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Comic #124: Phantom - The Midnight Heist

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TCP First Anniversary Celebrations
Day 3 - 14th April 2006

In addition to being Day 3 of the celebration, and today is also supposed "Vishu", one of my favourite festivals as a child as this was one of the 3 days in the year when I got new clothes - Birthday, Diwali and Vishu. It was a special day - Getting money from elders in the house (between 1 and 11 rupees usually - my chittappa - dad's younger brother - was always the most generous, i.e. more than 11 hehe), wearing new clothes, and yes - looking at the decorations first thing in the morning- fruits and coins arranged in front of the mirror. And fruit salad in the evening :)))))))) Oh yes, when I lived with my grandparents, part of the fun included throwing stones at the tree full of yellow flowers and collecting them and handing it over to my grandmom :-) Religious day I guess but I don't recall ever taking it seriously in the religious sense.

Over the years, I have taken it less and less seriously to the point of not bothering about it. In some ways, I have no idea about tamilian festivals..culture..traditions, what we celebrate and why we celebrate it. I have no sense or understanding of Indian festivals to the point of being insensitive about the festivals and sometimes even those celebrating it. Explains why I sleep till 9 or 10 on a Diwali and don't think Gokulashtami with its kolu, chundal and cheedais are no big deal. (I hope I got the festival - eatable combination right). It's like I don't belong. The Rock was never too serious about celebrations in a big way but she always did her bit quite religiously. Maybe I should've lived with my chittappa for a few more years, but I was hell bent on getting out - and screwing my life to the extent where I couldn't recognize myself. I just cut myself off for about 4-5 years during which time too many things died inside me, just too fucking many things.

I was stupid enough to feel proud that I was "above" such things but I have come to realize what I have missed.
And funnily, I just can't get myself to celebrate these things like I did as a child. I can't bring those feelings back to life, the emotions are dead - just fucking switched off. Btw, today is also Baisakhi!!

Apologies for the language. And if you have skipped the shit I have written above, let's talk comics.

There was some silence from November 2004 until February 2005 when I woke up abruptly with this email sent out of an email ID created only for TCP:
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 09:43 AM
Sub: Comic Digitization

A few months ago, I had written regarding this project I was planning. Here is the first cut. I am providing the link to the couple of that i have scanned. This is from Phantom: The Missing Trophy! Copy and paste these links to your browser and you should be able to see the images that are 180-200kb in size. The dimensions are 761x1070+.


COVER PAGEℑ=themissingtrophycovermm30perop.jpg

Remember Henry?? :)

Need your feedback on the quality of the images and the size itself. Tell me what you like better in terms of clarity and colour. Option 1 or Option 2. This will help me take a decision. I am ok if you forward this to your friends, post the links on blogs or forums that you visit, and your friends can send in their replies to this email address. Feedback within the next 4-5 days will be appreciated.

The email also had a signature whose shortened version has now become the tag-paragraph (!!!) of TCP.

More about the signature and emails later!!! Enjoy the comic.




Shubham said...

I got it again....
1st.. 1st.. 1st...

Shubham said...

and just as did when I posted the 1st comment last time.. I will also post the 2nd..

Shubham said...

and 3rd..

Shubham said...

What a coincidence.. The last time I had posted the 1st comment, it was also for a comic posted by Sunshine.. :)
BTW, hey TCP, what happened to the 2nd part of the previous phantom comic (comic no. 123)u posted yesterday??

Johnny Hotwire said...

@Subhan:Second part is on the way... Probably TCP will publish it tomorrow.
@TCP:Last year after comming to USA I was missing my comics. I was talking to my cousine about scanning them and he gave me your site link. It was Jan 2005. I think you just published your 5th comics that time. After reading the comics I felt so good I decided to start scanning all my comics immediately. In starting I thought I will never get any new comics as I had a large collection myself but than I was wrong. Thanks to Mishra ji and other contributor I am still getting more and more new comics. I am glad you started this project.

Johnny Hotwire said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Johnny Hotwire said...

@TCP:On the second thought if April is anniversary. It must be may not jan 2005 when I first visited your site.

Sketchy Self said...

3rd again :D but that's fine!

Cloudy said...

Wrong counting Sketchy. Disqualified. Me second. Hahahahaha.
(Guess you didn't read Hotwire's comment fully)

@TCP: Phew. Strong post. Sorry, no excuses for language. (Just kidding). And, no excuses for not posting Part 2 (Just not kidding)

@People: Check out TinTin's contribution on my page (blatant self advertisement I know)

Phantom's voice can chill the blood of a tiger - Old Jungle Saying

motku said...

@Sunshine: great comic. Thank you. You are the star.

@TCP: 1% of the credit goes to you too - for posting this comic.

Happy Vishu and Good Luck. May this project see many such anniversaries.

net_asterix said...

3rd this time (Thanks of course, to Sketchy for the wrong announcement and to Johnny & Motku for not caring about the rankings).

About the comic - One look at the thumbnails, and I knew which one this was. Thanks sunshine for bringing all those memories flooding back.

For the love of god, what language TCP!? There are ladies out there reading your posts. I can understand the urge to swear once in a while (Which I do fairly often - But only 'man mein' (Hindi, meaning "to myself"))....Couldn't you at least have used 'Freaking' instead :-).

(I have inadvertantly taken on the role of 'unofficial moral police' of TCP).

Sketchy Self said...

@Cloudy, net_asterix...nahiiiin! keh do ke yeh jhooth hai! (Nooo! Tell that this is a lie!)
@sunshine, thanks 4 the comic btw.
me number phor (four) again!

DesiGuru said...

wow! very emotional post TCP! and i can understand the feelings as i had been to similar situation myself. Infact, i think most of us sometime of our life wants to break free and later realize what we missed by doing that... but we just can not have the days back... now its just i wish....

abhijit said...

Wow - people are still racing to be the first.

Obi Wan said...

Me 5th!!!! Despite 14 comments having already been posted! I love this counting system guys :-)

Obi Wan said...

The Phantom ran so fast, the jungle caught fire: Old jungle saying!

Obi Wan said...

and btw, belated Baisakhi, Vishu, Naba Barsha, Bihu, Good Friday... Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti wishes to all of you. I love festivals, especially when they come with a chhutti(holiday) attached to them :-)

iyer education said...

vishu a vishu... great blog you got... i was brought up on ACK... never read too much of indrajal comics...

but i guess this is the right time to follow them...

fantastic place you have here

The Comic Project said...

@shubham: Congrats...I can visualize you punching the air :-) 2nd part is coming up
@Johnny Hotwire: It was May when I received your first contribution. I had asked for help from others but somehow felt that this was going to be a one-man show. You proved me wrong and then Misraji came along and you both breathed life into the project
@sketchy self: Can't you count :)
@cloudy: Part 2 coming up. And it is a very diluted version of what I felt when I was writing this. Tintin animal lover huh? :)
@motku: Star..hmm...and I get 1% of the credit...hmmhmm
@net_asterix: For a brief moment, I ditched all self regulatory rules but compared to real life, this was nothing :)
@desiguru: yeah man..just freakin' lost it ... and the state of mind hasnt changed one bit
@abhijit: the race never stops :)
@obi wan: good one
@iyer education: Brought up on ACKs too but conscious decision taken to not publish them here as a market still exists for ACKs. Hope you enjoy Indrajal as well.

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