Thursday, April 13, 2006

Comic #122: Phantom - Diana's Deadly Tour

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TCP First Anniversary Celebrations
Day 2 - 13th April 2006

The emails continued and I wrote to AK

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 02:58 AM (1 year 5 months ago)

Re: Finding Indian Phantom Comics

Thanks for the info on Delhi. I dont live there, but can try to tap some contacts. I am planning to digitize whatever is available on phantom and mandrake, and I dont have the resources to spend a bomb on buying the comics. So the second-hand shop is a fantastic tip you have given me. Am in the US now, but will be back in India in a couple of weeks and that's when I plan on visiting libraries (whatever little is left of them) and book stores and pick them up cheap. I am seeing this as a 1 year project, to try to digitize as much as is available. Is going to be quite a task, and I am wondering, why the hell did I talk myself into doing something like this. But will do it anyway.

Thanks a Lot


He wrote back:

Wed, 3 Nov 2004 11:30 AM (1 year 5 months ago)
Sub: Re: Finding Indian Phantom Comics

Hi TCP (nice initials!),

Cool! Yours is quite an ambitious project but that's what dreams are made of (at least, dreams of Phans like us)!

Are you open to all (Indian) languages of the Phantom comics or just English? Also, do you plan to include Diamond Comics in your project?

I'm asking 'cos I know of a bookstore that had a considerable number of Hindi Phantom (and Mandrake) Diamond Comics (the last time I checked some months back). Anyway, the address of the store: Famous Book Store, 25, Janpath Market, New Janpath Bhawan, New Delhi 110001, India.

Well, all the best for your venture! I wish you can complete your goal in the specified time. Also, please do think about putting up the digitized images on the Web (although I'm not sure how legal that will be... *lol*); it'd be a great service to all the Phans around the world (with Internet access).

You may want to visit
The webmaster of the site (Ivan) has done something similar to what you want to do. He has scanned images of comics on his site.

See ya!



There were two things I didn't do
1. Visit the website AK asked me to check out - because I did not pay attention to that part of the email and thought it was just some website (sorry AK)
2. Visit the Delhi shop mentioned for comics - Since I had a initial supply and I had not taken this seriously yet

#1 had a positive fallout. If I had gone there and saw what those guys are doing, I would have lost some of the drive - purely because what I was doing would not be "original" - you getting the drift? A few months later, I got another suggestion to visit this site, but strangely I didn't go and check it out as much as I should have. Don't know why.

One fun thing I started doing after the blog started was looking at the number of hits but I had no clue that I could do this until VB suggested sitemeter. Thanks for that VB and for the initial encouragement. 1 year down the line, it feels great to be alive and kicking ass.

Although we don't see VB around much, you should know that VB was the 3rd person to comment on TCP. During those days, we didn't really count the position or announce it :-) Incidentally, Joe was the 5th person to post a comment here, and offered me a beer - which I still haven't taken because I never got to Bangalore. Joe - if you get to Amsterdam - the beer's on me!

Ok comic time. A fast-paced Diana story, not on Indrajal, but interesting.



Sketchy Self said...

main number 1! first post! me first! any other ways to count?

rs said...


RS said...

.. THIS really made my day. Had people give me a tough time at a presentation (gave back as good as I got though) so was feeling under the weather but 2nd on TCP made me bounce right back.

RS said...

and congratulations on completing 1 year.TCP tum jiyo hazaaron saal , saal main comics aur comments hon pachaas hazaar

Tull said...

TCP! Congratulations on the one year! Wow, there's a lot of comics to catch up on!
yes, I know what you mean: sometimes, there's a thrill in just doing something because we haven't seen it done before!

Tull said...

And oh! As per the new counting, I'm placing my stake in for the third from the pole!

net_asterix said...

Blast! Dam* u all ! (Stewie style)

By the way, I'm 4th.

4th is not bad, but I had my sights set on the top slot. Wait till I get my mind control device working ....

Victory shall yet be mine.

Stewie Griffin

Cloudy said...

I'm fifth, and this spot seems familiar to me....

TCP, any thoughts on motku's comment game? Looks like the inventor of games will have some competition here :-)

Old Man Mozz said...

