..not beer, not whisky but "Champagne".

Champagne is not what one consumes to to drown sorrows, but is often a celebration drink. Maybe there were celebrating something that went right after a horrible month. Rahul Mahajan and Bibek Maitra may not have been drug addicts, and this could have been a random dalliance with coke because any regular user knows that alcohol and coke can be a nasty combination.

In the end, 2 fools flirted with something dangerous. One paid the price instantly, he was brought to the hospital dead, 20-25 minutes after Rahul Mahajan was wheeled in. The other, fortunately, has managed to survive. We may never get to know the real story but we have 1 dead guy, four guys in custody, 1 in the hospital and relegation of something more important and relevant - the anti-reservation stir - to the back pages.

Btw, do you think I will do well in precis writing? I mean, considering how innumerable columns of newsprint have been consumed by this news, I summed it up in 5 paras :-) Just my nonsense of humour.


Part 2


Was walking by some lingerie shops and all I could think of was "these women are bloody lucky". Sometimes, the sheer variety of what is on offer makes my head spin (I almost said "makes me want to be a cross-dresser..eeeeeek"). I am not talking about the usual painted-on-the-walls-by-the-railway-tracks-Juliet or mid-range-found-in-most-shops-Lovable. Not talking Victoria's Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood either. This is real stuff. Brands like Aubade or completely unknown (to me) brands that are just mindblowingly sexy. Golden, black, pink, red, lacy, satin, silk, floral, sheer, animal, demicups, pushups, delicate, bold. DAMN!!!

And what do men get? Banian - ribbed or plain (if you forget the yellow/red hole-wala Mithun style) and underwear - boxers, briefs..yeah VIP designer but the designs only make the woman laugh. But but but, thank god I am a man. Why? Because this kind of beauty can never be appreciated fully by someone who wears it, it takes someone on the other side...for looking, leering, ogling and for lip-licking, under-the-breath-whistling men. Guys, rejoice, for you are not a woman!!!!!!


Indrajal Comic Reader said...

Me First on this comic!!!

Templetiger said...

me second :D .. my position in the list seems to be improving

The Comic Project said...

@indrajal comic reader: congrats...
@templetiger: just topple the guy on top ;-)

Btw..I saw two comments and thought it would be one person posting two comments :-) Anyway, you guys seem to be lurking around ALWAYS..thoda sa to privacy do yaar ;-)

DesiGuru said...

me third, as we will not count TCP in this race, otherwise he will always be first :-)

Cloudy said...

Too much ICR, too much. You seem to have cemented your top spot here...


Sketchy Self said...
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Sketchy Self said...

fourth again!

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

@TCP: Thanks for giving me another opportunity!
@Cloudy: It's all about timing...
I am so glad to get the #1 spot twice. It's so much fun when I get a spot ahead of cloudy...
Just Kidding

catmandoman said...

5th 5th 5th!

catmandoman said...

Nice comic!

Do you guys remember the parleys little bugs bunny thingi? I dont remember which candy he used to sell.

The Comic Project said...

@desiguru: yeah..i am the only one who doesnt count :(
@cloudy: time to hatch a plan to get him out of there ;-)
@sketchy self: What's happening? give that ICR fellow some competition. Dont be happy with 4th ;-)
@catmandoman: I was trying to understand the sequence of events that made you anon#1.Then i recalled that post on dt and a short conversation we had about comics (?) and then there was nothing. I think that ad was nutrine?

catmandoman said...

Yeah, I still have a few of those comics. Never had any chance to send you the scans. Other people then started scanning stuff and posting it here, and by that time it was too late :) Also, I havent been back since then.

And yes, it was nutrine! Eclairs...yum!

Obi Wan said...

Me 6th!!!

Templetiger said...

me 7th also.. TCP checking on us eh :p
First time i'm in top 10 twice he he

PhantomFanatic said...

good one mate...

tcp...hindi comics padne ka mazaa alag hai for a change...

i am never in the competition for the spot..


kausum said...

@templetiger: You cannot claim 2 spots( By Clause 139, subclause 12).

Me 7th ...........

Old Man Mozz said...

Greetings from the deep woods !! do we need to send the phantom to freeze the blood of the 4 guys to get to the bottom of the case?

Well I would like to make a point about the SC order to ask the striking doctors to return to work. I believe that the doctors having accepted the order has established that the students still believe in the law of the land and have set an example and it is not a matter turning tail. Standing upto the Govt. was a show of courage but it underlines their wisdom & maturity to call of the strike when it is sub-judice. This to me is amazing !! It is so easy to be influenced by movement and the occassion but to display such level-headness has taken their point to a different level. But I am sure the politicians do not have the intellect to appreciate this and they must be now working out a means to come out on top.

Vinay said...

Hi dear "The Comic Project",

Pls check this comment and the one next to it :

Hope you are able to revive the side panel soon:). I'm choking without it:).



The Comic Project said...

@obi wan: of all the people, how did you get the number wrong
@catmandoman: whenever you have time ;-) scan one comic..fursat se
@templetiger: not allowed :)
@phantomfanatic: don't do meherbani on us...don't compete..fine..but you don't have to say that aloud like you have achieved nirvana or something..hmmmph!!!
@kausum: you got the numbering wrong toooooooooooooo
@oldmanmozz: Like i said, don't blink...and if the doctors blinked, they lost it. Period. Such battles cannot be won by rules and logic alone. It requires a good mix of deceit, arrogance and stubbornness. Looks like they failed in the ones that matter the most.
@vinay: Thanks soooo much for the list you sent me :-) But fear not, the list will be up soon. I have the list, just no freaking time. Soon. I promise.

Revealed said...

@oldmanmozz: he who blinks first is a goner!:p No two ways about that
@catmandoman: don't think it was eclairs! Gold wrapper with the purple borders, right? Think it was mahalacto or something like that.
Jeez I can't believe that I had to travel so far to rediscover the joy of reading Indrajal comics in Hindi:D

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

I think I have the Last postion on this one!!!
First & Last positions amazing na?

Obi Wan said...

Excuse me??? Let me count:
1st- ICR
2nd- templetiger(whose name everyone likes)
3rd- desiguru
4th- cloudy
sketchy self claimed 4th though cloudy was 4th, so he is disqualified
5th- catmandoman
6th- Yours truly!!!

So, how on earth did I get my position wrong, pray tell me???

sridhar said...

Hi. I don't know who else to ask. While moving, I lost my grandfather's collection of Indrajal comics. He had about 15 or 20 and they were bound and had the letters T.S.R on the inside. They're a bit worn but in good condition. If anyone has place where I could find something like this, or a Phantom collection store in India, Please tell me. It would be an honor to get them back. Name your price. Sorry, I didn't know where else to go.
My e-mail is
Again, thank you so much.

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