Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Comic #121: Phantom - The Hunters

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If I tell you that I will post one comic every day till we hit the 17th April, will you laugh? :-)

TCP First Anniversary Celebrations
12th April 2006 to 17th April 2006

1 year of existence, 6 days of celebrations, one comic every day. Fun na?

It's not often that we are able to retrace our steps to the start of a journey, but when we get the chance, it's worth going back and looking at that moment. Emails allow us that luxury and here's the email that started it -

Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 11:00 PM IST ( 1 year 5 months ago )
Subject: Digitization of Phantom and Mandrake comics


After I return to India, I am planning to digitize all the
phantom/mandrake (Indrajal) comics I have (which sadly are few). I want to turn this into a big project in itself for which I will need your help. Can you check with your friends, enemies or relatives, if they have these comics. It's alright even if it is not in good condition. All they would have to do is have it sent over to me (I will pay for the postage or collect it). I will scan it and return it to them, with a digital copy of all the comics they have sent, plus the ones I get from others.

If you have girlfriends (hehe), send it to them too. Their brothers may
read the comics and may still have it with them. And please forward this to as many people as possible.

Looking forward to hear from you.



This email was sent to several people, some on cc and several others on bcc. At the same time, I posted a message on AK's site asking if he knew where I could find Phantom comics, not mentioning what my plans were, and he responded like this:

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 01:58 AM IST ( 1 year 5 months ago )
Subject: Finding Indian Phantom Comics

Dear TCP

Nice to hear from you.

Finding Phantom comics has become very difficult. You'll generally have to search for them in book stores, especially second-hand shops. I found such a market in Delhi, India. It is a second-hand book market that is held every Sunday (only) in Darya ganj, New Delhi. If you live in Delhi or visit Delhi, do go to that market place. It is easy to find: just ask any auto rikshaw or "phat phat seva" driver to take you there. If you are lucky you may find many Phantom comics there published by all the various publishers. You can also find comic books of other characters too.

You can buy an 8-volume Phantom collection by Egmont Imagination India from or Once in those online stores, just search for "The Phantom" to find the books.

Please also visit the Indian Comics section of my website and also the News section of my website from time to time. You may find more info that might help you.

Hope I've been of some help. :-)


P.S. -- Visit the "Phantom Phorum" at . There you'll find phans from other countries (and India also) who will be willing to trade or sell Phantom comics.



Check out Iyer Education - the latest post Iy… er… almost got robbed!!! Good Read.


Comic lover said...

Yahooooooooo Me First Me First. I've been waiting to post the first comment for a long decided. I have decide if its not the first one the no posting at all.

Thanks TCP for the comic

comic lover said...

Wow one comic a day. That sounds exciting. Wonderful.

Congrats TCP. It's great that u've been doing this for the past one year without getting bored or tired. Ofcourse the visitors of the forums are also helping to keep this going well in shape.

This game of being the first one to post the comment is also making everyone get excited.

Once again Congrats. Keep up the work.

Cloudy said...

Second! :-) Yay for the celebtrations! Nice to read those emails.

Johnny Hotwire said...

Yes That will be very good!

The Comic Project said...

@comic lover: I think now you can break your "first-comment-vrat" as you have achieved your goal. It's ok to be 2nd or even 19th too, although we haven't counted that far ever.
@cloudy: I am surprised the emails didn't get cleaned up in one of my purges..there are a few more ;-)
@johnny hotwire: Thanks

Motku said...

Day by day, it's getting more and more complicated for me to calculate my place (once i slip from the first of course, and that is a frequent case) - TCP, pray tell me my position in the numbers game today. I'd rather read the comic than do complicated comment number math.

Motku said...

All - a suggestion to make the numbers game on TCP more fun.

During the anniversary week, why don't we play the reverse numbers game - let's see who posts the last comment - that'll be fun ... that'll last longer and persistence will be the winning trait and not luck or timezone or TCP's whim ;-) ... what say dudes and pretty ladies of the comic loving world ???

Motku said...

More clarification on the rules of the proposed reverse numbers game - TCP can set a deadline, let's say the numbers game be played for 8 hours after the comic gets posted - and at the end of 8 hours - based on the timing of the last comment - TCP can announce the winner of that day ..

Motku said...

OK, with these multiple posts, I am making the life of the guy who posts a comment after me difficult - sorry, but it's similar to the funda of ragging in college. I will do it because I was done.

