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Comic #136: Phantom - The Dilemma

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Saw this headline "Sania suffers shock defeat". I thought, what in the world is shocking about this? (Ok I know some of you hate me for this ;-) but she is my favourite topic)

The woman does 3 things best:
1. She gets injured
2. She loses more than she wins
3. She maintains her hype more because of her looks and her nose ring and tshirts than her performance

Last I looked, her on-court movement is slower than Ramesh Krishnan's :O:O And Ramesh Krishnan, who I often saw as an artist fighting a battle with a paintbrush when everyone had guns, moved (now visualize this) as fast as the chappati dough moves when mummy kneads it. Yes, that he was an artist cannot be taken away from him. But let's get back to Sania.

Now I took 15 minutes from my horribly tight schedule and retrieved some statistics from the WTA tour site, so I BEG YOU TO READ THIS.

In 2005, she broke into the Top 100 in March and Top 50 in August. She played 53 matches. Won 33. Lost 20. No small achievement. But then, let's dissect this a little ok?

I split the wins and losses for 2005 into ones with higher ranked and lower ranked players. This is what it looks like:
Won: 33. Against higher-ranked: 13. Against lower-ranked: 20
Lost: 20. Against higher-ranked: 10. Against lower-ranked: 10

After she broke into the top 50, her record is:
Won: 11. Against higher-ranked: 2. Against lower-ranked: 9
Lost: 7. Against higher-ranked: 1. Against lower-ranked: 6

Now over to 2006. Her record reads:
Won: 4. Against higher-ranked: 1. Against lower-ranked: 3
Lost: 9. Against higher-ranked: 3. Against lower-ranked: 6

Do you see a trend? She consistently wins against lower-ranked opponents, but surprise surprise, she also consistently LOSES against lower-ranked opponents. It's as if the higher-ranked opponents don't count at all especially after breaking into the top 50.

I agree that when one is higher-ranked, the chances of losses against an lower-ranked opponent is much higher, but beating this risk is what champions are made of...aren't they?

I hope she does better but I don't think she can. She has risen as far as her incompetence will allow her to. Or should I use the word "arrogance"? And it makes me wonder, what the hell is the hype about? Not her game I am sure of it.

P.S: One person I did not ever put my money on was Yuvraj Singh, and I have been dead wrong on that count. It is amazing how that stupid arrogant look has given way to a determined and proud look. My money is still on Mohd Kaif though.



A friend is in the process of building a house and wants to name it. I was asked for suggestions but I am not good with names so I thought of turning to you. The name should signify "Happiness". Can you please help? Any number of suggestions will do and if one of the suggested names or a variant is picked, I will post it here :-) Now please think ok? Please Please Please?

Names suggested so far:
Sambramha (means celebration) by tin tin
Smiley by cloudy
Abhinandan by Mr Walker
Aanand Dhaam by Sketchy Self
Saharsha Happiness by universal speck
Harsha Niwas by old man mozz
Golmaal by Obi wan
Bonheur by Joe


The blogger template got corrupted and a big chunk got deleted, no idea how or why. That's why the monthly archives disappeared, and also lost many links to the zip files. I had to refresh the template. Will be working on getting all this up and running.


ThePhantom said...

Me First !

ThePhantom said...

:-) Made it yet again.....I seem to be doing it with somme regularity now :-)

Nice Comic TCP

Thanks as Always :-)

Tin Tin said...

SECOND - clause 19 c. :p. Anyway, this comic reminds me of Kulbhushan Krabanda. And the house - My aunt always wanted a house called sambramha - meaning celebration.

Sketchy Self said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous #1

Sketchy Self said...

@tin tin - lol!
Vijay: "Nahin, Shakal, tum aisa nahin kar sakte!" (No, Shakal, you can't do this!)
Shakal: "Tum Shakal ko nahin jaante, Shakal kuch bhi kar sakta hai!" (You don't know Shakal, Shakal can do anything!)
...and into the hole with the sharks Vijay goes!

House to think about that one...
Anonymous #1 ko koi samjhaao naa yaar! (someone make anonymous #1 understand!)

Samit Sasan said...

i m fourth as anonymous position doesn't counts

Cloudy said...

Thanks to samit sasan, I don't have to be the villian who disqualifies anon #1 :-)


How about just a Smiley for the house name? I suppose "Khushi" was the first name they thought of...?

