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Comic #123: Phantom - Moonstone comic

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TCP First Anniversary Celebrations
Day 2 - 13th April 2006

Yep..we're still on Day 2 :-) 2 comics posted on the same day. Comic #122 right below this one.

TCP to AK -

Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 11:36 AM (1 year 5 months ago)
Sub: Re: Finding Indian Phantom Comics

yeah a bit too ambitious actually..aise lagta hai..fukat me phas gaya!! Looking only at english right now. Dont want to take on too on the internet would definitely prefer english versions. I am planning to take up phantom and mandrake to start with. Will be getting home in a couple of weeks, buying a scanner, and starting off.

Hmm thanks for the address...they might surely know where english would be avaiilable. Oh and it goes without saying that all the digitized versions would be posted on the internet. First, it will be for an initial review, circulated to friends, and those who are interested in this, and once I have a decent collection, say 10 comics, I will put it up on the net..say desitorrents or holyplanets forums. Legality ka kuch kar nahi sakta..i love these comics too much to let them be lost to the next generation.


This is not a Lee Falk creation, but the graphics are good. Slight alignment issue due to Page 5.




Obi Wan said...

Heeeee haaaaa Haaaaaa Haaaaaaa!!!! 1st 1st 1st.... and guess what? 1st!!!

Cloudy said...

Me second! Got a lot of comic reading to do :-)

For second hand Indrajals in Bangalore, try Blossoms. They were good a year ago, don't know if they still have them.

There are some nice Egmonts around too...

Sketchy Self said...

3rd...nice comic!

Sketchy Self said...

Though diana reminds me of Condoleezza Rice a little bit ;) - but nice to see that good old phantom is still going strong...and now we know where your friend Balzano gets his inspiration :D

Obi Wan said...

Anyone knows which film this one is from???
The villain has the heroine tied to an electric chair with a long electric
wire leading to a switch. The villain throws the switch and the electricity
is now shown flowing towards the heroin. The hero is running towards the
heroine racing with electricity to save her, and yes he is catching up.
The villain at this point shouts to his chamcha: "Charlie voltage baddhao,
electicity jaldee jayegi".

Johnny Hotwire said...

Nice Diversion from Indrajal to Moonstone...

Johnny Hotwire said...

@TCP:"the graphics are good" Humm... I think the artwork sucks with moonstone and Marvel comics. May be thy have better printing technology and color printing but if you see the faces closely you will find its very immeture and bad. I like the Lee falk era of artwork better specially whatever published in Indrajal comics was much more supirion than anywhere else.

net_asterix said...

4th again.

Second hand indrajaals - You can probably also find them in second hand book shops on Avenue road (But you would have to go deep into the heart), in Bangalore.

Horizon said...

me fifth. Obi Congrats.

The Comic Project said...

@obi wan: awesome joke :)
@cloudy: Hmm interesting that places that have indrajal is coming out now. Maybe I should have posted that email earlier.
@sketchy: Good observation on Ciro balzano :) You are sketchy so you should know
@johnny hotwire: temporary :-) In some ways you can compare this with the older star wars movies with the ones now. I liked the graphics but maybe the soul is missing - in the form of old used paper :)
@net_asterix: you didnt expect two comics today did you? ;)
@horizon: whatsup with you and obiwan. The divide is getting widerrrrr

Obi Wan said...

Re: Horizon and the increasing divide, we all know who the culprit is. I won't take any names, but it was the first female contributor of comics on a blog called The Comic Project!

Cloudy said...

Full action comic! Want Part 2! QUICK!!!!!

Hey are new Phantom stories being written now? Because this seems to be written recently? (DoB of villian is 1965...)

@Obi wan: I know I've seen that movie! :-)))))) Forgotten the name...

Comic Lover said...


Do u have the Part II? Don't say 'No'

As Johnny Hotwire says this graphic really sucks. Phatom doesn't look the Phantom who we know.

Nice action story with funny stunt stills!!! :-)

comic lover

Cloudy said...

Hey I really liked the graphics! Especially Page 26 - "Wrong Answer".... KRAK! Ultimate!

@Net Asterix: Avenue raod huh? I was a regular there in the good old college days, looking for second hand text books... but never saw an Indrajal... maybe I just wasn't looking... was too young for nostalgia then!

Tin Tin said...

Avenue road, blossoms and 'book sale' in jayanagar 3rd block - they all have it! I used to buy it from newspaperwlals in good old shantinagar - but suddenly everyone got wise and started seeing it more as a connoisseur would. Happy anniv TCP!

Tin Tin said...

Know what? How about an old jungle saying contest/rally in celebration? I'll start: The phantom moves quicker than a cat.

Sketchy Self said...

I love the old jungle saying idea!! Here's mine : Phantom rough on roughnecks.

Johnny Hotwire said...

@Cloudy: Yes new phantom stories are still comming out from Frew, Moonstone and Egmont (Famont) publication. You can get more details and update on

The Comic Project said...

@obiwan: I hope she sees your allegation
@cloudy: Yes this is a new comic written by someone else. KRAK!!!!!!!!
@comic lover: Sorry :-(
@tin tin: Grrrrreat idea :) Got to compile the suggestions and put them up. But consider the rally flagged off!
@sketchy: Welcome to the rally that tin tin barely started :)

Old Man Mozz said...

seems I am not in the race anymore. need to pull up my socks quite a bit probably to my thighs...maybe on second thoughts just buy stockings.

@ TCP - at Matunga you have a lot of roadside vendors and also one second-hand shop around the Maheshwari Udyan (the Matunga Circle). I have never been able to figure out how on earth do the Indrajal comics still keep appearing at these raddiwalas. But try even checking your own neighbourhood raddiwala shops. At the raddiwalas, you could get them for a steal @ Rs.2/comic but they would not have a lot of stock. But generally these Indrajals are the relatively newer ones. Wish you a lot of luck on your treasure hunt and may you find a lot of trophies for your major treasure room.

The art is typical current American graphics and I am not sure I like them so much compared to the artwork that was used in Indrajal. But keep it coming I am loving it :-)

Old jungle saying "Phantom has the strength of a tiger and the wisdom of ten elephants"

abhijit said...

Now the Phantom is fighting Arab Terrorists. So I guess this is a recent comic from the looks of it.

I loved the original illustrations on the Indrajal. These kind of suck.

Shubham said...

Hmm.. The sketching of Phantom comics have changed a lot in the post-Lee Falk era.. Now, they are more like Batman comics.. Dark, Sad and Scary.. Although the story and sketches are good, the soul of the original is missing.. I guess that is what happens to all comics after their original creators are no more..
I guess that is why Harge did not permit anyone else to make Tintin comics after him..

Tin Tin said...

Ei! Kewl! When the phantom is angry, the jungle shakes – old jungle saying

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