Obi Wan said...

Me 3rd, since motku didn't announce his position amongst all the confusion, and johnny bhai doesn't believe in these bacchon ki games and so never announces his position. Good for us I say :-)

Horizon said...

Me fourth & next to Obi.

Congrats TCP way to go man

Shashi said...

11th comment but 5 th position, aaila..

TCP ... tum jiyo hazaron saal...happy birthdae to you....happy birthdae to you...HAPPY birthdaee to you TCP(a rip off from a jeeteendaar song if I am not mistaken)


Sunshine said...

6th, hmm. Way to go, TCP!! It's really nice to go back and see the first steps.. :-)

Obi Wan said...

Shashi: You are indeed not mistaken. The song is from the movie 'Farz', Jeetendra sings it for Babita. Btw, Jeetendra plays a James Bond like character in this movie, with fancy gadgets, babes and all!

Shubham said...

It is indeed a fantastic idea to post one comic a day to celebrate your 1st anniversary..
Suggestion:- in addition to these comics, please also share some experiences, anecdotes and comments received, over the last one year..

The Comic Project said...

@motku: you would have been 3rd if only you had announced it. obi took the spot. The last comment thing is interesting. Let me think. Or maybe 1st and Last comment both :) Btw..motku..the comment "pretty ladies" aint gonna win you any points, you should have known that I screwed it up for you completely by referring to you as I do hehe. No offence please .. you know I love you dont you :)
@obi wan: Yeah Johnnybhai scans comics but doesn't post his number. weird.
@horizon: you both siamese twins kya?
@shashi: thank you. Jeetendar song it is and like obi is from Farz, a movie I have seen :)
@sunshine: yeah .. did you notice the part on "girlfriends"? and I implied that women dont read these, but their brothers might be interested. What was I thinking
@shubham: good idea on the comments. Let me think. It will be a bit difficult but I'll try something. More ideas welcome.

Sunshine said...

Yeah, I did notice that 'girlfriends' brothers' thing. And decided to behave like a lady and kept quiet. I actually wanted to throw a tantrum ;-)

Sue said...

Which city do you live in? I think I have some old comics I wouldn't mind donating. They're in Cal, so let me know. (Leave a message at my blog or email me at

The Comic Project said...

@sunshine: Thanks for sparing me, although I don't mind tantrums :)
@sue: I am in the Netherlands, the comics are in Calcutta and you I don't know are where. Will put it up on the front page so if there are any takers, we'll be able to get them scanned and return the comics.

kiddo said...

You did it!!

net_asterix said...

Hearty congratulations to TCP (and the gang) on the anniversary.

Sketchy Self said...

That sounds great! 6 days of congratulations for the 1st year in existence...and shubham's idea is really good...give us late-comers some insight into how the ball started rolling.
(Or in the phantom's case, a huge round boulder rolling down a narrow tunnel leaving the phantom no room for escape...!)

HP said...

Hey TCP,

Congrats on the first anniversary.

Keep comiking( I know it's bad but still :-) )


The Comic Project said...

@kiddo: thanku
@net_asterix: thank you to you too for visiting so regularly :) No audience then no show na
@sketchyself: Phantom example was GRRRRRRREAT!!! I think there's a Mithun or Dharmendra Film that released in 1987 with a scene similar to this. Obi should be able to shed light on it :)

The Comic Project said...

@hp: thanks...and comiking is pretty cool. Liked that Ya Rehem Ali for Himesh R, though I wonder why people hate him so much. He's beaten Anu Malik. Let's Rock!!!

Joe said...

Sorry everybody....I am lagging behind. Has much been happening while I was in background mode???

Before I forget, let me first give a e-hug to TCP on this first anniversary! :-)

And to all my fellow phantom fans, a very Happy Easter in advance!


The Comic Project said...

joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :):):) Where have you beeeeeeeeen? e-hug ke badle me yeh lo huge hug :):)

ichatteralot said...

My collection of a 4 year subscription was eaten up by termites in Calcutta - managed to save some Enid Blytons though. Congratulations on completing a year ... look forward to seeing you write some more!

Anonymous said...

Cool, this comic is one of those that I had read in school.

Keep them coming.

HP said...

Hey TCP,

Yep. Himesh Rocks as of now :-)
Lets see in the future..


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