And... Sania again! I wonder if her looks/nose ring/t-shirts - that cause the hype - also cause you to beat her up so much! So consider this hypothetic situation - if she had looked... say, just ordinary, and still had all this hype, and still performed this way, would you still tear her apart?
(You are not allowed to say 'this is an impossible situation')

Bharath Hemachandran said...

I agree with you TCP. Sania is not world class anymore. For a brief instant last year she looked like she had a lot of potential, but now I can safely say that she is but a flash in the pan.

Btw I am willing to bet my house on Kaif fading away into the twilight soon. :D He sucks as well.

Anonymous said...

@Sketchy Self and tintin

funny... I watched SHAAN last night :) -- IMHO one of the most underrated movies in bollywood

Anonymous #1

mr. walker said...


I think "Abhinandan" is a good name for a house. It means "Congratulations". We use the word when we are congratulating someone for any good news that person is having. So having "Abhinandan" would signify there's always good news in the house. Deep, eh?

Sketchy Self said...

House name: I bet "Aanand Dhaam" would be one of the first names they thought of..

Universal Speck said...

Have been travelling for a while. Just catching up on TCP.
yeah, I feel bad for Sania, I don't think she pushed any of the publicity, first the mullahs, then the Indian govt. It'll be tough on her.
re: name of the house: my suggestion is "Saharsha"..means with Happiness/ Joy.

RS said...

Hi TCP. haven been checking this out frequently lately. Hope difficult time is over and done with.

“Tough times are there so you can have a good time later on-- and really appreciate it!”

Old Man Mozz said...

Great comic (i don't have it) & THANKS

I love Shaan - it was really a great movie but suffered unfair comparisons with Sholay. The chase scene of Sunil Dutt is still unforgettable.

Cloudy has a point, if she did not have such good assets and I meant only her face :) I don't think she would have received such hype and people would not be after her scalp. But to be fair, she has been the best female tennis player for India. Her success would only have other women trying to emulate her which would not be such a bad thing...more good looking Indian women in tight t-shirts & skirts....

one suggestion - Harsha Niwas

Obi Wan said...


Obi Wan said...

We will come to the house later, but let us start with Shaan first. It is really an awesome movie, and anonymous #1 is right, it remains one of the most underrated movies of Bollywood. The scale is magnificent, the actors as big as it gets(Bachchan Sa'ab, Shahsi Kapoor, Shotgun Sinha, Sunil Dutt, Raakhi, Parveen Babi...), more importantly, the characters were brilliantly sketched out. The evil Shakaal with his pet sharks and killer dogs, the sharpshooter Shotgun Sinha, the conscientous cop Sunil Dutt, the conmen/women heroes and heroines, and not to forget-"Naam Abdul hai mera sab ki khabar rakhta hoon"-Mazhar Khan! A totally filmy film, if ever there was one. Represents the true spirit of Bollywood!

Obi Wan said...

And now for the house names:
Chupke Chupke
Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro
Andaaz Apna Apna
Naram Garam
Hera Pheri

The point is, normal names to everybody keeps, why not name your house aftera cult comedy movie, if oyu want the name to represent happiness! Think about it!

joe said...

Ah! Sania... (need I say more??? :)

A long time back when we were living in Hubli our house was called "Joy Villa". But people always called it "Joy Illa" (illa in Kannada means no, absent, without etc). :)

So, how about naming it as "Bonheur" which means happiness in French?


Templetiger said...

Sounds like BenHur?

This time i can't say i'm in the top 10.. but i'm in the last 10..


Sunshine said...

Hmm.. Let me think.. I'm 8th.

And I think we should let Anonymous #1 be anonymous - after all he/she has an id that's different from just plain "Anonymous"..

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sunshine! And there is a reson behind it too. I believe (unless someone can prove otherwise) that I was the first visitor to this blog (back a few months ago).

Anonymous #1

Cloudy said...

@Joe: That was funny! Reminds me of my grandfather's favourite story - he had friends named Pais (pronounced Payas - which means "kheer" in Kannada), and their home was called Pais Villa. So he jokingly said visitors knew what to expect - no kheer after dinner.

@Old Man Mozz: Thanks for the support! I'm afraid we are in the minority though. (That is, as far as Sania-hype is concerned... as for your hope of more women in Sania type attire, I don't suspect you are in the minority)

@Sunshine: Your magnanimity has won me over... let's stop harassing Anon #1

@Anon #1: OK, I believe you :-)

Cloudy said...