Good to be back and a lot to catch up so my long easter weekend is just the time to do it.

CONGRATULATIONS TCP ON COMPLETION OF A SPECTACULAR, AMAZING, ENJOYABLE FIRST YEAR....the first of many to come. Hopefully my grand kids also view this blog aur tum jeeyo hazaaron saal aur saal ke din ho pachas hazaar.

Officially 6th but probably 600th is closer to reality if I count the comics I missed.

I visited the IP comics - I did not get to register nor could I see any comics (can anyone help?) but this proves that TCP is definitely the best and most convenient comics site I know of......True & Loyal fan

Regarding tips on where you could get Indrajal comics in Mumbai is to go to Matunga. Couple of vendors used to sell them......I know I bought more than 100 of them at one go. The rate is around Rs. 5/comic & normally non-negotiable but you can try (where is the fun if you do not get to bargain?)

Horizon said...

me fifth

Horizon said...

TCP Bhai,

Ek comic a day par tumhari posting ka timing bahut hi late hai hum hindustan wasiyon ke liye. Isliye hum race mein peechhe hain.

Neway. A new comic a day is treat we didn't even Njoy in our childhood. Indrajaal used to release new every fortnight. Can we make it a standard ?

Sunshine said...

If Horizon is 5th I'm 6th. But I think Horizon is 7th and I'm 8th.
(BTW,I broke Horizon Obiwan tradition.. Yeeeh :-D)

Obi Wan said...

7th! I hate you sunshine :-)

Obi Wan said...

My apologies, I missed out on Old Man Mozz's count since it was in the middle of his comment and I was in too much of a hurry to grab my position. So Horizon is 7th, Sunshine 8th, and I am 9th. Still in the top 10, but only just :-)

Shashi said...

wattaa a feeling of i teall you, top 10.....10th comment....
Andthank you for the comics. :)

The Comic Project said...

@sketchyself: congrats sketchy. you covered all possibilities :-)
@rs: you are alivvvvvvvve. Arre what so much work!!! WHAM!!! a punch from TCP to all those who gave you a tough time. And interesting wish..pachaas hazaar :)
@tull: yep..catch up quickly
@net_asterix: Whose mind do you want to control ? ;-) Don't try mine. There's nothing to control.
@cloudy: Didn't give it much of a thought but I think since things are going to get hectic around here, I will leave it to AFTER the year is over. Ok na? And you pitch in with ideas please? Maybe post it on inventor and we will pinch it from there hehe
@oldmanmozz: address of the shop pleeeeeeze.
@horizon: you are 7th..grrrrr. Daily comics not possible. After this, I will be slowing down to 2 a week. Sorry :(
@sunshine: The obiwan-horizon tradition huh? You became a kabab me haddi - (bone in middle of juicy kabab)
@obiwan: You and horizon have been separated by a very good surgeon by the name of sunshine. Let's see if you both were siamese or like the villain of terminator 2 :-)
@shashi: :))))))))))))))))

DesiGuru said...

Congratulations TCP for the One Year of this project. I was stuck up with work for a while and now I see I missed a lot of comics! lots to catch-up now! I am going to spend a big part of my Good Friday vacation on reading the Comics (and the comments) which I missed.

From the mail it seems you were planning for a just one year project, but I hope you are not serious about that now. Please continue!

VB said...


Congrats TCP!

1 year seems to have gone by quickly.

Of course, we now need a year-end report ... and analysis ... how many phantoms, how many others?
Who sent in how many comics ... who commented how much?

Anyone up for some numbetr crunching?
I might be able to, as long as TCP gives me the numbers (OK, i'll also try the hard way, going back and looking from post 1 onwards!)

Anonymous said...

Re: comic #122: Phantom-Diana's Deadly Tour

Boy, what an _awful_ issue! Absolutely bland writing, cringeworthy costumes for the poor Phantom (WTH is he wearin on the ski slope?!), no drama whatsoever -- where is this comic from?!! Whoever contributed this comic -- could you find out from that fella which country it was published, year and who the writer and artist were? It would be really interesting to know.

Apart from all that, I really enjoy reading the Indrajal comics. Thanks much for getting this off the ground.


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