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Comic #137: Phantom - The Goggle Eye Pirates

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Perfet et obdura, dolor hic tibi proderit olim - Ovid.
(Be patient and tough, someday this pain will be useful to you)

Kinda sums up what's happening with me but then, isn't this "exactly" what has always happened? ;-) A year ago, I was asked to take up an assignment. I spoke about it with a colleague and summed it up "It will be a great exposure and experience for me". He simply said, "Experience kab tak lega!!". He was spot on, but I went ahead anyway. Now the assignment didn't quite materialize the way I hoped it would...not yet at least...and needless to say, he is the one who is doing far better careerwise than I am. What to do...as pandu says LGO - Life's going on!!!

Thanks for the response on the house name...but the hunt is STILL ON. Please more entries. The first set of names didn't quite get there. My favourites were Golmaal and Smiley but anyway, more suggestions pleeeeeeeease? PLEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Comic time!!!
Strangely, I feel this comic has been posted here before? But I looked through the archives and couldn't find it. So I will post it anyway.


Oops...she did it again

Sania Mirza loses in the first round of the French Open. This time it was to the #10 ranked player in the world. 6-4, 6-2. Let's hope she wins in the doubles because that's where I see her career doing better than singles.

Monica Bellucci as Sonia Gandhi

Monica Bellucci to play Sonia Gandhi in Jagmohan Mundhra's film

Monica is a clear C-CUP. I wonder how she will restrain it to look like Sonia's A-CUP. Different thing altogether, that it is criminal to have Monica Bellucci in a Jagmohan Mundhra film and not "exposing" :-) Btw I am already picturing Monica Bellucci clad in a chiffon sari getting wet in the rain doing a Neeta Puri singing "Saawan jo aag lagaye, aag woh kaun bujhaye...Saawan jo aag lagaye use....Sajan ka pyaar bujhaye"...... jhingchak jhing..jhingchak jhing \:d/

Btw..she'll look gorgeous in a sari, just got to darken the colour slightly. And Cannes is going to be SHOCKED when they see Monica with ALL her clothes on when this movie premieres. (I know she was fully clad in Passion of Christ - that's why I didn't bother to watch the film)

SC warns medicos to end strikes.

I am trying to not say anything about reservations but when the Supreme Court does something like this, it shows what kind of wimps they are. Agreed that the SC has done things that deserve a creditable mention but looking at how well it tries to "enforce" its rulings, I can't help but say that it is another institution that is all noise, an empty box which looks like it holds something inside it, but there's nothing.

For instance, it has given the Government 8 weeks to come up with a response to the statistical base of OBC quota. 8 weeks????? 8 days is more like it because if the Government requires 8 weeks to dig up this kind of data, it means that it has no freaking clue what it was doing. My question to the SC is: What was the basis of providing EIGHT WEEKS? and not EIGHT DAYS? The time provided stinks of some kind of tacit understanding between the court and the Government and we would be naive to expect anything else.

Someone tell these bastards that they've got to rein in the politicians instead of issuing warnings to people who will have no choice but to give in because they have families to support and a future to worry about. Patients are affected, yes, but what were these politicians expecting? In one action, they have hit the ones who deserved to study by merit and hurt those who deserve help.

The strength of an institution can be best gauged by how much criticism it can handle. It is quite obvious that courts can't handle criticism. If you speak against their order, they promptly threaten you with "contempt of court". Who do they think they are? Gods?

I hope this agitation continues in one form or another because then we can tell the wimps of the SC "Bandook bhi dikhate ho...aur peeche bhi hat-te ho?" :-) Bastards!!

Update 31/05/06: Students divided over SC order

All I can say is "Don't blink first". Because if you do, your bluff has been called. If the fight against reservation is like fighting a tiger, giving in to the court order is comparable to running away at the sight of a cat's tail. The cause is bigger than any court order.

TCP Says: He stood up like he was going to take on the tiger, but ran away at the sight of a cat's tail.


Tull said...

First post!!! Yippee..just came back from a wonderful 3 day weekend camping trip. First on TCP is the icing on the cake!

motku said...

hmm...me second ...it's been a long time since i posted a first comment ..hmmmm...will have to think..hmmm

Anonymous said...


Anonymous #1

Darth Seid - The Master said...

Sounds familiar, the name...

But have entire English collection, I do...

As always, excellent comic, this is...

Anonymous said...

my favorite thing in the old indrajal was the "mano na mano" stuff, and even the ads (kissan etc.)

Anonymous said...

^^ that was me, btw

anonymous #1

Obi Wan said...

me 4th!!!

Sunshine said...

5th. More comments after reading the blog and the comic :D

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

Finally a comic posting after along time...was beginning to get a little impatient. 6th!