@Obi: Nice suggestions for house names! Is yours a totally one track filmy mind? ;-)

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

by any chance do U speak kannada?

Obi Wan said...

Now that most of the other shareholders(except for the promoter-tcp) have endorsed this idea, I guess I too will have to give my approval to anonymous no. 1 being allowed to contest! Jao, tum bhi kya yaad karoge first visitor!(Go, what will you remember, first visitor) :-))

cloudy: Not one track, but yes, it is a significant percentage of my life, since work-life also revolves around films!

Cloudy said...

ICR, of course I speak Kannada - I am a Kannadiga :-) I thought you gathered that from the "Kappe aata" on my blog, for which you left a comment!

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

That's correct. I am a kannadiga too. Nice meeting someone speaking the same langauage.
Heggidhira? Ellidira? In US?
I am in US in Dallas area.

PhantomFanatic said...

Nice comics...tcp...

I logged in after a few days gap..feels really good...

brother where are the archives..

About sania you are right on spot...

Shail said...

Have this one in Marathi.
Don't have the cover though.

iyer education said...

the only thing about sania mirza that i like was the fact that she was a welcome change brand ambassador for kannan devan tea... i mean i just didnt like mohanlal in that role... so thats it... other than that... nice comic as usual :)

Sunshine said...

@Cloudy, Obi: Thank you, fellow shareholders, for your support! :D

@Cloudy: You are my second most favorite Kannadiga (You know who the first one is :D )

@Anonymous #1: I'm glad you cd keep the name you like. (There's still an element of uncertainty though - God knows what the evil Zamindar is going to say..)

Kaps said...

congrats guys - your blog has made it to India today. they have featured your blog under the section called internet. i read this in the Tamil edition of india today. my guess is that the other editions should also have it.

DesiGuru said...

congrats on being featured in India Today. I hope anyone from Times of India group shud not take it personal and raise any objection to it, as they are the publishers of Indrajal Comics. Even if they don't publish it now a days, they can raise objection to it.

I prefer not to speak on Sania, as it shud be clear to everyone that she is popular for reasons which has nothing to do with sports...

Now, house name, well, I have a name in mind for my own house, which I will name when I have one. Its "KAMAYANI", its an epic poem by one of the great poet of India, Jayshankar Prasad. Meaning of Kamayani is Love Goddess. I somehow like it.

Tin Tin said...

Its time you got urself a proper website TCP.. but I kinda like it here.
@Sketchy - cool dialogues!

Cloudy said...

Sunshine, you flatter me... even if the next line you are going to say is - "those are the only two kannadigas I know"!!! :D

ICR/Balaji, Nice meeting you too! Am in NC.

Anonymous said...

I dont know about Sania, but Saina just won a tournament in Philippines.

Anonymous #1

Sherlock Holmes said...

I think you made a mistake anonymous #1 . it is saina nehwal who won a badminton tournament in phillipines and not sania mirza . Anyway it is an indian who has won an international tournament and all praise to her . Since i cant count the position i would prefer claiming the last place . Iam LAST .

Sherlock Holmes said...

And anyway 'Whats in a name'

Tin Tin said...

@Sherlock: That's what Anon#1 said - saina not sania. Ok.. ur last.

@Anon & Old man - yep shaan was cool - sorta inspired Dr Evil methinx.

Anastasia said...

I agree with you- Sania is more of a media darling now than a tennis player. Makes players like Graf seem all the more impressive in hindsight. With massive achievements spanning nearly 2 decades, she still was known only in the court. And lets not forget the fact that she too was one of the main female tennis sensations of her country. Still, as far as hype goes, I think the media is to blame as well. They love to create celebrities and feed us innane gossip about them, and of course, the infantile minds of the major chunks of readers who chew on these snippets with relish.
Ric Blaine(alias)

joe said...

hey cloudy,

How could you forget me??? Me a Kannadiga too!!! And, I can speak 3 variants of it fluently - Mangalore style, Hubli style and Bengaluru style.

yenanthira? ;-)


Cloudy said...

Hey Joe, I didn't forget you! That PaisVilla joke was exclusively for you! Wow... admire the variety of your Kannada - I love the musical lilt of Mangalore Kannada :) And all other styles seem so rich compared to Bengaluru Kannada....

The Comic Project said...

