Sunday, May 29, 2005

Comic #9: Bahadur - The Seeds of Poison

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Finally scanned a Bahadur :-) The artwork is not the greatest, but this probably was among the first true indian comic hero..Enjoy guys :)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Comic #8: Phantom - The Jungle Patrol - Reader Contribution - Johnny Hotwire

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I did't scan this one like I usually do. It has been contributed by a regular visitor to the site. I thank, let's call him Johnny Hotwire going forward, for his contribution and it gives me great pleasure to present it to all of you. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. These comments truly make my day. So here it is, brought to you by a reader called "Johnny Hotwire" published in Indrajaal as on 15 May 1970 # 106



Saturday, May 21, 2005

Comic #7: Mandrake - The Invisible Thief

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Ok. I know I am getting a bit repetitive with Invincible and Infuriated and now Invisible...grrrrr... but here's the next comic. Mandrake - The Invisible Thief. I like this one, as it challenges Mandrake a little bit, and it's got NARDAAAAAAAA :):)

I hope I made my position clear on the CBZ/CBR thing. I also had a request asking me to get this up in chronological order, but I don't want to do as I dont have the exact dates for some of the comics. So instead of being partially correct, I'd rather be completely out of order. Those who know the comic project in person would identify with this approach ;-)

But tell you what, I will highlight the issue number (although it is visible on the cover). This one is
Vol 22 No. 25 - July 21-27, 1985. Good Lord!!! 20 years ago. Ok enough of my ramblings (doubt if anyone reads it anyway).

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