Kausum said...

me 6th Yipee !!!

joe said...

yo...thanks dude! nice comic this.


Sketchy Self said...


Cloudy said...

Omigod... slipped to 8th! Nevermind, bagged last on the last post! (Looks like the promoter has been overruled on the anon#1 issue...)

Cloudy said...

You are so right TCP... this issue makes me so frustrated.... (the reservation one, not Monica Belluci playing Sonia)

Templetiger said...

10th.. Thanks for the new comic TCP

Tin Tin said...

@anonymous#1 - Ripleys is ubercool! I remember some tiny story I'd read as part of an indrajal that had this man pumping noodles from the leg of a table into a bowl and peddling it off as never ending noodles and wife’s tablecloth ends up with the accolades..

Hey! There's a hole - I'm 9th :D

Anonymous said...

was referred to this blog by someone n i'm so glad they did...nice column, TCP; n really cool to see the name Indrajal feature:p

Anon #2

RS said...

(chishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) that was me pouring a balti of water on TCP , to cool him down. :D

catmandoman said...

hehehe... anon#2? Not a nice trend to start I guess :)

I am going to have a name from now on :)

(previously known as anonyymous #1)

csrins said...

Nice story. It seems that you had earlier posted the Charlton Version illustrated by Bill Lignante.

yadbhavishya said...

my name suggestions
>> Aanand-Van (happy jungle, :D)
>> Shanti Vatika (peaceful hut)

TCP bhai, good take on the ABCs of Bellucci.

Anyday, Sonia is better than Sania, because she never seems to lose! People vote her back promptly to power and her pet doggies like Arjun Singh dump all kinds of crap on the 'janta-janardhan'. Do not wash yourself already, more coming!

Sherlock Holmes said...

Iam losing track of my position . Above 10 . BAD maybe iam in one of my stupors . Have to wake up and be on the alert

Sketchy Self said...

"Perfet et obdura, dolor hic tibi proderit olim - Ovid.
(Be patient and tough, someday this pain will be useful to you)"....hope things get better for you real soon, TCP!

ok...house name: "Saanand Kuteer" (Saanand: 'with happiness', kuteer: 'hut') I know the word 'kuteer' implies unpretentious, but it also carries the image of contentment. Also, 'saanand' is a rather rare word.

Sketchy Self said...

BTW, for hindi fans/learners - Shabdkosh.

The Comic Project said...

@tull: congrats..been a while since we saw you on top :-)
@motku: you never come first you motku..or was it just once?
@Anon#1 now catmandoman: Now you got a name huh? You are that guy from DT right? Thanks for announcing yourself. For the next few days though, we will call you Catmandoman - the one who used to be anon#1. Loved the ads too :-) LIC, Kapil Dev..Nutrine
@darthseid: You have entire collection..great..very smart...RS..Let's plan on kidnapping this one
@obi wan: you seem to be busy
@sunshine: first comment then read? ;)
@Indrajal Comic Reader: LONG TIME?????? What do you mean!! Just 5 days :-s
@kausum: :-)
@joe: you stopped competing? Dar gaya kya?
@sketchy self: very good. Let's see you go up a little..grrr
@cloudy: You got last in the previous one ;-) And anon #1 seems to have overruled the shareholders jhingchak jhing. And about Monica Bellucci...ask the men cloudy..ask the men
@templetiger: 9th you areeeeeeee
@ tin tin: There's a crack in everything..that's how the light gets in
@Anon#2: not allowed. You are either Anonymous or you have a name. If you noticed, Anon #1 revealed himself
@rs: sizzzzzzzzzzllleeeeee smoke smoke ... phushhsssssssshhhhh SISIIZZZZZZZZLLLEEEEE EVEN MORE ANGER. When TCP gets angry, even baltis of water don't cool him down...grrrrrrrrr :-)
@csrins: Yes I knew I had posted this earlier somewhere :-)
@yadbhavishya: hmmm nice names .. happy jungle :-) At last..some support on the Bellucci cause. My slogan: Jagmohan Mundra wapas jaao..C-Cup ko restrain mat karo..
@sherlock holmes: One of your stupors? Is this frequent Mr.Detective?
@sketchy self: Things couldn't be better yaar...but suddenly sometimes everything sucks. Saanand is definitely rare..How is it different from Anand? Ah!!! Saanand was never made as a film ;-) BAD JOKE. That link will be useful to sunshine

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

I guess after seeing a comic every 2-3 days, if one isn't available you feel it's been a long time...
Guess you must be very busy...

Cloudy said...

We have no fight left in us, TCP... the angry young man type of movie doesn't sell anymore, right?

Sketchy Self said...

