Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in poora American ishtyle. I heard recently that Merry Christmas is not all that "secular" a greeting and therefore Happy Holidays is being widely used? Weird. Apparently Bill O'Reilly doesn't like the rebadging. Yeah. I would agree with him for once because Merry Christmas has a much better sound about jingles. Can you imagine Happy Diwali called Bright holidays? ugh!!

Anyway, here's a christmas present from Ciro Balzano, our friend from Italy, to all of us here at TCP. Download it and send it to everyone as a Christmas card :-)
Image Hosted by
Joe, Anthony (and all others for whom christmas doesn't just mean vacations) Merry Christmas to you and your family from TCP/IP & L1Cache. And to Sonia Faleiro who's got another fantastic article on her site on RAKHI SAWANT!!!! Eldest: Must be fun time for you for a week? Christmas vacations in school na?

Check Akshay's blog - He has some amazing photos posted. Not to miss.

Update: Check out original comic strip - Arbit Choudhury 2005 collection

P.S: On Sonia's blog, I got the first comment ;-)


Indianmalang said...

Me First: WoW!
Merry Christmas and A Very Happy Holidays Everyone!
@ComoicProject: Thanks for the wonderful site!
Have fun!

Indian Malang

Vishnu said...

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Er yeah, it has to do with political correctness and having the entire media favour just one religon when the US clearly isn't.

But thats diversity for you.

Comic Lover said...

Merry Christmas all of you.

joe said...

Merry Christmas folks! Do have a wonderful time during this time of caring and sharing. I dont want to sound religious but I wish baby Jesus brings cheer and joy to all of you and your families.

A special wish goes out to TCP (and IP ofcourse!) during this holy and jolly time. You are a Santa to all of us bringing a whole new world of comics and long forgotten memories. God Bless You! May your tribe increase!

I am off on vacation for the next 10 days and will see you all guys next year! ;-) (I couldnt stop myself from saying that...)

take care people.


anthony said...

merry christmas and happy new year TCP..

the eldest sibling said...

hey TCP
24th dec to 8th jan HOLIDAYS!!!!!! yipppppeeeee!!!!. am off to eden island ( mom and dads place) to relax and not think about school. lots of coffee (filter) long chats with rs and sibling ( am organising a family Phantom quiz contest the winner gets a copy of a phantom comic!!)

merry christmas to the TCP family. heres a poem for you....

I’m choosing a way that is new
To say something about you
Childhood memories expand
With your helping hand
TCP, ‘bout you this is true.

Like music that’s mellow not brassy
Like a speech that is strong not sassy
Your good taste prevails
It just never fails
The one word to describe you is classy.

It’s Christmas!! The season of cheer
A spirit to keep through the year
Warm wishes we send
And friendship we extend
These holiday greetings sincere.

RS said...

eldest did YOU write that??wow..pata tha achhe debates and what-not likhti hai, but a poem???how?and WHY dont I know?

The Comic Project said...

@ indianmalang: You first :-)
@ anonymous: we have christmas only because Jesus Christ of Christianity was born and yet. Wonder what gets into people.
@ joe: how can you go away for 10 days???? And sound religious..coz baby jesus sounds better than happy holidays. Keep checking here if possible.
@ anthony: loved the blind singers story on your rediffblog
@ eldest: You leave me speechless..thanks teacher (IP says..wait..i will give her dhamki and giggles). The comic contest idea is BRILLIANT and I shall have my coffee (filter) too in 8 days :-) would love to read some of your stuff and with it here?
@ rs: :-)

anangbhai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the eldest sibling said...

@ thanks TCP / IP. May your tribe increase!
@ rs, you need not know everything about me (:>)
@ joyful and peaceful christmas to all.

RS said...

..are u sure eldest?haan?because its a two way street.. then i wont tell you stuff either (stomping away indignantly)....

(returning back)...liked the poem. fight over! don't want TCP to ban us. :D

Obi Wan said...

A Merry Christmas to the gang. Totally agree with Joe, TCP is our Santa, bringing us such magnificent gifts regularly! May the Force be with you!
btw, amazing winters in Delhi, and I'm bringing back some 30 Indrajal Comics which were stored there since times immemorial!

Shubham said...

hi TCP,
thanks a ton for posting a link to the Arbit Choudhury cartoons on TCP..

abhijit said...

Merry Christmas all of you. Here is what someone sent me today. Its a pic of

I wonder what comic series is that from. ;)

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