Sunday, April 16, 2006

Comic #126: The 22nd Phantom - Part 1

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TCP First Anniversary Celebrations
Day 5 - 16th April 2006

Day 5 already and just one day to go for the 17th. This has been just amazing. The anniversary comics have had one comic from each contributor and it is time for the comic from yet another contributor. But before I get to that, look at what Ciro Balzano sent this in for Easter

Image Hosted by

Thanks Ciro :-)

I have been receiving some good "Old Jungle Sayings" and I will be posting them all on the front page in a couple of days. Keep them coming so that I have a good bunch of sayings to pick a winner.

TCP Facts:
Number of comics posted from 17/04/05 - 31/12/05: 78 @1 comic every 3.307 days
Number of comics from 01/01/06 - 16/04/06 - 48. @1 comic every 2.21 days
In the first year, 126 comics have been posted - 1 comic every 2.90 days

KomixKreate posted a comment on #125 drawing my attention to some comics he has done. Take a look at his site, and let him know what you think :-)

Interesting Song
Koi shikayat nahi
Allah se Bhagwaan se
Rookhi sookhi khaate hain
Jeete hain shaan se

Should we adopt this as TCP anthem? ;-) Other suggestions are welcome - for a TCP Anthem (hehe) and maybe for a new tagline? hmmm

Now to a comic that is fitting for the occassion. This is a two part comic and this is Part 1. The scan quality might be a little inconsistent, but this was obi wan's first ever attempt at scanning.


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More Statistics coming soon


motku said...

A-ha, me numero uno, the first.

motku said...

now let me go and read the post and the comic and I will be back with more...

HellFire said...

I put the link for this site on a pron board. ;) Most poeple who read pron love comics.

You should cross 200,000 shortly.

Anonymous said...

I will be second! (@hellfire did not state position! :-))
TCP, keep up the great show..I am reading them everyday!

Anonymous said...

I will be second! (@hellfire did not state position! :-))
TCP, keep up the great show..I am reading them everyday!

Shubham said...

me 3rd.. :)
hmm.. from 1st.. to 2nd.. to 3rd.. i am going down the ladder with each comic..
BTW, a fantastic comic this.. a soothing change from the usual slam bang stuff phantom is known for..
cant wait for the 2nd part..

Johnny Hotwire said...

@TCP:I first read this comics 20 years back. Although, we had the comics for few year by than but my elder brother ban me to read this comics as I was kid... childhood is so much fun specially if you have elder borther who always there with you. This comic just bring me my childhood days.

Sherlock holmes said...

Me 4th . Well what an entry . I decided that my first comment would be in the top 5 and my debut is 4 . well hope to improve.
by the way tcp great job . i will send a few scans of phantom soon

ichatteralot said...

Vishu and Bengali new year is on the same day ... I know what you were talking about, somehow all that joy, expectation and excitement associated with festivals is no longer there ... eonder why though.
Great anniversary till date ... whats for grand finale?

Cloudy said...

Way to go Obi! :-)

Obi Wan said...

Me 6th me 6th :-)

Well I finally did get down to scanning my Indrajals in office chori chhuppe (stealing-hiding). After this 2 part series, the next in line is the naamkaran(naming) of Heloise as promised :-)
The Phantom moves in strange and mysterious ways - old jungle saying.
Actually, not sure if it is, but kehne mein kya harz hai (what harm in saying?) :-)

Obi Wan said...

And btw, another Sunday when I've come down to a cyber cafe so that I do not miss out on THE race! I think I deserve a special award for this :-)

Obi Wan said...

btw, Johnny bhai ne kya dialogue maarela hai! Main to senti ho gaya, apne bade bhai ki yaad aa gayi! (Excellent dialogue by Johnny, I became senti on reading it since it reminded me of my elder brother)

Tin Tin said...

19th Again! Yay!
Aap log sab kuch translate kyon karte ho? (You people everything little translate why doing?)

Amma's contribution -

When the phantom sneezes, a tornado begins ~ old jungle saying.

Old Man Mozz said...

Happy New Year to all

This is really a treat getting a comic a day. Best New Year gift for all of us.

Did you check out the Matunga place?

Phantom is rough on roughnecks_Old jungle saying

When the phantom leaves the jungle, he stays at the TCP site - New Jungle saying

Sunshine said...

I think I'm 8th.

Thank you so much ObiWan. I hope they don't catch you until you are finished with Heloise story.

Shashi said...

I am 9th...:)..jhakas..

TCP, i tell you. going to the newspaper stall with dad and buying indrajal was such an event during those days. couldnt wait to get back home and dig into it.
If ever my dad had bought me 6 comics in a week, he would have seen the most well mannered kid ever. but sadly i only got one every 15 days...:(

Thanks for the comics man...awesome.

GermWorks said...

Hey Phellow Phantom Phans

Just letting you guys (and girls) know that there is a Phantom Phorum were all phans from around the earth meet and discuss the best hero The Phantom.

The web address is

Hope to see you guys over there.

Sunshine said...

This is in response to the comments posted for 'The Midnight Heist'. Sorry I cdn't respond earlier.

@Shubham: I know! :D. Some coincidence!

@Motku: You are very kind, thank you, but if the contributors are stars, I'm the tiniest of them all. Only two contributions so far.

@Sketchy: Thank you.

joe said...

Well, lots been happening and I have missed all the action :(

Been busy with the Holy Week (read as Easter prep) and with office work. Its becoming increasingly difficult to keep checking this site on a regular basis... :(

But all you guys/gals out there, keep this thing going. TCP bhai, you have come this far, you will go a long way. My wishes with you. I saw my name mentioned down in one of your posts. Feels good to know that I was one of the early birds. Though I dont have ANY comics with me, I still support the whole cause. And yes, the beer offer is still on. Just ask. :)


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