On Monica Bellucci: I'm surprised that the Congress isn't making a huge hoo-ha about casting the C++cup siren as their beloved and holy Mrs.Gandhi...I remember when there were riots in Pakistan when Christopher Lee (the most famous Dracula ever) was cast as Jinnah.

Kausum said...

why would they ? Isnt it a ego-boost for apna Italian Lady

The Comic Project said...

@indrajal comic reader: you're right..but have to work also na :-)
@cloudy: it's not about angry young man situation. It's about conviction. And it's about the aggravation one has to go through. Most of us have a good life ahead, and don't want to ruin it by agitating. I think about 10 years ago, the place I lived in had a serious water scarcity (it still does) and a certain area had not received any water for 3 days. So these people took out a morcha to the local water supply office. 3 days without water and the idiots at the office were not willing to listen and locked themselves in.

People got angry and in the confusion, the peon fell down and hurt himself. All the agitators were arrested (among them a friend who wouldn't hurt a fly but can't tolerate injustice either - weird combo), and until last year, he got summons from the court. It was like a lesson was being taught to him every now and then to not take on the authorities.

My point being, we have seen prosperity and don't want to lose it. Many years ago, The Rock said to me "Someone should go and bomb the Parliament House and I wouldn't mind if it were you doing it". Those were different times, less prosperous times (understatement) but I don't think The Rock would make such a statement now when life is good. But knowing The Rock, very possible that I would be encouraged if I ever mentioned an intent. Now I don't have the guts, there's just too much to lose.
@sketchy self: They will shout when the movie releases. That's when blackmail is most effective isn't it. hmm C++ cup :-)
@kausum: MASSIVE ego boost mate...2 full cup sizes :-)
@yadbhavishya: The bill was passed in Parliament by ALL political parties. The Government is only a medium right now. Arjun Singh is a opportunist trying to make sure that he leaves a "legacy" - so that either he is remembered or atleast his son can go and ask for votes. He's like a man who rapes a 3 year old to prove his potency

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

You are absolutely right....

Thanks for the comic. I would like to get my hands on the entire english collection as well.

I think politicians are only there for your vote so that they can have a good prosperous life once they are in a position to extract money, to them a common man's issue means nothing.

revealed said...

Oops, i'm sorry.
@yadbav: i thought vatika meant garden!

Had a suggestion for the name tho: mansukh

revealed said...

oh that was me btw:p

Cloudy said...

There's just too much to lose - Right you are... that's kind of what I meant by no more angry young man - you can just get frustrated and let life go on...

And not hurting a fly goes very well with not tolerating injustice - they really are the same thing...

And, who's The Rock? (I remember a post long ago, but had you mentioned who The Rock was?)

catmandoman said...

speaking of old ads, here is something I found. Took be back to the glory days:


Indrajal Comic Reader said...

This is a very nice video. Reminded me of seeing this on Sunday mornings before/after He Man. My schedule Sunday mornings would be get ready by 9:00 AM as I would be seeing He Man and then at 9:30 AM Ramayan serial. BTW I just got a copy of He Man video on DVD, rented from Blockbuster....

Obi Wan said...

It's been a series of strikes on our whole concept of India as a democracy, and the BIG question of 'whose India is it anyway?', starting with the quota issue, moving on to banning of The Da Vinci Code in some states, including Punjab(of all the places... disgushting), the unofficial banning of Fanaa in Gujarat due to Aamir Khan having expressed his views on the Narmada dam issue, the whole Office of Profit issue, with the 'ethical' Left emerging as the biggest self-serving hypocrites in our polity, and now, the SC behaving as if it is General Tara of Tarakimo, whose every word is law!

I want to give up my Indian citizenship. Any takers???

Cloudy said...

Catmandoman, thanks for the video! It's my absolute favorite!!!! :-))))

Obi, arre yaar... Don't get into despair... the Indian politicians we must disown, not India herself.... stay in the battlefield Obi, FIGHT!!!!

Revealed said...

Go for it, Cloudy! I think you are so right. Somebody told me something very like that the other day (about being almost embarassed to say that they are Indian) but hey, there's ups and there's downs! We're in one of the downs now:D.

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

Mera Bharath Mahan!!!

RS said...

Obi , I know what you mean, the minute someone asks me my nationality I start getting defensive. But I have also realised that there are an equal number of good things that we dont appreciate. for instance- I am proud that all said and done unlike some countries we CAN voice our opinion. And I guess in some way or the other we are a little responsible too. I can say for myself that I have personally done some of the things that India is infamous for (jumping red lights, bribing someone, generally not being very socially aware, not voting a couple of times).

TCP: great plan, aisa hai I will get the kambal (sar pe daal ke kidnap karenge na?) you get raa-bart.