@thephantom: congrats :) hey..aren't you DupliKit Walker... :)
@tintin: you and your clauses #-O...why did I ever agree to the rule that you can claim a "good" position or you will be 19th..grrrrrr
@sketchy self: anonymous #1 ko kya samjhau yaar...:-( maanta hi nahi...looks like you like shaan a lot huh?
@anonymous#1: I still suggest you get a name...don't go by what the shareholders say...not always
@samitsasan: now the numbers thing is confusing .. dont know what your number is..this anon#1 is creating too much confusion
@cloudy: smiley is a lovely name ... i like it :) and about Sania...the substance isn't there...maybe there is an element of bias...but I assure you...she would get ripped apart irrespective of her looks. Different thing that the reason you suddenly have people panting after because of her looks..and did I hear myself say saurav-ganguly-look? hehe.
@bharath: money on Kaif
@anon#1: agree with have to get a name
@Mrwalker: nice name...congratulations forever...nice logic
@universal speck: she didn't push "for" the publicity yes..but don't tell me she isn't making hay while the sun shines...but I guess we all would do that.
@rs: I sometimes say "be patient and tough, someday this pain will be useful to you"..but i didnt quite understand what you said there hehe
@oldmanmozz: how he gets trapped..more mini skirted players huh? naughty naughty..I rarely enjoyed women's tennis ..loved graf (and becker .. men's of course), but women's tennis now is more about glamour than the game is not what it was like during the edberg, becker, lendl days or even graf, seles, chris evert and navratilova days..either too much power..or too much tennis. Btw would siddhu niwas be next to harsha niwas?
@obi wan: mazhar khan never really made it big ... i liked him and I LOVE GOLMAAL
@joe: joy illa...hehe...
@templetiger: you have a nice name..i say it again and you are not even in the last 10 hehe
@sunshine: hmm too much magnanimity..whatsupp!!!!!
@indrajal comic reader: yeah she speaks like she's pointed out in the other comments although i thought she was a gulti at first
@obi wan: the evil zamindar has his whims and fancies which pretty much dictate his beware..and i am putting this anon#1 thing under review
@phantomfanatic: major screw up on the I have mentioned..trying to get it fixed
@shail: a marathi comic would be great to post
@iyer education: haha better skirt than lungi huh? atleast there something better to look UP corrupt me with all that mohanlal talk..mellig saab..mey bi..jendu..nei hem
@kaps: thanksssss for pointing that out..but which issue? date?
@desiguru: that kind of name would have been a HUGE success in Amsterdam ;-) people would flock in just to see what the KAMA is all about.
@tin tin: proper website..hmmm
@sherlock holmes: first you do wrong diagnosis and then try to khisak by saying what's in a name..what detective are you..go .. no work i will give
@casablanca: nice to have you here...I watched the movie first time very seriously..the second time..i had my eyes only on ingrid bergman :-) The media has gone nuts. They only care about advertisements now. where's the news? I rarely see any good analysis. And that observation about just too good...she never made news outside of the court except for her sports illustrated bikini shoot (?) - I SOLD photos of steffi in a bikini to friends for 10 rupees hehe...made a photo of a a negative and sold the photo to more people. Those were innocent times

Anonymous said...

I must say thanks for all the wonderful work in putting these comics online. This is my favourite spot on the web and brings back old memories.
I must ask though, what happened to the comic download links that was displayed on the right side of the page? I do not see it anymore. The links were rapidshare download links that made it a lot easier to read the comics offline.

Cloudy said...

I'm last I'm last I'm last

TCP O TCP, how do you manage to reply so well and so nicely to all your fans? :-)

And I loved Graf and Becker too :-))))

The Comic Project said...

yes timed this one to perfection :-) You are last. And please...dont say fan wan lan tan can pan. You have no idea what I would give to be on your side of the fence ;-) We're just a bunch of grownups having a good time...right?
@anonymous...your name????? you have to give yourself some name right? come seem to have been around for a while now

Cloudy said...

You have no idea what I would give to be on your side of the fence ;-)
-Exactly what a celebrity would say to a gushing fan ;-)

We're just a bunch of grownups having a good time...right?
Totally. Feels like a group of pals having dinner over a great conversation :-)

The Comic Project said...

:))))))))))) yeah...all this feels so clue who we all are..but yet...we go on like this

btw..did you see the link I posted on TIOG??

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