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Comic #125: Mandrake - The College of Magic

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TCP First Anniversary Celebrations
Day 4 - 15th April 2006

Bomb blast in Varanasi temple: Pakistan, ISI, Pakistan backed terrorists (and implicitly muslims) are blamed within a single day.
Bomb blast in Jama Masjid: Police think if it was retaliation for the Varanasi attack, but more importantly wonder if anti-social elements have done this to create communal disharmony :-)
Weird na?

AK to TCP:
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 08:59 PM (1 year 1 month ago)
Sub: Re: Comic digitization


Actually I recommend a mix of Option 1 and Option 2. Let me explain:
For cover pages, use Option 2 (ie, better contrast and brightness) but for the actual comic pages (with word balloons, captions, etc), use Option 1 (because the high contrast actually makes the small text illegible, plus, the low contrast also brings an "oldish" feel which is actually an advantage when nostalgia is your main intent!).

As for the size, it's fine... but then, I use cable net which is fast. I don't know how slow the download will be on dial-up.

Hope my feedback helps.

All the best!


Ideas received for the anniversary celebration
1. Motku suggested changing the first comment contest into a last comment contest - in say an 8 hour window. Not sure how it would exactly work but it's a nice idea that can be implemented if not in the next 2-3 days, then in the future.
2. Tin Tin suggested that we have a Old Jungle Saying contest :):)
3. VB suggested that I post some info on how many comics posted, who contributed what, how many comments posted, who posted how many comments (or i guess top 10-20 commentors?)
4. Not sure who suggested posting some interesting comments that have appeared

Of these, #2 is in force with immediate effect. Please post your jungle sayings and if you have something original (not uttered by Phantom), please share it. I will select the best 3 or maybe we have a poll.

#1 is interesting but my brain does not work that fast, so motku - elaborate with examples? Maybe you can work with cloudy on this ;-)
#3 would be great to do but may not be achievable in the next 2-3 days so I will defer it to after 17th. Ok VB?
#4 I like too, will try to hunt some down and post them during the next few days.

Johnny Hotwire has sent me the 2nd part of the moonstone comic. I will be posting it after the celebrations. In case you have not noticed, I have posted 1 comic sent by each of our contributors :-) First it was Misraji, then Johnny Hotwire, followed by Sunshine and today it is by The Phantom or as his email id says "Kit Walker" but I will call him DupliKit Walker to avoid any confusion

In this comic, you will see the impact of AK's suggestion on the scan quality. I received a similar opinion from L1Cache, but I seem to have lost the email :(



Interesting thing happened last week and I didn't notice - TCP crossed 1,00,000 (One lakh) PAGE VIEWS some time last week :-) Page views are different from Site visits as each page viewed during a site visit is counted.


Obi Wan said...

Ha Ha Ha ha Ha!!! Main pehla (Me 1sttttt) :-)))))))

Obi Wan said...

Phantom moves faster than the eye can see: old jungle saying :-)

Shubham said...

technically 2nd :)

motku said...

me 3rd

Tin Tin said...

me 19th! me 19th.. or at least I have been!

Obi Wan said...

Tin Tin: Hain???(Duh???)

motku said...

whatever makes you happy tin tin dude, whatever makes you happy.

Tin Tin said...

@obi: Does it have to go in serial order :(? Was keen on catchin the last in the window break!

@motku: Thanks kind sir! And it's dudette :)

Shubham said...

guys.. this must be one of the very primitive mandrake comics.. going by lothar and narda's dress, theron's face etc..
also, did u notice that the magic crystal in this comic is shown as a sphere.. whereas it is in the shape of a cube in most of the later comics..
lastly, going by the faces of the invadors and the locals near the college of magic, and also the line "it is located in far east".. i guess one can make a calculated guess that the college of magic is located somewhere in china, mongolia or tibet.. ;)

KomixKreate said...

This is KomixKreate, the one with a passion to create good Indian comics. I have been visiting your blog for a long time, but not able to comment, as I was not a blogger then. Now I have my blog, where I have posted some samples of my comic works. Please feel free to visit and comment.

You are doing a great job. You and the other contributors taking your valuable time to scan and publish the comics... I just don't know how to thank you all!

Now tell me, how will it look if we have Phantom roaming the Indian jungles? I think it will be quite interesting. With Spiderman becoming Indian, why not the Phantom too? There are Maharajas with their tigers coming as villains in the Phantom stories!! So already there is an Indian connection to the Phantom. If the copyright holders of Phantom would allow, I am sure we too can have the Indian Phantom! I am just thinking aloud...
All the best. Let your services continue.


Sketchy Self said...

ok..technically 4th..pretty good. It's a rough world out here, no wonder some people seem to be losing their counting abilities!
thanks tcp, and congrats once again on upcoming anniversary!

JohnnyHotwire said...

@KomixKreate:Infact when Lee falk created the Phantom he was based In India near the calcutta. Dangla or Bangla was actually for Bengal. Bandar baunay for Bandar (monkey) and there is tigers (Africa does not have tigers). Also this is one reason you see so many Indian Maharaja in Phantom comics. Alson the arch enemey of phantom is Singha Pirate which was initially "Singh" Brothers sound Indian?

Infect in first Phantom comics (1936) Calcutta police capture Phantom and taking him to Bombay to hang him.

Later on Lee Falk decided to move Phantom to somewhere in Africa when he realize India is not as primitive as he think and Indian reader may take some offence.

Sketchy Self said...

noticed another "inconsistency" in the comic other than the sphere -- mandrake says he and derek went to the college when he was 12 and derek 10 -- now weren't they twins?

Sketchy Self said...

also the cover page is interesting -- that kind of stunt is usually what the phantom does! and in the comic lothar does it -- mandrake never needs to get physical (except with his brother)!

My jungle saying for today: Deep voice of phantom freezes rogues' blood.

Tin Tin said...

The phantom - definitely has it.
Old jungle saying sponsored by lycra :D

Anonymous said...

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