Sumit said...


Dude!!! I just can't thank you enough for this! Reading these gems all over again made me so nostalgic! I spent hours on your blog!

And thank you for preserving this amazing pieces forever.

Best Regards

ghoshbaba said...


I saw your comment on my blog.

Thanks for visiting it. I am sorry I haven't been very active off late -

main reasons -
exams, and interest in photography, an active thread on online gaming, hours playing games, and of course recent marriage. :)

So I don't even get time to download the comics. However ajay mishra etc do put up your comics on an egroup, and I get them directly in my mail box.

Having said that, I have another blogger id - mumbaicomicsclubber - and i think i had mailed to this blog using that id...


The Comic Project said...

@revealed: nice name :-)
@indrajal comic reader: do you want to join the gang so we can get the entire collection? (read rs' comment)
@cloudy: The Rock is the mummy that never went away so cannot return :)
@catmandoman: hey this was nice
@obi wan: put it up on ebay ;-) what say? I think it's an interesting way of saying that the rulers suck. We have lost our sense of humour, tolerance, everything. If you joke against a community, they want the movie banned. The christians want da vinci code banned and it actually makes news. The muslims some years ago wanted name of movie "Mustafa" changed. The hindus...well...what to say...lost their sense of humanity in Gujarat. The politicians relentlessly rape us. Freedom of speech is no longer important and people actually stand up saying freedom of speech does not mean being irresponsible. F*** off. But I agree with cloudy.
@revealed: I agree but the magnitude of these "downs" might take too much time to recover from, and the world is not waiting for us.
@rs: For instance, Indian women have voted from the first election onwards. I don't think any country can claim such an achievement easily. We all do things we aren't supposed to do, but we still are far better off than many other places in the world, for instance, our 2 basket case neighbours. Same people but different destiny.
@sumit: thanks. we are happy to have you here.
@ghoshbaba: you completely disappeared. Good to see you back. For those who don't know, ghoshbaba was the guy who put up the comics on rapidshare in the early days.

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

Sure, I will be glad to join the gang, let me know the plan, you know where to reach me...

Revealed said...

Atleast I think we're making a stand against the politicians now! Isn't that an improvement? And you know what, of all the places I could have been born in (is that right?) I wouldn't have wanted to be born anywhere else! That sentence sounds complicated and a little over the top but I do mean that. And who sez the world won't wait?

Vinay said...

I felt this comic was being reposted too. And to confirm this, checked the complete list:
16.Flash Gordon_The_Death_Chant_on_Klet.zip
53.Phantom - Safedposh Lootere.zip

And found out that it was a 1st time post.

I post this comment despite this just because I wanted to show the complete list.
The old sidepanel list was incomplete and many of the zips were not numbered in the correct sequence.
I've tried my best to refer to the original blogs for each of the zips and arrive at the correct chronological order.

And this being my 1st coment to this blog, I must say I'm overwhelmed with nostalgia everytime I see a new post:).

Every new comic has a memory attached to it.........hot pakodas, heavy rains, exam tension, dad's scoldings on findin the comics hidden inside textbooks:).....and the list goes on.

Thanks a lot guys for this wonderful effort. I'm not able to contribute to it unfortunately, because my collection is lost compltely. Must be langushing as recycled cartons somewhere in the world.......or must be earthworm shit by now:(.

PS: it's going to be difficult to revive the side panel again unless someone has saved an old blog ( to get the rapidshare URLs).

Vinay said...


Big brother google had done the caching for us. I'm not able to post the complete cached link here unfortunately. Some limitation with Blogger I guess. But here's how you can get the result:

search for --thecomicproject may 2006-- in google.

And go for the "Cached" link to get it.

As I'd said in my previous comment, the list is neither complete nor correctly numbered.

Hope this is of help to the administrator:)...........The least I can do to participate in this wonderful nostalgic journey:)

chandoba said...

Dear TCP,
this is my first post after downloading 130 comics (without download link)in 5 days... so I was little bit busy, u see---:)))
anyways thanx a lot friends.. u have made my life..
btw the comics was posted earlier.. but not as seperate one but part of comic no 60 which was "Oogooru the Diety of Murder" originally published in oct66 ( as per deepwoods) and this one is a seperate one( i think detailed one) and issue no 256, published on 15th june 1976.
I would have liked to contribute but i have only 2 indrajal to give u at the moment.. one is "Dara"- the lurking conspirator and other one is "mandrake"- the trials of valour partII.. see i am good for nothing....
one suggestion... Victotia library at mahim is a good place to get comics.. ( kuch dinke liye.. otherwise forget ur deposite and get comics ;;;))))) good option.. isn't it???

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